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Kent "Valiant" Bruce as played by Ronn Valiant is the end product of a secret research project, ADAM (Advanced Deoxyribonucleic Acid Manipulation), designed to create a more perfect human being. Using gene splicing and DNA modification the scientists in charge of ADAM hoped to create the perfect human being, one stronger, more durable, and resistant to disease and infection. ADAM’s goal was to create a being which would be the next step in human evolution. Due to worldwide bans on human genetic experimentation and fear of government interference the ADAM project was moved to a super-technology space station. There on January 19th, 1972 the project gave birth to experiment a231, a baby boy. The scientist’s were pleased with the results of the experiment, nearly all of the genetic changes they had designed were successful. But they soon realized that something was causing continued genetic activity that they had not seen previously. After nearly two years of testing the child