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Rampant at the Draft

Today was the draft for the fantasy football league. A grey, rainy sort of day; perfect for sitting inside and doing this sort of thing. Not a perfect day for riding the motorcycle. But I did it anyway.  I rode the Triumph out to Fenton avoiding all but a short bit of drizzle that speckled my visor. My brother was surprised that I rode the bike and Tasha didn't want me to, but I'm just that way. I was told to expect the draft to take about 2-1/2 hours... It actually took more than twice that. Five and a half hours for the 10 players that were present and 2 remote players to work our way through 17 rounds of fantasy fun. I was pretty impressed that all the teams looked like they could be contenders. Usually, with these things, there's at least one team that turns out to be a stinker. I ended up with the 12th and last draft position, which  made for a lot of waiting, but I think I did alright. This is a PPR league (points per reception) so there's a heavy emphasis on the

Random Thoughts Before Bed

I signed Tasha and myself up for the 1st Steps Class at Silver Bullet Firearms . It's a class that'll introduce us to the basics of pistol safety and shooting over a period of 3 hours and 40 rounds of ammunition. Tasha is a bit nervous about it, but I figure if I can do it so can she. And who knows, she may actually like it. The bad part is that the class size is limited to 4, and that means we're not scheduled to have our lesson until the 24th of September. Did I mention that Tasha got laid off on Friday? I don't think I did. The good news is that she got a position in another group, same company, that'll keep her there another three months. So far she likes this group better than her previous group, has more to do, and enjoys it more. Rumors already floating to her that they're trying to find her a permanent position... I told her not to get her hopes up because we've heard that before from these Amway folks. Anyway, no lapse in her paycheck so she's

Home At Last

Saturday morning I woke up late and had to rush to the airport. The plane, of course, was running behind schedule. When I arrived in Atlanta I was certain I'd missed my flight, but no, that plane was late as well. A classic case of hurry up and wait. When it was all said and done I was still home before noon. And glad to be there. Tasha and I went to lunch and did some shopping then we headed home. About an hour later I'd taken some cold medicine and was in bed. I felt a bit better Sunday. Tasha made breakfast and I ate it with gusto. We walked the dog and that was too much. Spent the rest of the day lazing around the house hopped up on cold medicine. I felt better this morning, but took a 12-hour pill just to be safe. It's worn off about now and my throat feels a bit scratchy, but I can live with it. More importantly, I can work with it. Today, I paid off a couple more old hospital bills. Kind of a birthday present to myself, not a good present, but one that I needed. Just

One Last Night in Tallahassee

Jose is here. I can now leave. Supa-cool. Plane leaves at 7:25am, so I’ll have to get out of the hotel about 6 o’clock in the morning and get up even earlier. Such a morning is blight on the face of heaven if ever there was one, but I’m going home.  I’ve seen Tallahassee and Albany and all the fields and plantations in between. I’ve seen the Apalachicola National Forest, though not much of it, just what you can see from the road. I’ve seen armadillos, lizards, Florida buzzards (turkey vultures), and one big-ass fly… it was dead on the window sill outside my room, but the thing was the size of my thumb. Yuck…, but I didn’t see any gators (alligators, that is; I saw plenty of the college type gators). I drove up the gulf coast and I stood in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I took a few pictures, but not enough. I explored a little, but not enough. I wouldn’t want to live here in Tallahassee, but it was good to experience it. I’m going home. I think I’m coming down with a cold. Wok

Travel Notification

Looks like it’s really going to happen; I’m going home. I pick up my replacement tomorrow at 1:10 pm. He’s coming in from Texas and rumor has it that he’s going to stay until the position is filled, which means I won’t be back. I’m okay with that. Vacations are fun (I think… it’s been a lot of years… can’t really remember) but living in a hotel is the pits. My plane leaves at 7:25 am, a crazy time of the morning given the early arrival time… I’m not accustom to being anywhere at 6:30 in the morning. But I’ll be home before noon. Can’t beat that. There’ll be a little bit of the weekend left to enjoy before heading back to work. I’m watching a show about houseboats in Tennessee on the Travel Channel. And while I don’t have any desire to live in that particular state, the idea that they have the largest houseboating market does kind of infer that there’d be bargains there and the idea of living on a houseboat does appeal to me. Or rather living on a boat appeals to me, a houseboat is not

Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

Thank you, to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Wasn’t the best or worst birthday I ever had, but not bad considering. Forty-one…. Yeesh… just 28 years until retirement, give or take one or two. Usually, I buy myself something. But this year I haven’t found anything I want. Or rather, I don’t want to buy myself anything and then have to put it on a plane to get it home J. Maybe when I get back home… I’ve got a few things in mind. Word on the street is that’ll be Saturday. I haven’t seen an airline reservation yet, so I’m not really convinced. Anyway, I thought I was going to have more to say tonight but I’m beat. I spent the second day in a row putting out fires in two states. Thanks again for the birthday wishes. Later.

A Better Offer, Damn

On Friday I talked to the fellow who was hired for this area, probably about 3:30pm. We decided it would be best for him to meet me here at the hotel at 8:30am and go from here. This morning he called me at 8:10am and wanted to let me know that he wasn’t going to take the position. A better offer came in. Okay… Thanks… Fuck! I know where this is heading. Chances of me being on that Wednesday morning flight back to Michigan just got a lot slimmer. I find it hard to believe that he got a job offer in the window I described above, but that’s neither here nor there. My issue is that I’m ready to go home and this makes that unlikely. I talked to my boss and let him know what was going on. He made noises about finding somebody to fill in for me. But as of this afternoon there have been no takers. He’s got a couple more guys to go, so says he. We’ll see how that all works out. I fully expect that I’ll be here through Sunday. And I expect that they’ll be asking me to stay another week. I do no

Do You Want A Little Company?

So I'm sitting in the hotel eating my Domino's Pizza when the phone rings. A pleasant enough female voice ask's which room this is. I tell her. She says that she got a call asking her to call my room. I tell her that it wasn't me and it wasn't anybody else because I've been here two weeks. She says, ok. Then asks me if maybe I want a little company. I decline politely and wish her a good night. I just got called by a whore. An actual whore, prostitute, call girl, hooker. I don't know how to feel about that. Does this kind of crazy shit happen to anyone else? Just thought I'd share. Later.

Yo Joe!

In my efforts to stay in the Tallahassee area so as to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s T-Mobile fiasco (I was at St. George Island when their AC went down.), I went to another movie this afternoon. This time around I saw G.I. Joe. This is not the G.I. Joe I grew up with. That Joe was the size of a Barbie and had fuzzy hair and beard and looked a lot more like the U.S.  Military soldiers than this Joe does. This Joe is based on the little Star Wars sized action figures that my kids had. A Joe that was far more technically advanced than my good old boys were. The movie was pretty much exactly what I would expect. It was a CGI spectacle. A rock ‘em, sock ‘em action fest. Damn near one big explosion with just a dash of story to make it all make sense. Not make it plausible mind you, just make it make sense. I can’t say that I was impressed. The CG was exactly what we’ve come to expect from this sort of movie, good in places, not so much in others.  I was entertained and I’d go see another

District Boring

I just got back from watching District 9… I was disappointed. I didn’t have any real expectations going in, just saw that it was getting better reviews than G.I. Joe and it looked interesting. So the aliens are bugs who live in a South African slum. The aliens were well done and the weapons made a big fancy mess out of the stuff they were fired upon. But I was bored by the film, annoyed by the camera work, and found nobody to sympathize with in the whole movie. And to top it off; it looks like they’re suiting up for a sequel. You can count me into the ‘don’t care’ crowd for that one. The reviews are comparing this film to Blade Runner and Alien. Two movies that are good, this one’s not. They’re saying it’s got vision, grit, and realism. But I found it boring, slow, and not at all compelling; a complete waste of my ten dollars. I should have gone to see G.I. Joe, at least that movie knows that it’s all about the popcorn and action and doesn’t try to be something that people don’t care a

Where You At, Ronn? Where You At

I’m in Tallahassee, FL, have been since the 2 nd and will be until either the 19 th or 20 th . I was in Columbus, GA from July 13 th to the 26 th . Both trips for work.  So I was home for 6-days, five of which were spent rushing around trying to get the month’s end work done. So I feel like I haven’t really been home for a month. It’s not a good feeling. I miss my place, my girlfriend, and my pets. Living in a hotel is the pits. I really thought that with these trips, and the relative isolation, I’d do more blogging and maybe even some writing. But that hasn’t happened. I feel very out of my space. In Georgia, the hotel internet was flakey and about as fast as a dial-up connection. Here in Florida I have a better connection, but I had none for the first week as I had the hotel and guest services working to get the internet working. I think it finally came up solidly on Saturday afternoon. But it’s not wireless and the chair I’m sitting in has a broken height adjustment and sits too