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“Dark energy” --Saul Perlmutter, leader of the Supernova Cosmology Project headquartered at Berkeley Lab “Various types of dark energy have been proposed, including a cosmic field associated with inflation; a different, low-energy field dubbed "quintessence"; and the cosmological constant, or vacuum energy of empty space. Unlike Einstein's famous fudge factor, the cosmological constant in its present incarnation doesn't delicately (and artificially) balance gravity in order to maintain a static universe; instead, it has "negative pressure" that causes expansion to accelerate.” --Donald Driver, DUSEL Astrophysicist, Butt Mountain "The universe is made mostly of dark matter and dark energy, and we don't know what either of them is." --Michael Turner, Cosmologist, University of Chicago From the last will and testament of Reynold Raymond (March 25, 1966 - ): I don’t know how long this will last. After what happened to Johnny… Well, I just don’t kno

H. Anders Worthington IV

H. Anders Worthington IV, wealthy dilettante and big game hunter, written and played by Joel Cardella in the Shadows Play campaign My hands shook in stunned silence after I had opened the envelope, making the scrawled address dance. It was almost a year ago, but that face had remained with me, in every waking thought and always in my dreams. Farnsley and I had split off. The old boy had given us a good chase, but we were closing in. The wager was standard, going to whomever got the first shot in. I was closing in, I could smell his wet fur in the slight breeze. I thought it odd that he would expose himself downwind, but I had never taken this large a bear before, so hubris could have made his instincts evolve past the need to hide his scent. I saw him lumbering about, as though he were rooting. I knew the danger of a male seeking a mate, but this chance was larger than any I'd had up to now. I took aim, the powerful scope zooming in on the rump as the old boy snuffled about in the


Valiant is the end product of a secret research project, ADAM (Advanced Deoxyribonucleic Acid Manipulation), designed to create a more perfect human being. Using gene splicing and DNA modification the scientists in charge of ADAM hoped to create the perfect human being, one stronger, more durable, and resistant to disease and infection. ADAM’s goal was to create a being which would be the next step in human evolution. Due to worldwide bans on human genetic experimentation and fear of government interference the ADAM project was moved to a super-technology space station. There on January 19th, 1972 the project gave birth to experiment a231, a baby boy. The scientist’s were pleased with the results of the experiment, nearly all of the genetic changes they had designed were successful. But they soon realized that something was causing continued genetic activity that they had not seen previously. After nearly two years of testing the child they determined that the cosmic rays that bombarde


Bennick written and played by Doug Parks in the 5 Kingdoms campaign Appearance: Bennick is thin and wiry, with no body fat. His skin is rough and scarred from his many years of living on the street, and his hands show the calluses of many walls a-climbed. He wears loose black clothing over his leather armor. Distinguishing Marks : Scar on left cheek. Mannerisms: Bennick smiles a lot but is quiet around strangers. With friends, he talks to excess. Fears/Phobias: Bennick has a slight fear of open spaces -- he much prefers to have city walls around him. Background Info/Character History: Bennick grew up on the streets after the death of his mother. He was despondent without a family and found nothing to latch onto. Invariably he became a thief; a second-story man with the moniker "The Invisible Man." He was a loner who longed for something to belong to, but the Thieves' Guild didn't fit the mould. At first he was a member in good standing, but he quickly lost his ena