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I'm 40 Today

Today is my 40th birthday. This is supposed to be one of the big ones, right?! I mean you can drive when you turn 16. You're an adult at 18, voting, military service, jail, all the good stuff. At 21 you can drink. I guess you're supposed to have grown up when you become 30. So is 40 or 50 over the hill? Guess it depends on the crowd. 65 is retirement. And 100 is, well, you made it to 100. So there's the big ones. How do I feel about 40... mixed. On one hand, if you assume that I'm not even halfway through my life (and I assume that technology will advance sufficently to allow me to remain alive indeffinately) eighty would seem like a short life anymore. Besides, I figure my retirement age is probably more like 70, and that means that I've got 30 more years of work ahead of me. Or roughly what I've worked so far, plus six more years... I'm not even half done with working. So there's a lot of work left. So if you're asking me if I feel old, the answer