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Who Are You? Who, Who, Who, Who? So Who the Fuck are You?

Me and my dad and Terry Pratchett in Florida in 1969  

Wouldn't it be Cool to Liveaboard

Me, Again

Website Logos? Maybe?

One for And here is one for the site. What say you?

Truckcast #57: Nothing to Drink

Happy Friday to everyone. As my special gift to you, I give you a Truckcast... Nothing to Drink [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: Nothing to Drink mp3 -- duration: 30:40

Truckcast #56: No Power Here

I say, "Power to the People. Power to the people, bitches." And then I recorded a Truckcast... Check it here... No Power Here [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: No Power Here mp3 -- duration: 28:20

Behavioral Issues

Truckcast #55: I Didn't Kill the Boy

One more rant about the kids, or at least that's part of it... I Didn't Kill the Boy [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: I Didn't Kill the Boy mp3 -- duration: 30:21

Truckcast #54: Someone Needs an Ass Beating

Woke up this morning to a house in shambles... Someone Needs an Ass Beating [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: Someone Needs an Ass Beating mp3 -- duration: 32:46

Truckcast #53: Pardon My Cough

So I've been sick. Throat seemed like it was better, then it wasn't. Just listen... Pardon My Cough [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: Pardon My Cough mp3 -- duration: 20:30

The Folly of Youth

  I hope for that kids sake I'm looking at something created with Photoshop, but kids do dumb things. They gauge their ears and pierce up their bodies with holes that'll never heal up. They get tattoos that they'll regret in 10-years. And they say, it shouldn't matter to the rest of the world because it's their body. They make decisions that don't make any sense. And they say things that make me shake my head with wonder. These are the reasons that they're not allowed to make real decisions until they're 18. This is why you as a parent still have a role to play. I'm convinced that kids are mostly retarded until they're twenty-five and they won't even realize it until they're at least thirty. So I give you this take on things...

Summer Cold

I've had a summer cold for nearly two weeks. I haven't missed any work, but it's left me pretty drained at the end of the day. The sore throat has kept me from recording any Truckcasts, but I'll get back on the air as soon as I can. Just didn't want you all to think I'd forgotten you. Let me back fill the last ten or so days for you as a consolation prize. Be back soon.

I'll Be Back Soon

Sniffle. Cough. Spit.

Outlook: Good

Get Moving

Sold: One Motorcycle

I bought it new in September of 2006. It was perfect. Exactly what I wanted. But the vibration bothered my carpal tunnel. I couldn't bring myself to ride without a jacket and jeans, and our summers have come on so fast and been so hot there wasn't much joy in that. And when I was without a garage, it just never seemed convenient to get it out for a quick ride. And even now that I have a garage, it was parked at the back of the garage against the wall. As a result, less than 3,500 miles on the odometer as we loaded it up into the back of the pick-up truck to ride off to Chicago. I don't regret it, even though I didn't use it much. It hurts to get rid of it, but I haven't done more than ride it up to the wash or gas station in the last three years. Feels like giving up a part of myself, but I can't honestly say that I'll buy another. But, I will miss seeing it in the garage. Triumph America The guy that bought it seemed like he'd appreciate it, and use it

Happy Father's Day

To all the fathers out there, I say to you, Happy Father's Day. Today we shall have a celebration honoring all fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It shall be a good thing and all your offspring shall regale you with their appreciation. Or at least they should... Make the call. Say the words. We don't expect much more than you let us alone to do our thing today. Thank you. Love, Dad.  

Off to See MINE

It's Flag Day

Every Project Requires III Trips to the Hardware Store

But as I do not want to be discouraging, let me offer you a tip to make some of your projects easier. When you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use it as a template. It's easy. It's brilliant. And most scanners have a photocopy option. Your welcome.

Damn! I've Been a Father for 23-years

And they’re both still around. That’s love. Happy Birthday, Tyler.

Truckcast #52: A Love Story

So, I got engaged this weekend and you've got questions. Well, here at the Truckcast we answer those questions. Maybe, I answer your questions. Well, sorta. I answer some questions. Possibly yours. Just listen... A Love Story [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: A Love Story mp3 -- duration: 28:42

This is not Rocket Science, People

It's Sunday, Why the Hell Not

Two Monkey's Kissing. [caption id="attachment_379" align="aligncenter" width="356"] Monkey Lovin'[/caption]

She Said, Yes

I had a little sit down chat with Camden tonight. Just needed to make sure that he was good with my plan to marry his mom. The older two boys are both adults, so they don't get a say; but he's going to have to live with us and I thought he should get to speak his peace. He was kinda quiet about the whole thing, so I was a little unsure about his opinion. But we went to dinner; I took Heidi and Cam to the Lion's Den, and afterwards he followed me into the restroom and gave me his permission/blessing. I hate to think what might have happened if dinner was bad. Once we got back to the apartment I got down on one knee and said some words and presented Heidi with this token of my love: She said, yes. But you probably figured that out from the picture. I'm very happy. She seems very happy. Camden seems a little giddy, and I think that's good. Here's to second chances and the power of love. Peace. Out!

Truckcast #51: The Boring One

This time with extra rambling and awkward silences... The Boring One [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: The Boring One mp3 -- duration: 26:15

Truckcast #50: Speaking of Gout Demons

Fifty?! Really?! Can you believe there have been fifty of these rambling, nonsensical recordings? I can't. Seems like I should have done something special for number fifty, but I didn't even realize it was the fiftieth until I started putting this post together. So rather than special, you get more of the same. Enjoy... Speaking of Gout Demons [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: Speaking of Gout Demons mp3 -- duration: 29:29

Truckcast #49: Trying to Get Back on the Horse

I've been here all along, but you haven't heard my voice in a long while. Let's see if I can't remedy that... Trying to Get Back on the Horse [esplayer url="" width="400" height="50"] The Truckcast: Trying to Get Back on the Horse mp3 -- duration: 30:31

Corvettes, P.I.'s, and ADnD

A very long time ago, I was inspired by Magnum P.I. to come up with my own private detective. But I couldn't just have a guy with a Ferrari who lived in Hawaii... that'd be a blatant rip off. So I came up with a guy with a... I think that's a Honda NSX, but it's not a good drawing, who lived in south Florida. I called him Jed Fire P.I. and I drew this. It's very hard to read, but I think it's dated 4/91. Fast forward twenty-two years and just for fun I decided to make some covers for the Jed Fire books that never were and will probably never be. In 1991, I was all about Dungeons & Dragons and I've always had a fondness for the corvette. So I decided to have some fun with both. I present to you the Jed Fire, P.I. series of book covers.   Presented, in no particular order, for your enjoyment and my amusement.  

Typical Big Brother

  Time passes and things change, but brothers is brothers. Happy Birthday to mine.

The Lavender Blade Trilogy

So I had this cover saved as a .jpg file and tucked comfortably in amongst the plethora of images and writing stuff taking up space on my computer. You've already seen this. But the other two that completed the trilogy were missing. Or rather, they're saved as Corel Paintshop files (.cpt) and I no longer have a working copy of that particular software suite. So I used another program to try to recreate the missing two covers. But the coloring wasn't right and I decided to just redo all three for the sake of consistency. The color still seems wrong to me. To my eye it's to vibrant and not quite the lavender I was working for. But it took me way to long to get this and I'm not happy with any of the other colors I was getting. I did some searching on Google for the image I used, beowulf_sword.jpg , but I can't find it. And I certainly have gathered far to many images to remember where I came by any particular one. Not sure who did it, but it sure is pretty. And if

Four More Unfulfilled Novel Ideas

Here are four more novels you won't find anywhere but here. Okay, truth be told they're not actually novels; they're novel covers. But I can tell you what they're about. Night Errand is a cyberpunk sci-fi story about a guy who decides to go to war against the gangs in the city, all of them. And to take on the corporate overlords that direct those gangs. See, you don't just kill a man's family and expect that he'll just walk away. In The Courts of Black & White is a weird mix of fantasy and science fiction, it's like space opera meets the three musketeers and get's blended with the Final Fantasy games. Like I said weird, or let's say eclectic. Don't have much of that written except a sword fight on top of a train. Did I mention it's a political thriller? Yeah, it's convoluted, but it should be good when it's done. Muse , that's just a cover I came up with. Probably it'd be some sort of steamy thriller. The other, A Se