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Lan the Hand

Landrus Farhenge as played by Brian Lan was born into a middle class merchant family in the port city of Geblhom. His family sent him to school to learn to reading, writing, and numbers. His father, Ghavdon Farhenge, also had him trained in the use of the short sword by the store guards. His father introduced him to the hand crossbow and Lan took to it readily. These were the things Lan would need to know in order to run the family jewelry. Lan, however, was always one to look for excitement and danger for entertainment. To run a jewelers shop, learning gemcraft, was not his idea of entertainment. It was action he sought, and only action, or danger, could hold his attention for long. This was his down fall as a merchant. He could never stay focused long enough to prosper in the family business. Lan was always bored waiting for customers to arrive, pretty gems to fondle and appraise, and never to spend. He wanted excitement, freedom, challenges; adventure. "To hell with the law, it