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A Little Under the Weather

I stayed home from work today. Had a bit of sickness going on this morning. All of the major illness indicators were acting up, sore throat, headache, stomach problems. I stayed in bed until 1:30 and I feel quite a bit better now, though I still didn't want to eat dinner. Sat down to do the writing thing tonight and ran smack into a research problem. I can't really finish the end of the book until I finish the transition from the original story to the expanded version. But, I can't write that until I know what's going on in Detroit. So I took some time today to figure out where I was taking Thane on his little hunt to find Sherice. Looks like he's going to end up at the Penobscot Building right in the heart of Detroit. Anyway, that took a bit of research and I didn't get much writing done today, 222 words. I'll hit it much harder tomorrow. I'm still 1,902 words ahead of my mark for the year.

Going for it Again

Not getting started as early as I had hoped. But I think I've given myself enough time to get 2,000 words done by the time the boys arrive. Here's hoping that the words are kind to me today. Starting word count is 98,904, goal for the day 102,904 or better.

Started Out Strong

I managed to get 2,170 words this morning before the boys showed up. But now I'm beat. I came up here to do some more writing, but I just can't. Final word count for the weekend, 8,304. Not a bad showing, a little more discipline on my part and I would have made it. Word count for A Difficult Dinner at the end of the day, 101,074.

Last Nights Results

Worked at it hard last night and put 2,048 new words down on the story. Thane and Demarco had there little chat about vampires and made it all the way into Ohio. Now Thane needs to come up with a plan to rescue Sherice. That's the plan for today. Starting point for the day, 94,818 words. Goal 98,818 words or better.

Hit A Wall

Two things. I realized that I forgot a big nugget that I was supposed to include in the Lucien/Cornell/Thane fight. Because of this forgotten bit and the general lack of punch that the fight has, I'm going to have to rewrite a large chunk of that scene. I didn't want to do that last night because I wanted to push forward with the story. Which brings us to number two. I've got Thane and Demarco in the car together, they're supposed to talk about what Demarco was promised by the vampires and then Thane gives him the big, "why you don't want to be a vampire" speech. The problem is that I went to write that sceen and couldn't remember any of the stuff I'd wanted to touch on with the scene. I banged my head on the screen for three hours last night and didn't get anything out of it. I'm going to let it stew in the pot that is my head all day and really bang it out tonight. I think Tasha is going out tonight, so I should have the house to myself.

2 Dead, 2 in the Car

Well, I've used up both my days off for this week. Not that I really had any to spare. If I was going to finish A Difficult Dinner by the end of the month I really needed to do 2,000 words a day. Which I have not. Anyway, I wrote some words yesterday, 1,362 of them to be exact. Thane and Demarco are in the car headed back to Detroit. Lucien and Cornell are dead. It's time for a heart to heart between the boys and somewhere along the ride home we're going to have a little intervention from the colonial vampires, that'd be Cole and his folks. Things are winding up to the big finish.

LAUNCH Revisited

So I'm listening to LAUNCHcast Radio and rating my songs and just having a good old time when all of the sudden it stops and gives me a pop-up that say's I've exceeded the usage limit of their free service for the month. What? I've only been listening to it for two weeks, maybe three. I'm reevaluating my endorsement of this product. I'm not going to pay for their service and I'm not going to listen to their preprogrammed stations at a lower sound quality and no song skipping. Just thought you should know what to expect when you run out of free time. I for one will be going back to MSN radio on the mediaplayer until next month.

Sore Eyes Equals No Writing

Left work early yesterday to go to my appointment with the optometrist. He looked me over and pronounced me good to go on the lasic. The dilation exam, however, played havoc with me the rest of the day. I still don't think my pupils have retracted to their normal state. I couldn't read, watch TV, or work on the computer last night because of the aggravation it caused my eyes. Too much concentration caused my head to throb, so last night was a complete waste. No writing, no games, I did struggle through a complete viewing of 'Smokey and the Bandit' on AMC. Been a long time since I've seen it, it's still a fun movie. I finished Bangkok 8 on audio CD, not really sure how I feel about it. The writing was good, but a lot of the stuff I wanted to see come about in the story didn't happen. It was really more of a character study than a whodunit, not that I was looking for a mystery. Now I'm listening to Edge of Danger by Jack Higgins. In the beginning I didn

Plotting Help, As If You Need It

Holly Lisle turned me on to S.L. Viehl's Paperback Writer blog. While reading it I found this helpful list of Ten Things to Help With Novel Plotting . Check it out. See if any of these ideas work for you. I can't believe how much snow we've gotten this year. I don't think I've seen this much snow since I was a kid. Maybe it's jjust because I didn't have to deal with it for the last seven years. Living in a condo I had my people take care of the roads, driveways and walks. I'm going to head over to right now and see if I can confirm this suspicion..... ....I give up. There is a ton of weather information available online, so much so that I can't find what I'm looking for. I'm just going to go by the pile of snow next to my driveway and how high the snow comes up on my dog. Seems like a lot of damn snow.

Sunday Writing

Just a quick update here. I couldn't get the swing of the writing all day. Maybe I've trained myself to only write when it's dark. Who knows. But I started writing at my usual time, 7:00 PM, and managed to crank out 2,019 words. Bringing my total count up to 91,408, I've got myself a full blown novel now. Anyway Thane is about to go toe to toe with Lucien. Things are about to heat up.

Weekend Update

Took Friday off from writing to spend time with the wife and watch the SciFi Channel's SciFi Friday line-up. Actually I missed the SG-1 because I was here in front of the computer trying to force myself to write. That didn't work so I went and watched some TV with Tash. Star Gate Atlantis was OK, about what I've come to expect from that program. Battlestar Galactica, which I've been hearing a lot of good things about was just sort of 'eh'. Nothing that would make me stop everything to watch it. So, in short, no writing on Friday. Saturday I sat down at about 12:45 to start writing after shoveling the snow off of my driveway, but instead I hooked up with Denis and Joel for a marathon session of Anarchy Online. We played until after 10, it was crazy. But it was fun. Needless to say, there was no writing on Saturday either. Two days without writing, plus Tuesday, means that I'm a day behind this week. So I'm sitting down now to crank out some product. I'

A Little Thing Called LAUNCH

Yahoo LAUNCHcast radio music that listens to you Normally I listen to my own music at work. I stream from my PC using a program called edna. I've mentioned it before I think. But occassionally I forget to start it, or just want a change. I like the MSN radio feature, but this is really cool. Launch lets you pick the music you want to listen to, you can mix and match to create your own station. The neatest part is that it allows you to rate the music as you listen, you can even tell it to never play a particular artist, song, or album again. It's a nice touch. Best of all, it's free. Check it out. I recommend it.

Video Games vs. Writing

For some unknown reason I was unable to update this journal this morning. The browser was giving me a 'domain unreachable' error. iPowerWeb must have been having some issues. Perhaps they were doing a maintenance. Last night I had to struggle to get the words out of my head and onto the screen. It wasn't the writing that was so difficult. It was more that I had one powerful urge to play a game, xbox or Anarchy Online didn't really seem to matter. I buckled down and refused to let myself stop before I put another 1,000 words down on the screen. In the end I managed to get 1,124 words, bringing the total up to 89,389. The words were coming pretty well and I feel like I should have kept going (90,000 is so close I can taste it) but for whatever reason, the video game pull was very strong last night. I played some Project Gotham Racing 2 and met a couple guys online that I really enjoyed racing with. There was some strange problem with one of them where he couldn't join

Good Writing Last Night

Had a good night of writing last night. I managed to crank out 2,102 words in about 2 1/2 hours. Thane killed two vampires, survived a collapsing barn, and is headed off to rescue Demarco from Lucien and Cornell. That brings my word count up to 88,265. I can see most of the rest of the scenes playing out ahead of me and I think I'm in a good spot, though I'm still not certain how involved the return to Detroit will be. Guess I'll find out when I get there.

Something Other Than Clear Sailing

Took 2 hours to drive the usual 35-40 minutes to work this morning, here's hoping the drive home isn't as bad. You'd think people in Michigan would know how to handle 2" of snow. Well, I finished a couple of the audio books I was listening to, or rather, I'm finished listening to a couple of the books that I borrowed from the local library. Seems that The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes III by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had some issues with the CD's. Disk one simply stopped playing for me on two different players, which is fine with me as I found the stories of Sherlock to be a bit boring. I did finish Dracula and it was as good as I remember, but it did make me wonder what the hell was going on in "Brom Stoker's Dracula" movie with Mina. I mean, where the hell did all that lost love crap come from? I had forgotten how far off the mark that was. Anyway, I've picked up another three audio books and am on disk two of Bangkok 8 by John Burdett. So far,

Word Count Revisited

At the begining of December I talked about Word Count, I'd like to revisit that for a moment and offer some revisions. I proposed a very ambitious writing schedule for myself in December. As I look at it now, I realize that it was a little too ambitious. I've been writing somewhere between 1,000 and 1,600 words with each writing session. Of course this means I'm anywhere from 400 to 1,000 words behind quota every day. This is making for a lot of red numbers on the excel spreadsheet that I use to track my writing. All those red numbers are adding up to a feeling of failure. The feeling of failure makes me not want to write, which leads to playing xbox. This is not the path I want to go down. Here's where I justify taking a step back. I work a eight hours a day and commute for close to another two hours. I've got the most understanding wife in the world, but one who would like to see me. I've got four kids and a dog that all require my attention and I enjoy spendi

Games, Names, and Aims

Picked up two new games for the Xbox last night with my Best Buy gift cards. Phantasy Star Online I & II, which has been out for a long time, has a pay-per-month fee to play, and is anime styled. It was $10 and you get two months of online play free. I figure I can get ten bucks worth of enjoyment out of it in two months. We'll see. And RalliSport Challenge 2, one of the platinum hits games that hasn't been made official yet, meaning it was $20. It got good reviews and now that I've played it I know why. It's as much fun as Project Gotham on dirt, which is to say it's a blast. I've been looking at a lot of other peoples blogs of late and it seems to me that I should come up with some sort of name for this blog. Sure I could call it Ronn's Blog, Ronn's Journal, or Ronn's Rants, but all of those seem to lack the flash and flair that brings to the world wide web. I like 'Scribblings' but that seems more like a hand written

U.S. Tsunami Disaster Relief

I keep seeing news articles about the tsunami that make me angry. I'm not going to give you any examples, I'm sure you've seen them too. I don't know what the deal is, we're giving them help. I mean, I recognize that we're the hall monitor for the world, with all that entails. Now, I'm not going to tell anyone not to donate their money to helping the people affected by this disaster. I'm not going to point out the growing list of countries that should be doing more. But, I am going to say that this happened in Asia, not in the U.S.A. So if it's not our first priority, sue us. If you want to help great, if you don't... Well, that's your prerogative. And to put it all into perspective: "We are six percent or less of the world's population, yet we give almost half. We are a very small number of people, relatively speaking, and we carry the weight of a dozen countries. Secondly, we maintain a military structure that keeps the peace of th

A Snow Storm of Inactivity

Last night I came home and shoveled 3 inches of snow off my driveway. This morning there's probably that much if not more there. The kids have a "snow day" and I left them a note to shovel the drive, we'll see if that gets done. I'm not holding my breath, despite Tasha's assurance that she'll call them from work and 'remind' them. Got sidetracked by Firefox's Magpie extension last night and ended up not getting any writing done. That has got to stop. I need to get on track and get this done. However, I did read another 50 pages of Vachss's Blue Belle, I like it. But it is not at all something I would normally pick up. Work is dull. Snow is falling. The day is going oh-so-slowly. Later.

80,031 Words

I'm very tired tonight and it was very difficult to write. But I finished the chapter that was giving me such a hard time and pushed past the 80,000 word mark on A Difficult Dinner. It's a small milestone, but one that I'm happy to have behind me now.

It's Very Quiet In Here

Here's how out of touch I am... On December 26th, 2004 there was an undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean, the resulting tsunamis were among the deadliest natural disasters in modern history, killing more than 155,000 people, and I didn't even hear about it until yesterday. Normally, I would have picked it up on the internet at work, but I was on vacation last week and missed it. This is one of the drawbacks to not following the popular media. I don't watch the television news casts, in the car I listen to audio books, and I don't frequent the news sites when I'm home. It's like I'm living in an electronic cave. Later.

Nothing has Changed

I returned to work yesterday and some part of me must have been hoping something would have changed, what with the vacation and the turning of the year. I think this because just being at work put me in a funk. You know the kind; unhappy, unsatisfied, disillusioned, and a little bit angry. I hesitate to write about this stuff on my blog, because I know that my boss (who just happens to be my best friend) has been known to read those posts and it puts both he and I in a bit of a spot. See, it's one thing to complain to your friend about your job and how it lacks almost everything you're looking for from a career. It's quite another thing to tell your boss the same thing. That's the position I find myself putting us in when I post about work. And then to put these posts up while I'm on the clock... It's just not good. So what's the problem with your job, Ronn? I can hear you ask. You work eight hours on a long day, come in late regularly and no one cares, take

Vacations End and What I'm Reading

Okay, I'll admit it, the vacation was a horrible flop on the writing front. I wrote a total of 482 words and those I wrote yesterday. I didn't finish A Difficult Dinner by the first of the year and it'll probably take me most of January to get it done. This all puts me behind schedule, but not off it. I'm still convinced that I can do this thing. Just sit back and watch me work. I'm almost finished reading The Killing Man by Mickey Spillane. It's good, I like it, but it's taken me forever to read it because its my restroom book. I'm also reading A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin at the breakfast table so I'm not going very quickly through that either. But I've read it before so, no biggy. In that car I'm listening to the unabridged (I only listen to unabridged stories) Dracula by Bram Stoker, another book I've read before, but one which I'm enjoying. Here at work I'm listening to The Adventues of Sherlock Holmes III by Sir