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Cat is Annoyed


Why You?

Champions Online, Again

Maybe I'm bored or maybe I'm just trying to keep myself from writing, whatever the case, I'm dipping my toes into Champions Online, again. Signed up for three months and spent the day making heroes. rmccarrick and a small legion of heroes vs. crime, bring it on!  

Quotable A.J. Jacobs

"I'm not a fan of 'write what you know.' If you don't know, find out. I knew nothing about the Bible before I started writing 'The Year of Living Biblically.' That was kind of the point -- to learn." --A.J. Jacobs

Hard Times


Quotable Stephen King

"I just write about what I feel I want to write about. I'm like a kid. I get an idea, and it's like a kid's toy that you push and tug around the room. It's fun, it's bright, it's pretty and maybe it'll go clack-clack or whiz-whiz, whatever it happens to do. I like to make believe." --Stephen King

You Know What

Roll the Dice

Cat Is Not Amused

Moving Things Around A Bit

So the three musketeers need to have a display made for them, but this will do for now. I mean, it even says Paris all over it. And the reason they moved is because I got these sweet vinyl banks modeled on the 1966 Batman TV show to go along with my Batmobile... only they didn't fit where I thought they'd go... so lets move somethings around a bit.        Looks to me like I need to pick up  a Batman logo to put up in there now. It needs something. Anyway, just wanted to share my new toys. Later.

Influence and Inspiration

I've been filling my office space with things. Things that are cool. Things that I like. Things that I've bought. And things that I've made. I've made some furniture to put these things on and I've made some inspirational stuff to get me writing. This latest thing is one of the later. I gathered some pictures of authors that have been particularly influential on me and on my writing. I scoured the internet looking for images. Once I found the ones I liked, I sent them to my local pharmacy to be turned into 4x6 photographs. It was easy and cheap. I picked up a frame on amazon which was easy, but not quite as cheap. Then I framed those influences and hung them above the closet door in my office as a reminder to myself that this can be done and why I think I want to do this whole writing thing. I started with a pretty long list of authors, but pretty quickly decided to narrow it down to the dead ones. Being dead gives a writer more 'gravitas' and it made the li

Two Things...

Oh, So Simple

2015 A Year of Writing

This year I'm going to participate in a little thing called " The 365K in 365 Days Challenge ". A thousand words a day, every day. If I'm successful, and I have no plans to not be, I will have written four novels this year. Starting with finishing the draft of Starship Adventure. Which will be done this month. After that, I have a plan, but you'll have to wait to hear about it. Wish me luck, I'll put a meter in the sidebar so that you can keep track of how I'm doing.

2015 Begins

Welcome to 2015. I hope your New Year Celebration was amazing. First things first. Christmas has brought with it a new desk guardian and writing mascot, I'm calling him Fergusson. Yes, I know, Fergusson (from "Do Shadows Drink Beer" fame), was a giant bipedal rat. What can I say, it was the name that sprung to mind when I thought to name him. He doesn't seem to mind. I stuck the magic eight ball in there so you get the scale of this thing. Is very large. He's probably bigger than a D&D pseudodragon, he's bigger than my cats, and he's twice the size of the dragon candle that my sister bought me so many years ago that inspired his arrival on my desk. You can get your own at , if you're so inclined. I found this one at Sleeping Tiger Imports. And we're moving on... Time for all my new treasures later... Let's talk about writing. Today is the first page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. After having such a wildly successful Nati