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I resolved to not make any resolutions this year or for any year to come. But then I went and made on to lose weight again. So in making a resolution I broke one. Doesn't just figure. Today was a full day at work and while we talked about going downtown for New Year's Eve, turns out that Dawn and Mark are going to come out and hang with us. Which is just as well and will most likely be more fun. Got to go to the store and then get the house ready for company. Hope you have a good New Year's Eve. And remember to be safe.

A Look Back At 2008

Looking back  I'm amazed at how busy and full of changes was this year soon past. So let us take a walk down the path and see what last year held for me. January, the start of a new year found me a year from my divorce from Tasha, working at Nichols Heating for $14/hour, and attending school 4-days a week to get a certificate in HVAC. I was no longer dating my first wife, Heidi, after a  short try at making it work a second time around, but alas, the issues were the same and it was over after Thanksgiving but unspoken and while I sent a Christmas gift it was obvious by then that we were done. My folks left for a return to Florida with the coming of the New Year, but not before letting me know that my plan to move out of their condo, where I lived with my sister, and be on my own was both unrealistic and fool hardy. They believed I should expect to stay where I was for 3-5 years to get my feet back under me. A pronouncement that made me both angry and fearful that they were right. I

Lions, the Damn Lions

I was wrong last week, as was pointed out in the comments, the Lions were 0-15. This week they went and made history 0-16. Didn't win a game. Not a single damn game. There is no way the coach can come back and the team needs to be completely overhauled. I can't believe this shit.


It's been a long time since I used it. Hell, it's been a while since I even played a game on the machine. But when I got the email from Microsoft letting me know that my Xbox Live subscription had been cancelled on Friday, December 26, 2008 I was a little bummed. Xbox Live used to be a place to hang out with my friends. I had a whole clan of folks that had Xboxes and were on live. Folks from work, friends, and even a few people that I'd actually never met outside of Xbox Live. Halo started it all, but golf, football, and racing kept it going for a few years there. Most all of these people have moved on to other, newer systems; Xbox 360's, Wii's, and PS3's. Me. I'm still sitting here with my Xbox and thinking about all the fun that was had with that old, outdated system. I miss my friends.

Merry Christmas

Tasha and I are off to the east side of the state to visit family. I've got to be back for work on Friday, she may or may not stay for the weekend. We'll see how it goes. We exchanged gifts last night. I gave her an iPod and perfume. And she gave me an iPod and an organizer for my van. All in all, I'd say it was a good trade. The dog got a ball and the cats some of those little fake mice toys. I worked today. A full day was the schedule, but my banks closed at 2 and so the rest of the day is being written off as vehicle maintenance. So it was kind of a short day. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I'm out of here for now. Peace.

And Yet Even More Snow

It's been snowing all day. They're saying maybe as much as another eight inches by Monday morning. Yesterday, I had to buy a new tire for the car. Then we went shopping at the mall... just getting into the mall took probably 15-20 minutes. It was very busy. But all my shopping is done, with the sole exception of buying gifts for Tasha, but I can't very well do that with her being there. I'll do that Monday or Tuesday. We finalized the Christmas plan and it looks a little bit like this; Wednesday night grab the dog and head east after work. We'll probably get a hotel room and leave the dog with T's mom. Then Christmas morning we'll have breakfast with my folks and then dinner with Tasha's people. After which I'll head home so I can work on Friday. Tasha may or may not stay on that side of the state for the weekend. If she does I'll head back out Saturday morning to be with her, but that's undecided at this point. Today I watched the Lions make

Christmas Preparedness, or Lack There Of

Good Saturday morning to you. Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not. But I imagine that I'll be far more ready by the end of the day. Yep, you guessed it, I'm going to head out to the stores and malls on the last Saturday before Christmas... why, oh why do I do this to myself. It could all be avoided with just a little foresight. Ah well, I'm just going to look at it as if it were a tradition. Really I don't have much to get. My list is short; both of my sons, Tasha, a token for my folks, and something for my grandmother who'll be here in Michigan this year. I'd already bought something for my boy, but I've since learned that I'll have to take it back and get something else. What any of these gifts will be, I haven't a clue. We'll be having a white Christmas this year, and then some. I think we got somewhere between 8 and 10 inches of snow yesterday. (It was a mess trying to drive around in that, seemed like nobody was plowing the roads.) And

Me and The MAC

Tonight we joined the MAC ( Michigan Athletic Club ). It's kind of my Christmas present to Tasha. We've got a dual purpose to this... firstly, we're getting wildly out of shape and need to get some exercise. And secondly, we still don't know anyone out here and with a little effort we should get to both meet some locals and have something to do that isn't watching TV or playing video games. It's a pretty impressive facility, actually, it's three facilities located around Grand Rapids. All the usual stuff; tennis courts, raquet ball courts, weight machines, indoor track, pool, fitness classes, etc. etc. etc.. The price is a bit high, but not as much as we're paying for cable TV. So I guess I'm looking at it as an investment in me, us, and our health. I'll keep you posted on how it all works out.

What's Going On With This Site?

So I went and bought Microsoft Expression Web 2 with the hope that I could use it to make an updated site. But it's been sitting in the desk for a month and I have only made a basic template... and even that is built on the same old table design that I used before. I'm not exactly blazing a path toward having a fully realized site. Even this weblog is plain old vanilla default layout. I blame it all on a combination of the game City of Heroes and my being lazy as hell. All I can say is soon I'll have something a little more personal. Hell, at this point I haven't even posted on my blogger site that I've gotten this back. Also, I can't use CorelDraw or CorelPaint for graphics because the version I have won't play nicely with Vista. I may have to get my old machine back out just to make graphics... or I guess I could learn a new program. eh... this is just a rambling mess of a post. I'll do better next time. At least you know I'm still out here. --Ro