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1st Anniversary

Lady Ronn and I are celebrating our first anniversary today.   It's been a year since we were wed. A good year. I am happy, I am loved, and I love in return... It's good to be the king. Here's to another 100 years.

Quotable John McNally

“If you’re spending more time talking about writing than actually writing, you may want to reassess your priorities. I’ve seen this happen in writers’ groups, in coffeehouses, in MFA programs, in bars, on Facebook: writers who haven’t yet published anything, or who haven’t published much, talking or twittering about their “writing.” Sometimes, these people are talking or twittering about their writer’s block. Maybe it’s therapeutic to spend so much time talking about it, but I suspect it’s the opposite. I suspect it drives the supposed muse away. Take the time that you’d normally be talking about writing and write. Even if what you’re writing is crap, it’ll be more worth your while than talking about writing, because I believe you can write your way out of crappy writing, but it’s unlikely you’re going to talk your way into good writing.” —John McNally

It's Plausable

Quotable Miranda July

“The idea that you might end up in a job that doesn't allow you to be who you are, over the course of a lifetime, is still one of the most chilling nightmares to me. It’s a good metaphor for fears I have about losing my soul in some accidental, mundane way. So, to me, these jobs that my characters have are very loaded. They immediately suggest a complex character to me, a woman who is, say, a secretary, but also a vigilante on behalf of her own soul.” —Miranda July

A Little Effort Here, People

Quotable Scott Westerfeld

“Well, too often us writers have in our head some “perfect sphere” like, “My character is a lawyer.” But then we need this character to say something lawyerly, and suddenly we have to ask ourselves, what kind of lawyer? A trial lawyer? Does she do conveyancing? Bankruptcy? Intellectual property? Taxes? Human rights? There are about 3,000 kinds of lawyers. (Fun fact: there are also 3,000 varieties of pears. That’s right. Even PEARS are more complicated than you thought!) And even though the kind of lawyer may not be essential to the plot, if we simply blow past this moment without a decision and a little bit of research, the world of our novel will start to feel flat, less interesting than the real world.” —Scott Westerfeld

Sporadic Postings

I know things have been a little spartan around here lately, for that I apologize. I've been in full on DIY / remodel mode and everything else has kinda been left to slip. Hell, I had a Truckcast recorded for Thursday, and I forgot to / neglected to put it up. It'll go up on Tuesday. While things may be a little stale here at, things around the ol' homestead are coming along nicely. I've finished one bedroom and have both the other two painted and trimmed. A few finishing touches for BB2 are in the works and then, quite shortly afterward, BB1 will be done. So my neglect of the internet is at the gain of my family and home. I guess that's a fair trade.

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