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8.33% Done

The year, not my novel. I had to get up crazy early this morning to get the wife to the airport by 5:30 AM. She's flying off to Chicago again for work. She'll be back Thursday night. The month of January is nearly done. It hasn't been a great start to the year. Money, writing, fitness, they've all taken a hit. But I'm not discouraged. Everything will work out and fall into balance with the appropriate amount of foot to ass. I'm just going to pick things up in November and carry on. I mean, really, what other choice do I have?

Disappointing Behavior

This is a football post that isn’t about football. I played my playoff game tonight against the Eagles and lost badly. Final score was 41-7. But the score doesn’t really tell the whole story. The score was twenty to seven at the half and I’d already made two mistakes that were gnawing at me. I’d rushed through one set of downs late in the first quarter trying to show that I could even the score before the quarter ended. That didn’t work. No big surprise. Punt. And I’d thrown one end zone interception to a receiver who wasn’t even close to being open. Losing the chance to bring the score to within three points. Both were more errors of decision than things I had no control over and I was getting edgy. I started the third quarter with the ball and a chance to score some much needed points. Instead I threw an interception. No story there, just a bad throw. It happens. The Eagles scored on their next play pulling even further away. And I lost it. Lost my fucking mind. There wasn’t any scre

Yet Another Incarnation

The wife made it back from tip-up town in time to game with us today. Which was cool and I wasn’t sure if she’d make it. I’d have run the game with just three players, but it does make for a small group. However, it was yet another iteration of the gaming group today. This time it was Denis, Joel, Kevin, and Tasha. So what did I do? Well, I didn’t run one of the other three scenarios that we have started. Oh no, I started a whole other segment of the story. I made them a group of four giakahn (a race of orc-like critters) on a mission to acquire the religious artifact that all of the other stories are revolving around. It worked out pretty well, even with one of them dying in a battle with a large water elemental in the flooded nether regions of a hidden temple. Afterward we played a couple games of Settlers of Catan. I won both times. Not sure how that happened, must be my freakishly unpredictable luck. Later still, after everyone else had gone home, Joel and I sat and had one of thos

Site Fixin's

If you were around here last night or early today you may have seen a lot of broken code. I’ve been working on the look of the site. It’s nearly done, just a few bugs with the css left to work out. I think the new look is simpler and best of all it loads faster. For now, you get the old look. Next week sometime you can expect the new look. I should be going to bed, but instead I think I'll play some Guild Wars and see my wife off. She's going to tip-up town to go snowmobiling with her sister. Party, party, party. I’m sure she wishes I was far less lame. Oh well, I can hear the charr attacking the gate, I must be off to help those in need.

Chicken Sandwich and Salad

My meeting this morning got pushed to tomorrow. Not a big deal, but I did stay awake in anticipation of it and kinda whacked my sleep schedule. Oh well, that's life. Tomorrow I'll be the groggy one on the phone not making any sense with my inane suggestions. Once I did finally wake up, I did the exercise thing and then the wife and I went to dinner instead of doing any writing. You should start seeing the project bar and yearly progress bars start to fill up from here on out. I’ve done my reading, my plotting, and my other dicking around. I’m ready to actually start writing now.

Another Day, Another Post

I started to write another critique partner post, but stopped when I realized that I was just rewording the advice from the comments. You’re better off to just go read the comments in that post for yourself. Things are going to get a little rough around here. I can feel it in my bones. I woke up too early yesterday, 8:30 am, and after working through the night I’ve got a 2:00 pm meeting today. I’m expecting to be a little groggy for that. Then the usual shift tonight followed by an 11:00 am meeting tomorrow. Today’s meeting I can just sit there like a drone, but tomorrow I’m expected to participate, give opinions, be creative, it’s going to be ugly folks. I don’t read everything that Miss Snark puts on her blog, how could I? She’s crazy with the posts. But I scan and try and pull out the nuggets of wisdom I can use. This one was on meeting agents at conferences , I thought it was helpful. Maybe you will too. Boils down to say hello, ask the agent what they would like to know about your