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Quotable Lee Wyndham

"Don’t have conversations taking place in empty space. Weave in background details of where the action (dialogue is a form of “action”) is taking place. Don’t have invisible people talking, either. Let the reader see them as they speak – their facial expressions and gestures. And by all means “cue” the speeches to the speakers." --Lee Wyndham

Quotable Stephen King

"Language does not always have to wear a tie and lace-up shoes. The object of fiction isn't grammatical correctness but to make the reader welcome and then tell a story; to make them forget, whenever possible, that they are reading a story at all." --Stephen King

Quotable Monica Wood

"A well-chosen complication should give you choices. Juggling choices for your characters is what makes writing fun, after all. If you discover that you’re struggling more than you ought to with a draft, perhaps you’ve run out of interesting choices, or have given yourself too few choices to begin with. Go back to the complication, fatten it up, and start over." --Monica Wood

Oh Lucky Day

Quotable Ursula K. Le Guin

"I have never heard a dancer asking for advice about how to stay focused on her footwork, or a painter complaining about the dull day-to-day task of painting. What task worth doing isn't worth daily effort?" --Ursula K. Le Guin

Religion & Morals

Things I Did

Today, I did a couple of things. I started this morning with a cup of coffee and Corel PaintShop Pro X5, and created the "Tabletop Map" for the DnD 5e campaign I'm trying to get off the ground. The idea is, that it's a map carved into the top of a table at the local tavern, I don't think it's great, but I'm not unhappy with the way it turned out. Then once the house was awake and moving about I started working in the basement. I'm going to be doing this in smaller steps than usual, due to budgetary constraints, but I cleared the 'living room' side of the basement and put down the rigid foam board that will be underneath the plywood. We've decided to get this project done next. I had to pull the utility room door out, going to flip it around so that it opens inward, and I think I just might get lucky with that shower and not have to cut up my new wall to get it into the bathroom. I'm off to eat nacho's and play Formula D with the fa

Say What?

School Conferences

The joy. Such joy. Tonight, was parent teacher conferences. The kid is doing well enough that I'm now convinced that holding him to the grind wheel is definitely the way to go. But of course there had to be an incident before we left, there is always an incident. Such is the joy of having a 15-year-old.

A Detroit Legacy

At the recent City Center memorial event remembering the anniversary of the Battle of Detroit, ABS 8 News reporter, Julie Morgan, was able to get a few words from two of the cities heroes with a personal connection to the 1992 disaster. Julie. //cut to Julie Morgan Downtown// Julie Morgan: That’s right, Rob. I’m here with two of Millennium Cities hometown heroes, Paragon and Vanguard. Paragon: Hi Julie. Vanguard: Glad to be here. Julie Morgan: I’ve heard that you two guys are brothers. Any truth to that? Paragon: That’s right. You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but the big fella is my little brother. Vanguard: Not anymore, I’m not, that’s your role now. Julie Morgan: And you have one other link to the city that people might not be aware of, a rather famous father. Paragon: That too is true. Our father was Starbolt back in the day. *Vanguard nods* Julie Morgan: Starbolt, was one of the cities heroes back in the late 80s and early 90s. And sadly he was one of the casualties in


It's that time again. No, not spring, not yet, though it will be spring by the time this happens. I'm talking about the Kent District Library Writers Conference , which is April 18th. I went last year and it was interesting. I was pretty much just a wallflower, didn't participate in the conversation, but I think I will make a greater attempt to hook up with some other writers, maybe find a writers group, something of that nature. Not because I need the admiration and appreciation of others for this pursuit, but because it's always nice to talk shop with someone and I don't have that now. So... I'm registered and that's a thing that I'm going to be doing.

2-Days Sick

Well, I went back to work today after taking off sick Thursday and Friday. Of course, while I was out cold, doing my whole sleep 'til I'm well thing, everything when to hell. And I was oblivious to it all happening, everyone calling me, and it was blissful. Going back to work today was, well, busy. Tomorrow will be busy. It is what it is.

Let's Make A Wiki

Anybody know anything about DokuWiki? I certainly don't. But I've put one up anyway. I've had some ideas about how I might use one as a creative tool, based on the very limited experience that I've had over at Obsidian Portal with my Warlock's Cauldron wiki. So as with everything that catches my fancy of late, say the last forty years or so, I'm jumping right into it,  knowing full well that within a week I'll have moved onto something else.... ah, so predictable.

Glory Days