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Doing It Is

Two Cents Worth

Truckcast #104: Adventures in Primers

Which primer should I buy? Not this one. This one is very bad. Also, I'll tell you about my breaker panel replacement and a book I just plain couldn't read. It'll all in the latest, greatest Truckcast... [powerpress]

Science vs Pseudoscience

Let's take a look at the difference between real science and pseudoscience. This will help you in countless ways. Trust me. SCIENCE Willingness to change with new evidence Ruthless peer review Takes account of all new discoveries Invites criticism Verifiable results Limits claims of usefulness Accurate measurement PSEUDOSCIENCE Fixed ideas No peer review Selects only favourable discoveries Sees criticism as conspiracy Non-repeatable results Claims of widespread usefulness "Ball-park" measurement Watch out for pseudoscience. It's bullshit.

Power Restored

Consumers Energy came out this morning and pulled the electric meter for the house. I then swapped out my breaker panel, with only one small issue. I had to replace the leads from the meter to the new panel, because the old ones just weren't long enough. But, that all worked out fine. Power has been restored. We're all good here. How are you?

Quotable Chuck Wendig

“Read your work out loud. Don’t give me that look. Read your work aloud. Don’t argue. Don’t fight. It will help. I promise. I promise. I guarantee it. If you find it didn’t help you, lemme know. I will let you Taser me in the face. And by “me,” I mean, some other guy who will be my stand-in. Probably some real estate agent or tollbooth attendant.” —Chuck Wendig

Truckcast #103: Let's Try This Again

This one isn't going to work. That one doesn't exist. These tests are not working out. Perhaps our app has gone bad. Here, let's try this one. And so the Truckcast returned to the airwaves. Check it out... [powerpress]

An Emotional Chart

Here's a good one for you. I don't remember where I found this, but I have a copy of it printed out and pinned to my cork board as a quick reference. What with me being so good with emotions and all :)

Things Are Bad, Really Bad

Quotable Laura Kasischke

"Writing is really just a matter of writing a lot, writing consistently and having faith that you’ll continue to get better and better. Sometimes, people think that if they don’t display great talent and have some success right away, they won’t succeed. But writing is about struggling through and learning and finding out what it is about writing itself that you really love." --Laura Kasischke

Be Happy

ASR Recorder Isn't

So I have been using ASR Sound & Voice Recorder an app by NLL since very early in the Truckcast. I have been very happy with it up until this point. Now, I'm not happy with it at all. You can probably guess what's coming next. Yep, another no data Truckcast. So now I've lost an hour of wisdom and entertainment to the ether. This is not a happy thing. I did some testing and can say that it does not matter what format I record in, whether I use the headset or the phone mic, or what configuration I have the settings in... I get nothing. A great big zero. Looks like I need to find a new recording studio app. Sorry, ASR, you've done pissed me off and lost me as a user/customer.

Major Malfunction on Today's Truckcast

So I recorded a Truckcast yesterday, chronicling the exploits of your host during his 16-day vacation. But when I went to grab it for editing and posting. The file size is a whopping 0 B. So something went wrong somewhere in the process and we've lost about 35-minutes of audio gold. My apologies. I will record you something new.

Vacation Wrap-Up

So after taking 16 days away from my day job to relax and enjoy some vacation, what do I have to show for it; other than a sore back. Basement Bedroom 1: Drywall finished, primed, and even painted. We've decided we don't like the beige, reminds us too much of country living. All it needs is geese in bonnets. Basement Bedroom 2: Finished the drywall and got the primer up, though, this Behr primer sucks ass, I'm just saying. It'll need a second coat of primer, and if the halls were any indication, maybe a third. You'll be hearing about this on the Truckcast.     Basement Bedroom 3: Almost finished. Painted and trimmed and even the blinds are hung. Hell, I've even moved stuff back into that room to make room for other work. I thought I had better pictures of it than these. But, not too shabby. Now, when I started this vacation, I did tell the wife and anyone else that would listen that my goal was to get the three bedrooms and the upstairs half-bath primed.

Intestinal Fortitude

Closing in On the End

The end of vacation, not the end of the basement project. The neighbor started his moving sale today, I scored a spreader, two bags of seed, and a bag of fertilizer, separated him from six nearly new aluminum patio chairs and an umbrella,  and scored all his extra paint for $122, I feel I'm getting the best of the deal. As an added bonus, I moved my basement furniture and my folding picnic table out to the garage and threw up a 'For Sale' sign, hopefully, we'll score some of that Moving Sale traffic. Here are some more pictures of what's going on down stairs. Today was full of mud and sand and mud and sand and some paint, so the pictures lack a little piazza. But here's how  things look as of 9 pm, when I stopped to eat dinner.   And we're getting some color in BB-1, thanks to my own resident Picasso, Lady Ronn. Now that I've eaten, I'm going to take some Advil, then a shower, and finally hope that sleep will not elude me tonight. Later.

Are You Dabbling?


Friday in the Basement

Today's vacation update, just so you don't think I'm slacking. I added an outlet to basement bedroom 3. Set up the bed frame and moved the King and Queen mattresses out of BB3 and into BB2 Rewired the GFCI outlet in the basement bathroom so that it is on its own 20 amp circuit. Finish sanded the hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom. Hung the door in the laundry room. Hung drywall outside laundry room and hall to basement bedroom 1, then taped and mudded both walls. Second coated the walls in BB2. Hung the blinds in BB3 and repaired the dresser drawers and added the pulls. Back-filled a few posts this morning for the website. Oh, and I Cleaned up the basement so the dog would have less debris to chew on. That was my day in a nutshell. No pictures right now, maybe in the morning. I'm out. Later.

VU: Busy Day at the Shop

Vacation Update: Busy Day at the Shop I put the outlets and trim plates in basement bedroom 3. Added a smoke detector and did a few other finishing touches, but I'll give you pictures of that when the blinds are up, so you get the full, finished, effect. And here's some updated shots of the today's work on the new doors and drywall, including my 'decorative' wall that I think will make a cool point of interest when it's done. The green and purple and grey drywall make for a very patchwork look to the whole place.          So what did you do today?

I Take The Prize

Well, Dennis, had the truck reserved but the counter guy screwed up and didn't realize that until I'd already paid and so I took the truck. Dennis can wait 45 minutes. I saw Dennis giving them hell as I was getting my stuff. Screw, Dennis, and his taking the truck all day. I've got $900 worth of shit I need to get home. I had the truck back by 8:30 am.  

Super Awesome

Another Super Bowl Defeat

I played an awful game of Madden tonight, which is too bad, given that it was the Super Bowl. I threw five, FIVE, interceptions and lost the game after holding onto a two score lead for most of the second half. 45-42, Chiefs over the Lions. Third ring for my brother. No video.

Still Nothing

Went back to Home Depot. Still no truck, I guess 'all-day' means really does mean all day. I'll try again in the morning. Maybe I can beat this guy to it, whoever he is. I mean I need the thing for like 45 minutes tops. Ah well, this did give me another opportunity to spend money on remodeling supplies. More stuff in my cart and I'm going home.

Sorry, No Truck Here

Went to Home Depot and picked up more drywall and a handful of doors, then went to rent their truck and was told it was rented, even though I could see it sitting there in front of the rental center. Could not get any kind of straight answer about when it would be available. "Is gone all day." So I put my stuff in 'will call' and I'll try later tonight, not sure what constitutes all-day for whoever has it.

Nice Hat

Vacation Update: BBDRM-1

Grabbed the primer and went to town on basement bedroom one. I don't think it looks half bad. Sure, there are places where the drywall looks like it was done by an amateur, but then it was. And maybe the closet looks a little rough in places, but it's inside a closet. And sure the corner with the circuit panel is unfinished, but I'm replacing that, sometime soon, I hope. Overall, I'm happy with the result. No ceiling until I make some changes to the gas line and finish the electrical. Carpet will wait until all the drywall is done in the basement, then we'll carpet the whole basement all at once. But paint, paint is next. Followed by a door and some trim. That's the update and I'm off to Home Depot.

Quotable Chuck Wendig

"You've got all these characters and yet, you’re hovering over one character like a fly over a stinky diaper. Realize that you’ve got a kickass superpower: you can possess and take-over anybody inside the story. With the power of Point-of-View, you can drag us along for the ride. You can shove us into their eyes, their minds, you can force us to piggyback on their experiences past and present. Sometimes untangling a knotted-up tale means looking at it from different eyes: what better eyes than those of the other characters inside the story?" --Chuck Wendig

Fun With Games

Advice for the Workplace

While I am away visiting my grandmother on the other side of the state, here are thirteen pieces of advice compiled by Emmie Martin over at Business Insider  and re-posted here, because, what the hell. "In a new job, accept those first few invitations to lunch or happy hour. If you decline them, for whatever reason, they will stop, and you may find yourself an inadvertent outsider." —Laura Cooke "Don't look too busy. I've seen smart and dedicated employees fail to get promoted, because they have taken on too much, working too hard, and appeared too frazzled. If you appear stressed, people will think you aren't prepared to take on more, and you'll miss opportunities for new and innovative projects." —Mira Zaslove "Never, ever cook fish in the office microwave." —Ryan Harvey "As you move up, your future success depends on doing unassigned work and responsibilities. Anyone who made it past the hiring process can do the assigned job at th

On Your Feet

Watch Your Mouth