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Truckcast #78: Dogs and Cats and Critters

Lets talk about pets, baby. Lets talk about cats and dogs. Lets talk about critters and... you get the idea. Here's the truckcast... [powerpress]

Truckcast #77: News and Notes

Here's a little something new. Let's talk about the news. Or rather, I'll talk about the news, you listen... [powerpress]

Truckcast #76: Madden Impressions

Picked up my copy of the new Madden NFL game yesterday, here are my impressions of what I've seen so far... [powerpress]

Truckcast #75: Wedding Summary Edition

Back from vacation, but still crazy busy... updates may be sporadic for a while yet. But with that said, here's the wedding summarized as only a Truckcast can.... [powerpress]

I'm Very Happy

Buyer Beware

The Years, They Go So Fast

Love, Marriage, Wedding

Today, vows were said. Tears were shed. Witnesses were sworn. Papers were signed. Pictures were taken. And a nice meal was shared. But mostly.... Today, a family was created.    

Elmore Leonard Has Left The Building

Happy Birthday To Me

TODAY I AM YEARS  OLD Today, I start the second third of my life. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Peace out.

Gotta Make the Basements

It Always Comes Back Around


Truckcast #74: Less Quiet Than I Expected

What the hell happened to my New and Improved Truckcast? Seems like my mic stopped noise canceling... Grrr... [powerpress]