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Let the Move Begin

I'll be off of the internet for a few days while I move. Grand Rapids here I come. Tomorrow is the big day. My brother and I are going to get this thing done; I have faith. Well, that and not a lot of stuff. As far as work goes... I spoke to my new boss, Dave, and he's going to pick me up on Monday so that I can get my truck. My tools are waiting for me. My uniforms have been ordered. My phone arrived today, Verizon XV6800 Smartphone, and is charging as I type this. I've forwarded my mail and changed my address, but I'm keeping my existing phone number. Tomorrow I'll sign the lease and move in. Yesterday, I got the motorcycle out for the first time this year. Took it for a short ride to pick up my last check from Nichols. It felt good to be riding again and I'm looking forward to riding it around this summer. Yes, it'll be going with me. Probably not until next weekend though. I can only drive so many vehicles at one time. I'm both looking forward to thi

All Systems Are Go For Lift-Off

We went and found me an apartment last weekend, despite rainy weather and gloomy news from the prospective employer. It's a two bedroom apartment, about 900 sq. ft., with a fireplace, washer and dryer hook-up, and sits about 25-feet from a nice little lake. I think I'll like it. The rent isn't bad either. Should be a nice place to call home. Monday I made some calls and got the drivers license thing straightened out, the recruiter was of the impression that I have been and was still driving on a suspended license. Crazy. Anyway, that's straightened out. My start date is going to be the 21st, I just don't know exactly where I'll be starting... my guess is down at the same warehouse I had my interview at. Gotta pick up my truck, tools, uniforms, etc... and get the whole orientation thing taken care of. I also had lunch with my boys and told them I was moving. They weren't terribly surprised. Their mother had apparently told them to expect that I was going to t


Well, I've gone and made myself unemployed. Today was my last day at Nichols. No cake. No party. No thanks for your service. Just my last day. Keys, shirts, and phone are all turned in. My tools are out of the van. And my last paycheck will arrive in the bank on Wednesday. It would feel good except for one little thing... So I mentioned my background check showed a driver license suspension, right? Anyway, I got a ticket for something, I don't remember what, and forgot to pay it. So they suspended my license until the ticket was paid. So we're talking 07/2001 until 09/2001 when they pulled me over for something and the whole thing got straightend out. Like I said, forgot to pay a ticket. Didn't know my license was revoked. Kindly officer took me to the station and we got it all straightened out. 2001. Apparantly this is causing some angst for the folks who want me to come work for them. And now it's causing me angst. I called the recruiter today to make sure everyth

One More Day. Just One More Day.

I feel like I'm going to explode. Obviously, I have eaten too much. I went to Qdoba, or as I like to call it, my reading place, and while I didn't get anything out of the ordinary, the girl made my burrito HUGE! Of course, I ate the whole thing. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Now I'm paying the price. Okay, I'm a little stressed. I didn't realize it until earlier today. But there's a lot of change going on around here and maybe manning it up isn't quite the way to deal with it. Job changes, relationship changes, money problems, where to live... yeesh. What brought it to a head was the copy of my background check that arrived yesterday. One little sentence highlighted. My drivers licnse was suspended for a month or two in 2001 for an unpaid ticket, expired plate I think. If that keeps me from getting this job.... I don't even want to think about it. Tasha says that if that were the case I'd have heard by now. I hope she's right. But I'm going to call

You've Got 4 Minutes. Go!

Yesterday I cleaned the dirtiest flame sensor I have ever seen. This thing had actual clumps of junk on it. I don't know how it had been working up until this point, seems like it should have stopped working months ago. Crazy. I've given my boss my 1-week notice, Friday the 11th will be my last day with Nichols. He teared up a little, but I gave him a big hug and told him everything would be alright. Okay, that part didn't happen. Or did it? Hmmm... I'll never tell. I also pushed for him to hire my schoolmate, Dave, and he said he'd give him an interview. So let's all cross our fingers and hope that Dave gets the job. Go Dave! Monday I went and peed in a cup for my drug test. Did you know that they have a time limit for that? I didn't. Apparently if you can't pee within 4-minutes, you have to come out of the bathroom and let them inspect the room and give you a glass of water. How did I find this out? Let's just say that I was interrupted while I was

Paperwork and Packing

First thing this morning FedEx rang the buzzer with my new employee package. Basically a folder full of forms for me to sign and return and a drug test form for the lab to fill out. So I sat down to fill out all that good stuff. Okay, one aspect of this makes me nervous. The credit check. My credit is some kind of torn up right now. Why? Something like this layoff, repossession, separation, layoff, foreclosure, divorce, uninsured extended hospital visit, low-paying job, and school reducing my hours. Things are getting better now, but all that medical stuff is in collections. I sure hope that none of this keeps me from getting this job. Because I'm on the cusp of something very good and very positive here. Then I got a couple of calls. No heat on a 60-degree day seems silly to those of us who don't have that problem. One call was a bad circuit board, that happens when the dog chews through the water hose on the washing machine and water pours down on the furnace. I didn't h


The call came in this afternoon a little after 1:00, Jones Lang LaSalle wants me to be a part of their team. I accepted the invitation to handle their Grand Rapids territory. Sure it means moving to Grand Rapids, MI (some 3-hours away), but it also means I'll be getting a $10/hour raise, a brand spanking new truck full of brand spanking new tools, health benefits, 401k, educational reimbursements, and most importantly the possibility of advancement. Sounds like this is the real deal. The kind of job I've been looking for. Sure, I have some reservations about moving to a city that I've never actually been to before, but I've heard it's nice. Besides... I've got three whole weekends to find a place and move. I start on the 21st of April. Well, two weekends, since I'm on-call this weekend and won't exactly be in a position to zip out to Grand Rapids and look for housing. I'd like to be able to give Nichols my full 2-weeks notice, but I don't think I