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A Simple Magic

I've talked about this before in other places and on other blogs, but as I sit here watching Walk the Line and drinking beer I can see the fireflies around the lake flashing in the growing darkness and I marvel at it as I always do. It's a simple magic. A little thing that makes everything feel right for as long as that little light is aglow. I'm very happy that this is a short week. Tasha will be coming out on Thursday for the weekend and I've got to find some fireworks for us to go see. Sunday I'm going to go back with her and get my bike. It'll be a good weekend. I need a good weekend. Later.

Old Routines Or Not

No calls so far... guess everything Gary was saying about getting after hours and weekend calls every week were a little overstated. Or maybe I'm just lucky. Tasha and I talked about being more of an active couple, but so far we're not doing so well on our couples events. First, I neglected to invite her to Tyler's comencement ceremony. Then I got stuck with the oncall this weekend when we were supposed to go to a friends 40th anniversy party. She's said that Tyler's graduation party isn't something she's thinking she'll be going to (I can understand that... I don't think she and Heidi ever actually spent any time together during the eight years we were married, and now, well, it's just more wierd.) We've got her high school reuion coming up and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to make that. So really, it's just me not being able to make these things. Hmmm. I think the biggest difference is this; In the past, I didn't really wan

Better Late...

So I'm oncall. So boring. If nothing comes in tomorrow, then nothing will come in at all. Because no one will be at the banks to know that they need help on Sunday. I'm expecting to get nothing. In more exciting news, I paid my rent today... that's not the exciting part ...while I was doing that I added a 10x10 storage unit and a carport to my lease. All for only $30 bucks a month. I think that's a good deal. Pretty cool, huh. I also got the run down on how much it's going to cost me to have Tasha and the animals move in. It won't be bad at all. Tasha didn't come out this weekend and I didn't go out to where she's at for the obvious reason of being on call. So I don't know what I'm going to do for fun this weekend. Maybe I'll try and find a mountain bike. There's lots of bike paths around here and it seems like it'd be a good way to get some exercise. I'll hit the garage sales and resale shops, there's gotta be something I

Let's Shake Things Up

Tonight dinner consisted of three strong margarita's. No particular reason, just kinda the way things worked out. Besides, moving furniture around is thirsty work. Yeah, I decided to do it. Tyler and I talked about it but I wouldn't pull the trigger to make it happen. Tonight I decided that I couldn't take it any longer and I rearranged the couch and moved my desk into the living room. Why? Well, let me explain. Not that there's any reason for me to do so. I spend a lot of time on the computer when I'm at home and my computer was in the small bedroom that looks out on the parking lot. This was doubly bad because one, I'm spending all my time in the smallest room of my apartment and two, I've got this nice lake out back that I can't see from the back bedroom. So now I can see the lake and I don't feel near as clostrophobic. I'm sure that when Tasha moves in she'll hate it and I'll move it back, but for now I'm more happy this way. (Hap

Is It Wednesday All Ready? Damn!

So last week I spent with my oldest boy. He's 18 now and done with high school. We haven't really had any one-on-one time in the last 10-years or so. As such I think we've kinda forgotten how to communicate with one another. I think we were both expecting more from our visit than what we got out of it. There was no real deep communications, it was really just more of a hanging out. But I'm glad we did it and I hope he is as well. My hope is that as he matures and goes out into the world that we'll see more of each other and maybe even learn to talk to each other again in a more intimate way. That may never happen; or maybe it will. Only time will tell. I was supposed to have my second boy this week, but apparently report cards came on Saturday and there's an issue with summer school and all that goes along with that. So he'll probably take his visit a little later in the summer. There's much less of a communication problem with him, as he's got his m

Ninja Warrior Champion Extraordinarie

Okay, let's see here, what do I have for you today? I downloaded the new Firefox, yes I was one of the 8-million downloads. I don't see a difference. Doesn't seem any faster to me. The new 'awesome bar' is alright, but I don't know if I'd say it's awesome. All-in-all I don't see the big deal really. Maybe all the changes are in the code and they just don't affect what I see. Which is fine. I don't really care, it's just a browser. I downloaded the Spore creature creator.... yeah... my computer wont run it. So maybe it's cool, I don't know. Tyler has been here all week, we haven't really done much. I mean, I didn't really have big plans or anything, but everyone seems to expect fireworks and cotton candy or some such. We've just been hangin' out when I get home from work. We eat dinner. We watch TV. We make funny comments about the ducks and the geese. It's all good, just hangin' out. We went to dinner on Mo

Monday Monday, So Good To Me

Oh what a weekend. Tasha and I put about a hundred miles on the Triumph just cruising around town to no place in particular. I got too much sun on my arms and a new helmet for my head (I forgot mine at home so I needed to get one). Sunday I took my boys to dinner and then brought Tyler back to Grand Rapids to spend some time together. Today, I woke up early, got to work early, and put in a full day. Then we went and got some dinner and went grocery shopping... woo hoo! The the magazine guy showed up at the door and for whatever reason I ordered some magazines. Now I'm writing you a blog. This is the life. It's like I'm a rock star. I got a call from my step-sisters husband about that union job yesterday. He's saying it's about twice what I'm making now. Which seems too good to be true, but I'll call his guy and get the skinny on it tomorrow. It can't hurt and I'd be okay with doubling my income. Of course it probably means moving, but whatever... we

Happy 18th Birthday, Tyler

Today is Tyler's 18th birthday. My oldest is officially no longer a child. And while that means no more child support it also means that the time I had to mold him into an adult has long past and that all the things I kept putting off about his childhood have to be put away. I missed the boat on a lot of things, but maybe we'll be better now that he's grown. I hope so. Happy Birthday, Tyler. Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition was released last week. D&D and roleplaying in general were a big part of my life for a long time (twenty some years), but a couple years back the hobby just sort of lost it's appeal for me. I can't really say why, maybe life just gets in the way of these things. But I must confess to being curious about what changes they've made to the game. Not curious enough to go out and buy the books, but just sorta wondering. I've heard good things about it and some of the electronic/web-based stuff that's supposed to be out soon sound inter

Writer's Block?

I've been staring at the blank space here for ten minutes... I got nothing... nothing at all. Um, I was in a muddy pit yesterday. Today, I went to the used bookstore. I ate chips and salsa for dinner. See what I mean. Nothing. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Later.

Congrats Are In Order

Sorry about the last week or so, I just didn't really have anything to say. Or rather, I just couldn't be bothered to come up with anything. Partly, this is because I bought the Sims 2 last weekend when Tasha didn't come out and I spent probably too much time playing around with that. But mostly it was just a lack of motivation and a general disinterest with everything in general. But let's quickly get you up to speed. Last weekend Tasha stayed home and despite wanting to see her, I did as well. I bought groceries, got a hair cut, and bought the Sims 2. Last week at work I was trying to finish my sprinkler system start-ups, but I got pulled away to go do AC and sprinkler start-ups in Lansing for 3-days (Wed, Thur, Fri). FridayI went back to the east side of the state to see Tasha and because my oldest boy, Tyler, graduated from Waterford Kettering high school. One down, one to go. No, seriously, I'm very proud of him for getting through high school and happy to s