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It's Not Going to Work

Okay, I've twisted this thing around a number of different ways and I can't get the prologue/epilogue to fit around A Difficult Dinner. It's an idea I liked, but it was an after thought and was never really integral to the story. I'm going to drop the idea and call it done. I'm going to put this thing to bed for six weeks. That'll give me some distance from it and allow me to get a good start on Sitting Duct. I know that when I pull it out to do the editing that I'm going to have quite a job on my hands. I don't exactly write finished copy. But the idea is for me to just keep plowing forward to get the story down. I've had far to many 30-page false starts because of going back and editing while I write. The outline really helps to keep me on track. A Difficult Dinner, first draft done. Sitting Duct, starting tomorrow with a thousand words a day. Tonights writing, probably 1,500-2,000 words that I didn't keep.

Not Quite Done

Is it done? Yes and no. I finished the story this weekend. It's all finished at 118,981 words. But after giving some more thought to the whole idea of adding a prologue and an epilogue, I've decided that such an endeavor would be a good addition to the story. I'm going to do both from the point of view of Matthias, my main vampire character. I'll whip those up tomorrow night. They should add another 1,000-2,000 words to the story. Also, I've got a couple things I want to add to Chapter 13 and take out of Chapter 28 before I put it away for it's six-week nap. Weekend writing, 4,676 words.

I Have Snuck Away from the Party Preparations

Managed to get new 1,052 words last night done on the manuscript. That brings the total up to 114,305. I'm going to really go at it tonight after Karin's birthday party and again tomorrow morning. I still think it'll be done this weekend. Also, I recieved a nice note from Holly Lisle today in my email. Thanks Holly. But she pointed out that my comments aren't working. I checked and it seems that the preview works, but the actual post doesn't. I looked at it, but I didn't see an obvious problem and right now I don't have time to look at it. I'll get that fixed as soon as I can (Probably at work on Monday). So in the meantime if you want to leave a comment you'll have to do it in the guestbook or send me an email. I finished listening to Donald E. Westlake's Road to Ruin on CD. I have mixed feelings about this one. Parts I liked. Parts I didn't. Overall I felt like it would have made a good movie. I think I'd listen to another one of his bo

Nagging Story Issues

Wham! 422 words and then full stop. Chapter thirteen is bugging me. This would not be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that I'm on chapter twenty-eight. But thirteen is an important one and it ties almost directly to twenty-eight. So last night was full of maps and images, figuring out how to rewrite the scene on the boat so that I can do all the exposition I want to do and make the fight/escape as logical and plausable as I can. And fretting about chapter thirteen. I'm not worried that it won't get done. I'm just worried that I've not given enough to the reader back in the middle. I've asked Doug to take a look at it. He's familiar with the story idea and maybe he can point out the part that's bothering me. Because I don't seem to be able to see it. Total word count stands at 113,253.

My Guitar is Her Guitar Now

So I came in last night as Tasha and Karin were getting home and Tasha tells me they've been out looking at guitars and such because Karin wants to learn to play. There was a moment of hesitation (I've seen what the kids have done to the computers I've given them) before I offered up my unused, but very nice Charvel and Crate amp. See, when my first wife and I were dating, back when I was young and full of everything (1989ish) I used to write song lyrics. I also dreamed of putting those lyrics to music. In order to further my ambition, the ex bought me a guitar to learn to play. It was a nice, red Charvel electric. I think it was around $400 which seemed like a lot to spend for something I didn't know how to play. I learned a few cords, but never got good enough to play even a single song and it went into the closet. I've held onto that guitar for years. Always telling myself that I'll take the time to learn to play it. I never have, and probably never will. So

Good Progress

I didn't get around to putting a post up yesterday, but things are going well. My hero has figured out where the vampires are. His plan to surprise them failed because of the treachery of his vampire cohort. After being captured and brought on board the biggest, baddest vampire's yacht he managed to find the girl, but their escape plan was foiled. Things seem to have gone from bad to worse. But it's good for the story. Two more chapters should do it. One to bring this all to a climax and one to wrap things up (not sure if that'll take a whole chapter or not?). Doug and Joel think I should add a prologue and an epilogue in a whole other voice and from a different point of view.... I like the idea, but I'll have to write it and see how it works out. So the count stands at 3,650 words over the last two nights. Total word count, 112,831.

Stinky Weekend Update

Lets say you've lost some weight, your novel is coming to completion, and you've just had LASIK done on you eyes. Everything is coming up roses and you're feeling a little bit cocky, what could possibly bring you crashing back into the cold reality of life. Dog poop. Yes, I said dog poop. Saturday was a perfect day, cold and dry, to pick up dog poop and boy did I end up with a lot of it. Once the snow melted it was everywhere. Good thing I got it picked up on Saturday, because we had a 3-6 inch snow fall on Sunday. Another day and I could have ignored it for another week. Oh well, it's done now. Moving on. Went to the Michigan vs. Notre Dame hockey game on Saturday night with Denis. Got to send him some kudos for passing the ticket along. Michigan won, 6-3. Michigan came out strong, looked weak in the second, and then seemed to get it back together in the third. It was a good time. George showed me the webservice that he is using to keep track of his RSS feeds, Blogline

Words for the Day

My hero, Thane, is beginning to pull it all together. He's growing and changing, realizing that this is the big one. The one that determines if he's a man or a monster. If he wants to save Sherice, he's going to have to go in with a plan. Because if he uses his usual 'damn the torpedoes' methods he's going to get them both killed. And he doesn't want that to happen. The climax is coming along nicely. I'm in a good position to finish this one by the end of the month. That'll give me Sunday to polish up my outline for Sitting Duct before starting on it Monday. Finished writing tonight with 1,069 new words. That brings the total word count up to 109,181.

Comments Working Again

I installed GreymatterAntiSpamHack so unwanted comments should no longer be a problem. Pondering's now has Comment Throttling, to prevent a user on a given IP from posting too frequently in succession; Link Checking, to eliminate excessive links in a comment; and best of all a Black List, basically MT-Blacklist for Greymatter, to detectd suspect content. We'll see how this works out. Comment away. Also, I added some links on the front page that had been requested by a few people, reformated the Writing page a bit (though I still haven't gone through and made sure those docs were edited prior to posting), and I removed the Forums.

Wasted Day

Yesterday was a wasted day. I took the day off work because of this ongoing attack of gout. I hadn't been able to sleep the night before and I slept fitfully through the day. In order to stay off my sore foot I stayed in bed most of the rest of the evening. I did get up and answer some emails, but decided that wasn't a good idea and went back to bed. So no writing was done last night, but I did figure out how I'm going to start the next scene. Which is good, because I always have a hard time when I leave the writing at a scene break. It's always easier to come back to a scene in progress than to try and start from scratch. Well, it is for me anyway. I did finish reading The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story yesterday. I think it's pretty telling that Steven Donaldson spends 20 pages at the end of the book explaining himself. I can't say I enjoyed it. The writing was good and the pacing was good, but I just don't want to read about a man raping and abusing a

Am I Freezing

I think I might be. The end is in sight and all of the sudden I can't get more than 500 words a night done. Word count now stands at 108,112 words. I started on chapter 27, but I just can't get the words to flow. Setting it aside for a week was a mistake, but it was a mistake that couldn't be helped. What with the eye surgery and all. Well, I'm done for now. I'll try to get a good block of it done again tomorrow.

Thank You Holly Lisle

My heart stopped for just a moment when I realized that Holly Lisle had added my site to her blogroll. Holly's a published author with more than twenty books to her credit and her site is chock-full of writing goodness. I've been using it as a font of inspiration and knowledge on the writing life for a few years now. Having her add this site to her list is quite an honor for me.

More Wallpapers

Today is full of fun. My vision is fuzzy. They said that this might happen off and on, but it's still annoying. My foot is swollen. The gout faded away to a great extent yesterday, but last night it came back. This is one condition I could certainly live without. So I'm back on the pills and looking forward to tonight. I sat down to write last night, but the previous two nights of sleeplessness seem to have caught up with me. I couldn't concentrate, couldn't put the words together into coherant sentences, and had to just give up after an hour. I feel more rested this morning and am hopeful that tonight will be more fruitful. I made two wallpapers, one for each of the novels I plan on finishing this year. [caption id="attachment_287" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sitting Duct"] [/caption] This is the project I'll be starting as soon as I finish A Difficult Dinner. The one story summary would be something like... A wo

Comments Disabled

I had to disable comments for now. Something has been crawling my entries and slapping a big block of links to online casino's and poker parlors in the comments of each one. I deleted them the first twenty times it happened and I blocked the IPs, but it's still happening and I'm not having fun anymore. Until I figure out how to block such nonsense you have two options for sharing your thoughts with me, the guestbook or email. Anyway, now that I've had that little bit of fun I'm going to get back to the writing. Starting at 107,149 and aiming for at least 1,300 words.

Done for the Night

I finished the scene I was working on. It only took 550 words, but they were hard words that didn't want to come out. I think the end of the scene is missing some drama. The conflict is there, but it just lacks punch. I don't know exactly what it needs, but I think that's all I can do tonight. I'll let it stew a bit. Right now my vision is terrible, everything on the screen is fuzzy, and I'm beginning to think that this LASIK wasn't worth it. Of course it could simply be because I spend 8-12 hours a day staring at a monitor. I have a follow-up with the doctor on Friday and I'm hoping he'll give me a better idea of the state of my vision. Despite gout and bad vision some words got done. The final word count, 107,699.

Happy Valentines Day

First, I'd like to take a moment and wish the countless hordes of readers to this page every day a happy Valentines Day. My eyes are still healing from the LASIK surgery, but they are spending far more time in focus than out. I'll find out Friday what sort of numbers my vision is reflecting. I plan on getting back to the writing tonight, but it is Valentines Day, and if I get a better proposition, *WINK* *WINK*, I may wait until tomorrow to get back to it. I'm mostly recovered from a bout of gout that took hold on Saturday. Those pills are bane and boon, but I'd be much happier to never have to worry about it. In other news, looks like MCI and Verizon are going to merge. Not sure what that means for my job, but it'll be close to a year before it is all said and done.


In an hour I'll be having LASIK surgery on my eyes... Didn't do any writing last night. I'm blaming it on nerves. I was planning on doing my daily writing earlier today, but again with the nerves. Well, here's hoping I don't end up blind. Later. (maybe)

Old Writing Snippet

I found this amongst some older stuff and since it's not really long enough to make into it's own entry in the Writing page, I'm going to put it here. Check it out. Fynx sat atop the bridge’s highest tower and gazed out at the city across the river. The guards below were oblivious to his presence perched high above them. His golden-red hair flowed in the steady breeze like a flame atop his head. His deep emerald green eyes took in what little detail he could gather from the distant city. His body was lithe and relaxed despite the height and winds which made his perch all the more perilous. The light of candle, torch, and lantern could be seen in the upper windows unblocked by the city walls. Moonlight cast a pall of shadows across the buildings, making the lights seem all the brighter. Fynx wondered if any in those windows could look out and see the figure perched atop the bridge that was him. In the charcoal cloak and matching tunic he doubted it. Yet as the moon r

Site Maint.

Didn't do any writing last night, instead I got caught up in some routine maint. on the site. That's two days in a row, not a good habit. I finished listening to Day of Reckoning on audio book. Not too bad, but I've got to say this now that I've listened to two of Jack Higgins' novels. Fewer action scenes, more intesity. Jack has a way of writing about two or four people being killed that builds no suspense or action, then he peppers the book with these scenes. I lost track of how many people were killed in that book, but it felt like they were dying left and right all over the place. Not sure if I'll pick up another one of his books. In the car I'm listening to Larry Niven's Rainbow Mars. It's more fantasy than SF and I've never really fallen in love with his writing style, but I'm giving it a listen. I'll let you know my thoughts once it's over. I've picked a new 'downstairs' book, Angel Eyes, a book set in Detroit by a

RSS Running

RSS is working now. You can get the link from the blue 'RDF' image at the bottom of the page. I also upgraded to greymatter 1.3, that was part of the delay. I forgot about the whole, FTP upload as ASCII, thing. But it's done. I still need to work on the CGI to make the feed automatic, but I can do it manually for a day or so until I get that figured out. So, Denis, now you can add me to you RSS feeds and let me know that you're not reading my posts. The rest of you can add my feed to your Yahoo homepage, your RSS reader, or whatever else you use to read these feeds. I had to have a tire replaced last night after work and it took until 7:00 pm. Then I came home and Tasha's sister came over. So no writing was done, but some xbox was played.

Reading, Writing, and the Super Bowl

I finally finished Urlsula K. LeGuin's A Wizard of Earthsea yesterday. Took what felt like forever to read all 183 pages. For such a small book it sure felt wordy as I reread it. I can't foresee me finishing the series. I just didn't enjoy it as much as I did when I was 15. Didn't do any writing yesterday, so the word count stands at 105,342. Today I finished Andrew Vachess' Blue Belle. Really liked this one. I will deffinately be adding Vachss to my list of authors whose books I actively look for. Going to do some writing now, get at least 2,000 words before the Super Bowl starts. My prediction, Patriots win. I'm not going to give a spread because I don't follow either of these teams, but I have a gut feeling that it's going to be a blow out.

Late Post

Almost forgot to wish my sister, Amanda, a happy birthday. New England won the Super Bowl, but it wasn't the blowout I expected. Turned out to be a 3 point game. I managed to get 1,700+ words today, but I didn't finish the scene. My hero still needs to let the fangs know that he's a step ahead of them. I'll handle that part tomorrow. Today's writing puts the total word count at 107,149.

Late Update

Forgot to update this earlier, but I managed to get something over 1,100 new words added to the novel. Just one more scene and the 'transition' will be done. Then I can move back to Thane going after the Detroit vamps. I'll hit that last scene tonight. Should be able to wrap it up.

An Artistic Urge

Last night there was a meeting here at work and I didn't get home until almost 9:00 pm. I was tired and a little burnt out and couldn't bring myself to write, but I did have some creative energy that has been stewing around in my head for a bit. So I went out on the World Wide Web and found some cool images to put together into a wallpaper for A Difficult Dinner. The 'Thane' in this image is from Dark Horse Comics, Criminal Macrabe. I believe the artist is Steve Niles. I coupled that with some art that I found on the video game site for Vampire the Mascarade: Bloodlines which seems to blend well. Then I stitched it all together with some feathering, layering, and photographic effects from Corel to get what I wanted. I'm pretty happy with the result. Here's the new image that I created last night. [caption id="attachment_310" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A Difficult Dinner 2005"] [/caption] And here's the ol

Audio Books and Classics

I finished Ray Bradbury's classic, Fahrenheit 451. I listened to it on a unabridged audio book CD. I've been trying to catch up on all the classics that I ignored in school, but I've got to tell you that I don't get it. As near as I can figure, the reason most of these books are considered classic is because they were the first to present some idea or try some style of writing. Fahrenheit 451... kind of boring and not really very interesting. Other than a weird vision of the future and its loud warnings about protecting our knowledge before it's taken away from us, I just didn't get much out of it. The character's were not engaging, the future world was bland, it just had no wow factor. I don't think I would recommend it to anyone. Maybe I'm missing all of the deeper meanings in the story, but more likely I've just seen it done too many times and done better by others. I'm now listening to Day of Reckoning, by Jack Higgins. Here's the pro

Really It's More Editing Than Writing

Last night I managed to roll some of the words I cut weeks ago back into the story. Had to change a few things to make them work, but the word count for the night was 2,336. Makes me happy to be able to reuse some of the stuff I thought I'd lost. Novel stands at 103,632 words now. It's all coming together. Also, spent some time yesterday talking with Tasha about what I think will be my next project, Sitting Duct. Came up with some stuff that should help me get the outline done and get an idea how long this story is going to be.

Six More Weeks of Winter

For those of you who hold faithfully to such things, Punxsutawney Phil, the weather predicting groundhog, has proclaimed that there will be six more weeks of winter after seeing his shadow in Puxsutawney, Pa. today. I guess I'll keep my gloves and jacket handy until at least March 16th.