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Oncall and Ready for Action

So really not much goiing on around here. I talked to my boss the other day... I'm getting a new truck and my Mechanical License paperwork signed, but he's got to think about the raise. I'll be knockin' on his door Friday. And maybe Saturday if I don't get the answers I'm looking for. (Did I mention I'm working Saturday? Well, I am.) Today I paid off a couple of the medical bills that have been collecting dust around here since I got hospitalized last year. There are still a lot left, so don't get to excited about that news. I checked my credit scores last night and wasn't terribly thrilled, or surprised, by the numbers that came back. So I decided that rather than buy a new toy, I need to get my credit back in order. So that's the plan. Sorry for no post, but I spent my spare time last night either driving around thinking and planning, on the phone, or doing credit related stuff. And the night before I worked a 14-hour day, thats a really good

A Recap of the Weekends Events

Now, where were we? The weekend has come and gone and you didn't hear a peep from me. I'm betting you're on pins and needles wondering what the hell I did with myself for the last three days. Come on. I know you are. Okay, I'll throw you a bone. Friday I worked and then went to dinner with my ex-wife (#2). I don't remember what I did at work, but I know that after work dinner was good, the company was good, and I was home early enough to be rested for my test. See below. Saturday I went and kicked total ass on my R-410A certification, I may have gotten 2 questions wrong. Then I went shopping for new boots, a handgun, some clothes, and a new TV. The shopping trip was a bomb because, well, because I didn't actually want to spend any money. I know. I know. Why go shopping if you're not gonna spend any money. Did I mention I hate the mall? Anyway, the only thing I was willing to spend money on was boots... and they've got to order those. Sheeeeeeit. So after

Certified HVAC Guy Says...

I've finished my HVAC certification program at Northwestern Technological Institute. I'm done. Finish. Completed. And yet, it feels empty. This may be because the school basically gives you a manila folder full of resumes and says "see ya". My instructor did bring in Dunkin' Donuts, but that's not really what I was looking for. How about some sort of cap and gown fandango. Nah that'd be weird. So what's next for me. Well, Saturday I take the certification test for the new blended refrigerants, 410A in particular. Then I'll get my NATE certification in April. And then go for my Mechanical License in June. In the mean time I need to decide if I'm going to stay with Nichols. Which means I really need to talk to my boss tomorrow. He did the run out of the office thing again today. Why can't this ever be easy... After class today I went with about ten of the guys to TGIFriday's and we had some drinks, some food, and some laughs. After spendi

Open Up and Say "Bawitdaba... "

Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy As I suspected the little burning fire in my mouth was a filling that had come loose. The new dentist in the office took care of it and I must say, she's a little cutie. Hell, even the cost of the thing wasn't too bad. Tomorrow is the final exam in my last class at Northwestern Technological Institute. Which means that I'll be a certified. Whoopee! It'll mean that I did learn something in the last 15-years. But it was worth it to make me realize just how much I already know. Next comes the license and then maybe, MAYBE my own business. Not sure that's the way I want to go, but it's good to know that it's an option now. I think I need about 10-minutes of conversation to get myself right with this whole break-up thing. I feel like I'm going on and on like a heartbroken school boy, but what it really boils down to is that I'm dissatisfied with the way the ending came about.

Not Gonna Talk About It Today

Today, I damn near finished my project at school. Would have had it done if the job placement lady would have cut her, "how to get a job" speech down to a reasonable length. I mean, shit, I'm guessing everyone there has had to get a job at one point or another. Oh well, my partner will have to finish it for me tomorrow while I'm kicked back in the dentist chair. Back at work I tried to pin the boss down for a little talk and got brushed off until later this week, maybe next week. He may be surprised to find me in his office when he gets in tomorrow. I mean, the dentist isn't expecting me until 10:00 am, why not get this all over with so at least I know where I stand. The future isn't getting any further away. Work wise I found myself on a windy rooftop replacing a motor and learned the lesson (again) that I need to start keeping cold-weather clothes in the truck. Yikes it was bitter cold and windy up there. Afterwards I went and helped drag a big 'ol furna

And A Little Something More 4 U

Today, I pulled out a heat pump that we installed a few weeks ago. Just a little one. Kinda like the in wall AC units you see on TV. Only this one is a heat pump, which means you use the refrigerant to heat rather than cool. Anyway, to make a long description less long, I think I agree with our senior service guy, heat pumps are not the way to go in Michigan . It’s just too damn cold here for them. You need a little more temperate climate to really make them work. Anyway, I think the boss has already resold it, so I’ll probably be putting it in somebody elses house in a week or so. I hope they’re happier with it than the last guy was. Pager just went off twice. Once to say some dude had no heat. Then 5-minutes later to say, ignore that last page. Being on-call isn’t so bad. Just three more days of school. Well, two actually, I won’t be there on Wednesday because I get to go to the dentist. Thursday almost doesn’t count either because I go in take my exam and then head to my gir

What About Sunday?

Yesterday I was too pooped to play. It was one of those long nights on Saturday. You know. The kind where you spend a lot of time in the car just driving around and singing to the radio/CD player. You drive by peoples houses you know just because you don’t know why. Then you decide to get some dinner and while you’re on your way to Qdoba to get your self a delicious Fajita Ranchera Burrito your ex-wife calls, the second one, and tells you that your friends from Bellaire are in town and that you should come out and hang with them because the poor guy is stuck with about a dozen women (yeah, poor bastard, what a way to go out)… anyway, so I went. I mean really, why not. It was fun, the band was good, the company was good, and I got out fairly cheap (what with the ex owing me, ha). But thank you none the less. It was a good night. Probably too good. But I have to thank my friends for their good advice, it worked out rather well, they’re great people. The ex says I won them in the div

Stop Drop and Roll

This morning I took my youngest to the orthodontist, his little brother came with us. He’s too young to stay at home alone. I always feel odd taking him places, not that I’ve actually taken him all that many places. This is partially because he’s not my child, partially because his father has made it clear that he shouldn’t like me (this is bad because he does like me and that causes confusion in an 8-year old), and partially because he’s so damn demanding of my attention. The kid really wants something from me that I can’t give him. Or rather, I could, but I don’t feel like I can. It’s just rough. He sees me as his brothers dad and wants so badly to be part of their world (they’re 7 and 10 years older than he is) that he kinda latches onto me. This wasn’t so bad when I was seeing his mother, but it did make the confusion worse for him. But I’m not seeing her any more and break-ups are always hard on kids. Funny bit, we were sitting in the waiting room, talking about I don’t rememb


Tonight I played electrician for my ex-wife. What a mess her electrical is, all sorts of unused boxes, unused wires, and the whole thing is set up for a generator, yeesh. What a mess. Anyway, got her squared away and got a nice meal out of the whole deal. Probably could have gotten more than that, but I excersised some judgement and decided that wouldn't be the best thing to go and do. What with us not talking for the last 3-months. I don't need the sex and that's not the relationship I want to be in. And like I said the other day, I'm not what she's looking for right now anyway. Besides, I think we both know who I want to be with. Right. Hell, that's why I started blogging again. So that at least maybe I'll be read and not fade away. I know it's a horribly passive-aggressive thing to do, but what are my options... I don't think I have any. I'm just waving the flag as my ship slowly sinks beneath the waves. Though, I will say, yesterday was an un

What I Need

I need new boots. I need some one to rework that damn shield in the top, left corner... I'd pay for that. I need a good hair cut. I need a pick-up truck. I need to talk to my boss. And I need to find a house that'll work with me on a land contract. That's what I need. Hook me up and I'll be forever grateful. So sue me, all my needs are really wants!

My Funny Valentine

My little triangle of indecision is crumbling. I finally talked to one lady -- after months of not so much -- that train has left the station and we agree that it's not going any place we wanted to go. Another has pretty much tied herself to her new man and only wants me around when she's lonely or something needs fixin', it took awhile, but I'm okay with that. And of course there was my rant yesterday about the married lady. Ah well. Still love 'em all, even if the feelings aren't mutual. To all three of them, I'm sending out best wishes that your Valentine holiday is everything you could hope for. Happy Valentines Day. Chocolates, flowers, and cards all around. I'm a little calmer today. A little less riled up. Got a letter in the mail yesterday that put me over the top... as if you didn't notice. Out of school by 11:30 and the boss is on vacation for the next four days, this could be the start of a good weekend. Calm. Serene. Peaceful. Unhurried.

PREACH on this little bit of FAITH

I'm feeling like ranting. So I think I will. Did you write that letter or did your husband write it and have you sign it? Selfish and wrong? So god wants you to be unhappy? Or did you just decide that you can be unhappy and live with it? Whatever. Yes, it was the wrong way to go about it and yes some people got hurt. My family, no, they didn't get hurt... hell, they don't even care one way or the other. Your family, yeah, I'll agree that they got hurt. Sorry. Fuck. If you've got issues with guilt and god, great, but damn it if I'm going be satisfied with that crap ass excuse about god making his presence felt to you. Unless everything you told me about the dynamic of your relationship was a lie, well, god don't roll like that. At least my god doesn't. He wants me to be happy, healthy, and at peace. But whatever gets you through this. And b.t.w., your man will never let you forget this incident. He will never forget it either. You're fucked whether yo

The Continuing Adventures of the Daredevil-Idiot

Today I ran a chimney liner. Not a big deal, except that it put me 40-feet in the air on a snow covered roof in freezing, windy weather. I mean it was windy, cold, and the roof had easily 4" of powdery snow on it and more was falling as I worked. Big fun. Wait, it gets better. I had to slide and jump off onto a balcony to get down. And as I promised the guy I was working with, this one is going to make it onto the blog. Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do at work. I never would have gotten up there if the balcony wasn't there, because I knew, absolutely knew, that at some point I was going to slide off the roof. But these folks are mad their job isn't done yet and I told the boss I'd make it happen. And really, that is the reason I was up there. Not just because I'm a daredevil-idiot, but because I said I'd get it done. Well, it's done. Well, my mailbox was empty again today; maybe it really is over. Maybe I should just stop holding out hope. Maybe

Arohen = R O N. Get it? Probably not, no one does!

So I've been online for about a month now but has been squatted and won't be available until sometime in August. So for now, I'll use blogger and take full advantage of all the toys that Google puts at my fingertips for free. When I let the domain expire I was going through a divorce, about to be put out of work, losing my house, and my life was pretty much in shambles. Since then, June 2006, a lot has gone on and a lot has changed. But through it all I've tried to look at the bright side and not get to down about everything. I let the second half of 2006 just kind of slide by, collecting unemployment, waiting for the house to be forclosed on and trying to convince my wife that we didn't need to divorce. Well, come January 2007 I was out of the house and living with my sister, my divorce was final, and I was quickly coming to the end of my unemployment. It was time to make some decisions and choose a direction. So I went back to work for Nichols He