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My Problems Are My Own

A Clear Conscience

I Know the Key to Failure

Internet Access

I cancelled my AT&T U-Verse today. Haven't set up a new provider yet. They're going to shut it off at some point. Not sure when... But when they do, I'll be available on the phone, but not from home network. Just a heads up.

Life is Magic

Truckcast #38: Rockstar Dog Wrangler

He's a superstar, herding dog wonder-kin, gigolo hobo. And I don't mean me... Rockstar Dog Wrangler   Rockstar Dog Wrangler Don't forget to check out Diamond Dave at his website, it's interesting in an annoying sort of way,  David Lee Roth . Or just read about him here .

Self Promotion

Unexpected Neighbor

So I've mentioned that the neighbor behind me has their house up for sale. I thought it was sold. They moved out a few weeks ago. But the 'pending sale' sign was taken down and I see the house back on . So I expect to see more potential buyers looking at the property. I just hope this guy doesn't buy the place. Big back yard. Checking out the shed. Checking out the pool. Have never seen a turkey in the subdivision before. But there it is. Kinda cool.

X = Happiness

What I Say

Checking My Day Planner

I Like Who We Are

Love and Risk

Memorial to My Daughter

Karin Elizabeth Bieszke February 24, 1990 – April 8, 2013 It is hard to say goodbye to someone so young and so full of possibility. I had the privilege of knowing and loving Karin for a lot of years. My step-daughter, she will always be that smiling 8-year old girl to me. She was a warm and loving young woman with an amazing spirit and a fierce streak of independence. I have no words to describe my deep feelings, now that she’s left this world. I have no words – and yet at the same time, I have only words. And those words feel woefully inadequate at a time like this. Karin was strong and independent, opinionated and full of life. She was true to herself at every age and every period of her life. She defined herself in not allowing others to define her. Her smile and her dreams were so big, but neither was as big or as genuine as her heart. It hurts to know that so many things will have to remain in the world of the “could have been.” Karin I admired you for your independence and for yo

Try Again

Some Much Needed Punctuation

And It's Only Saturday

I think this picture says it all. I'm feeling a little used up.   And I've still got to make it through to Sunday Afternoon. Looks like a good weekend.

No Truckcast Today

Sorry folks. I hate to disappoint, but... There is no Truckcast today because I made no Truckcast for you. Too much work to do, too little time to do it. (btw, not my truck. Just a visual of the wreck that is this Truckcast.)

End of the Truckcast

We had a good run. I felt like I was hitting my stride and had some ideas for future recordings.  BUT... a couple issues have come up that are forcing me to shut down the Truckcast. A trio of lawsuits are being brought against myself,, and the Truckcast concerning copyright and trademark infringement,  violation of my user agreement (who reads those things... me, from now on), and a defamation of character/liable. Due to the nature of the complaints and the pending legal action I can not talk about it. But I just wanted to say thak you to everyone who listened before the site goes quiet and dark. Thank you and Peace Out --Ronn McCarrick