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The Good is Good, the Bad is Actually Still Pretty Good

Yesterday was a bad day. Today is a good day. Yesterday was full of doubts and frustrations about the future and the job. Nothing of note, just the usual new job doubts... was this the right decision, what am I doing, etc... I blame it on a lack of productivity. Today was a much better day. I made it to three banks in three different cities. I was in Muskegon this morning walking around the lot in the warm sunshine, picking up litter, and thinking to myself, I can't believe they're paying me 50-grand a year to do this. I used to get paid five bucks an hour for the same shit doing apartment maintenance when I was a kid. Then I went to lunch and went down to Holland where I was going to start the sprinkler system. But the new signs had done some damage to the lines and there was some sort of train-wreck on the corner by the fire hydrant and I thought to myself, If I start this it's going to be a muddy mess. Expecting this, I decided to just have the irrigation vendor come out

Summer Has Begun

I'll talk about my weekend in a minute. Today, I got a call from Lance with some very sad news. Seems that one of the office ladies at Nichols lost her husband on Saturday. He was involved in a motorcycle accident, where a car pulled out in front of him and another bike. It's a horrible shame. I feel bad for his kids and his wife and the rest of their family. My sympathy goes out to them. And I'm reminded that when I'm riding I need to be on the defensive and keep my eyes constantly open for the dangers of the road. Here's a link to the news paper article with the details. Well, that was sobering. Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was good. I went to Tasha's on Friday night, but first I stopped to get my bike. It was a perfect weekend for riding it. I got to my ladies a little later than I'd like, but we still had time to go to Chili's for some dinner and drinks.... we were in her car, not on the bike. I don't mix the drinking and the riding. Satur

A Little Bit of Lite Reading

During the couple of weeks when I had no television and no internet I had a chance to catch up on some of my reading, which is always good. And of course reading always gets me itching to write, also a good thing. Anyway, I'm reading UP IN HONEY'S ROOM by Elmore Leonard right now and I think I'm liking it, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Right before I moved out I finished APOCOLYPSE 2012 and since getting the apartment I've worked my way through THE HAWK ETERNAL by David Gemmell, THE WATCHMAN by Robert Crais, SOMETIMES THE MAGIC WORKS: LESSONS FROM A WRITING LIFE by Terry Brooks, FREE FALL by Robert Crais, and found time to listen to the 20-discs that make up the audio book version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Alexandre Dumas. I didn't get what I wanted out of Terry Brooks writing book, but otherwise I've enjoyed everything that I've read of late. As promised, I've put together a little photo album of my apartment. Don't worry, there's some

I Guess I'm Just In One Of Those Moods

Tasha came out on Saturday morning and we hung-out 'til she left Sunday afternoon. We ate, we walked the dog, we fooled around, we watched the hockey game and we saw a movie at the theater. Ironman. Which was actually quite good. I'm impressed with the way Marvel has been handling their characters in the movies. I think Ironman was probably the second best of the bunch, right behind Spiderman. We did more talking about her moving out here when her job goes away at Chrysler. There's just a lot to it, what with her daughter, our history, all the baggage that comes along with being in a couple, and the lack of potential job prospects. Plus, the crazy woman thinks that she'd be a burden on me!? Whatever. I say, NOT. I think it'll happen, but who knows, things have gone in directions I haven't expected in the past. In other news, I decided to send a MySpace friend request to Lance today. I've had him as one of my favorites for a while now, you know, so I can chec

Is This What You've Been Looking For?

Have you been missing me? I've been missing you. But then, I've been missing pretty much everything since I moved out here to the west side of the state. No cable, no internet, no money, no friends, no answers, ah... how I love changing jobs and relocating. Nothing like mixing two of lifes major stressors to make a guy feel like a million bucks. But that's all changing now. I got a full paycheck this pay period plus the government helped me out with a little tax credit. Did you get yours? Spend it. Buy me something. Take a trip. Hell, take me on a trip. Let's go to the coast and frolic in the ice-cold waters of Lake Michigan. Sorry, got side tracked there. Anyway. So now I've got my bills caught up, some are even paid ahead, I've got some pocket money, and most important of all; I'm back on the inter nets talking to you. Come on, I know you missed me. Hell, who else can make you feel this good while your clothes are still on... your clothes are still on, rig