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Saturday in the Apartment

I think I've got everything working on the homepage blog, so might just as well start using it. That's where all the new stuff will be going, after this post that is. I removed the redirect from the index, so now if you type you'll end up at the new blog page. Change your bookmarks as is appropriate. I have mixed feelings about putting it there, but mostly that's a residue of the before-times when I had an actual web page with content and what not... now it's pretty much just a blog. So there is no real reason to keep that spot reserved. The WordPress theme on the new page is Clementine1, it's got a very industrial feel to it which reminds me of Black & Decker tools, so I guess it's apropos given what I do. Tasha headed out to the east side of the state to visit Karin for her birthday. I was going to go with her, but then we have the fiasco that is traveling with the dog. Where does the dog stay? Where do we stay? How much time

I Sense the Winds of Change a Comin'

Happy Birthday to Karin, the young lady is the ripe old age of 20 years old today. Damn, kids are getting so old... at least I'm staying young. Ha. Yesterday, I finished listening to J.R. Ward's Covet . It's the first book in her fallen angels series, but I've got to say, there was quite a dearth of fallen angels. It wasn't really what I was looking for, but then none of the angel stories ever are. I was happy that there wasn't a lot of religion in the story. Which makes me happy. It was good, but not what I expected and I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole premise of the series. I'll finish Malach at some point and then all will be right with angel fiction in the world. Or at least I'll think so. Today, I listened to A Werewolf's Guide To Life: A Guide To The Newly Bitten by Bob Powers and Ritch Duncan. It's written as a user's guide to lycanthrope and I thought it was pretty well done. I expected something a bit more tongue-in-cheek,

I'm All A Twitter

Not sure exactly why, but I set myself up an account on Twitter. You can follow me if you so choose. I'm RonnMcCarrick, but then aren't I always :) We went and saw Shutter Island this afternoon. It was a decent movie, though it seemed a bit long. But it's the kind of movie I don't generally go to see at the theater. There wasn't anything about it that made me say, you gotta see this one on the big screen. For me, I could have watched it at home on the telly and enjoyed it just as much. Theater movies should have lots of cool special effects that make you sit back in your seat and go wow, cool. This isn't one of those movies. This one is more a period-thriller, and for me that doesn't warrant the big screen and the theater ticket pricing. But Tasha wanted to see it and I wasn't a hundred percent sold on what I've seen of the Wolfman, so we went. It was a pretty good movie, good acting, good visuals, but neither of us really got what we wanted out of i

What If: For Women, By Men

So I'm looking at the mail today and I see that the new Self Magazine has arrived. And all I can say is, what the fuck. On the cover is a very attractive, 20-year old Hayden Panettiere. Is this what my 40-year old girlfriend is supposed to be trying to look like? Ridiculous. Beautiful girl, but really, this is why my lady does protest so at my desire to see her naked. The expectation that real women will look like this is just stupid. The cover is chock full of blurbs about weight loss, because with a little bit of work, you too can look like this gorgeous 20-year old who has her own personal trainer. Not. And I was unaware, but there is a new sex trend. Is it bedroom bliss or a bad idea? Whatever, it's swinging, and they dedicate a nice, long article to it. But I'm betting I don't get none of that action ;) . I could go on, but I won't, instead I'll share these with you. I found these mock ups of women's magazines done from the perspective of what if these

I'm In The Money

Michigan tax refund has arrived, it ain't much, but it's here and that means the Federal refund can't be far behind. Only took 9-days, electronic filing and direct deposit are both good things. And it's payday. Gotta love that. Rascal is doing better, still lots of swelling and he's still sore despite the medicine. I think he's actually more distressed about taking the medicine every 8-hours than he is about the tail. Funny thing is that after we give him the medicine he foams at the mouth for 5-minutes. I tried to get a picture, but he ran off and drooled under the bed.

Just Call Him Crooktail

Rascal, one of our two cats, broke his tail today while we were at work. I figure it happened one of two ways, either he didn't make the jump up onto the kitchen countertop and landed on it, or the dog got a little too physical while they were playing (they do that, it's quite amusing watching them chase each other around). I came home, hopped on the computer and started checking email. The cat jumped up on the desk, as he always does, and sat right in front of the monitor. I picked him up to put him back on the floor and he howled like I was killing him. It was quite startling. As he was scampering away I noticed that his tail was down and not moving around nearly as much as usual. I tried to get a look at it, but every time my hands got close to the base of his tail, he'd twist away. I knew something was up. I watched him a bit more and the more I watched the more obvious it was that there was a problem. So when Tasha came home we bundled him into the cat carrier and took

Happy Birthday Guys

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on this same date... February 12, 1809... they were not twins. In fact, as near as I can tell, they had entirely different parents.  They were, however, both Aquarius's ( is that right, cause it looks so wrong! ).  Also, they were born in completely separate countries, thousands of miles away from each other. Which would be quite a feat for any mother in the early 1800's. Both men were Caucasian and both spoke fluent English... coincidence?  I'm just saying. Both men were ruled by the beautiful energies of the planets Uranus and Jupiter. Because of the combined energies of these two planets combined with the subharmonics of the Sun and Moon indicate both men were infused with  practical and intuitive energies which nicely blended to make them interested in the greater welfare of Mankind as a whole. Their optimism shone and lifted up other people and the generosity was the true mark of their nature. While one was a president and t

A Long Time Gone

Thanksgiving was my last real post (the Christmas picture doesn't count) and a lot has happened in the intervening time. Tasha and I drove to Florida and back, saw and spent some time with the parents and grandparents and didn't have any drama until we were headed home. I decided to give Forza Motorsport 3 a chance on my Xbox 360 and I have found that it is very good We celebrated Christmas at Tasha's Sisters My dad was diagnosed with small cell cancer The DROID died and was replaced with a refurbished unit despite being only 35-days old. We spent New Year's Eve with Dawn and Mark Tasha's contract at work went from short-term to long-term and then went to shit...  I hate that place Tasha celebrated one of the big birthdays The laptop died, went to HP, and came back none the worse for wear... though I'm annoyed that 8-months in I should have to go through that. I won the Super Bowl in our 1st and Ten Franchise (Madden 10), and then Jay and Kev