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Blog Stays at /log

Remember when I said I was going to move the blog under the main page, I lied. Or rather, I changed my mind. I'm going to leave it right where it's at /log. I mean, it's a blog, it should be off on the side and the main page should be something flashy and cool. Now I just need to come up with something flashy and cool. Maybe I'll even put up some more pages. I'm a big fan of the way my posts get imported into Facebook with that giant RSS feed logo or my PSN card. Makes every update doubly annoying. Gotta figure out how that works/why it's happening and make it stop. And I didn't really do anything, but the twitter posts are getting imported once again. My brother picked up a PS3, and unlike when he had a Xbox he's online with it. I'm thinking I'll be getting my football on... nope, not gonna happen. He doesn't want to buy Madden 10, he's going to wait for Madden 11 to come out next August. That'll work nicely for me, in that Kevin and