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Super Sunday

Today I splurged a bit and took the boys to see Superman Returns. Not a bad film, certainly not something that would turn me off of Superman or off movies in general. But definitely not the way that I would have done it, you know, if I had millions of dollars to make a movie. I thought they should have made it a more intense story with Lois being married and the kid not being Clark’s. I would have put Superman in traditional red, not the dark red, almost brown, that he’s in. Also I would have gone with a bigger Superman and probably a bit older. Otherwise it was good. Picked up where Superman II left off pretty well and carried the baton of the franchise admirably. The problem was there was no wow, nothing that made me want to dig out old comics or go home and put on a cape. My 16-year old said it best, “It was better than I thought it’d be.” I don’t want you to think that it was a bummer of a movie so let me give you the best parts, to my way of thinking. Tearing the wing off the plan

I Owe You How Much?

Today came with more ‘good’ news. The letter from the auto finance company finally arrived and it would seem that the car sold for nearly market value at the auction. Which is great because it means that the total unpaid balance of the loan comes in at less than $2,500. You divide that up between the wife and I and it’s a fairly easy pill to swallow. I’m not saying it’s great, but I expected the number to be closer to twice that, so I’m as happy as one could be about owing money.

Looks Like The Deed Will Be Done

Finally, the bank has come through with what looks to be some good news. They’re going to do the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. All the signatures have been signed and the paperwork is off to their lawyers. I’m supposed to call the lawyer on Friday and get the details about when, where, how, and all that jazz. It’s not good to lose the house, but if I’m doing it anyway, this is the way I wanted it to happen. Deed-in-lieu looks a little better on the old credit report and it doesn’t leave me with a balance hanging over my financial future. This is good. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong to break the deal. Looks like my parents won’t be making it up here this year, my grandfather (mother’s father) has taken ill and this may be his last hurrah, so they’re staying down there with him. Since I’m not working I may shoot down there to see how everyone is doing. I know that my grandmother would love to see me and both my remaining grandfathers are having health issues. J

August Arrives

Welcome to August my friends. It’s damn hot around here, 100 yesterday and expected to be the same today. Sunday I had the pleasure of helping a friend move out of his third floor apartment and into a second floor apartment across town. It was only 95ish, so that was a load of fun. But he did furnish pizza and plenty of liquids, and as an added bonus; he now has to help me move. I believe it’s in the guy’s book of rules. There’s no way out of this one. I haven’t been writing at all. Late night binge eating has kept me from losing any more weight. But I did buy some dumbbells and two more jump ropes (I’ll find one I like yet). I’m still doing the exercise and watching what I eat, but damn it all I keep slipping up when the sun goes down and the world gets quiet. I realize now that my wife’s we can still be friends speech before she left was just exactly that. Can we still be friends? We probably could if I didn’t still want to be married to her. My 2-week hiatus from the working world i