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Every time WordPress puts out an update it resets the border around my header ... so frustrating ... I'll fix it tomorrow. I need sleep.

Roleplaying & Writing

Today, I wrote over 3,000 words of fiction based on gaming. No, not Champions Online, I cancelled that subscription last Wednesday, the thrill has slipped away once again. What I'm talking about is Dungeons & Dragons. I hadn't played or run a game in 10 years or more, before yesterday, that is. And today I wrote up a fictionalized recap of the groups adventures, 3000 words worth. The funny thing is that I gave up gaming to concentrate on writing. And then I stopped doing both... Well, it's funny to me in an ironic sort of way. I'm going to polish it a bit and then I'll throw it up here for anyone who might be interested. Or if you'd rather, you can always check out what's going on in that game at the Obsidian Portal, Warlock's Cauldron page. And I've added a link to to the campaign in the Games / Roleplaying section at the top of the page.

D&D 5e

I ran my first session of Dungeons & Dragons today in easily 10 years. I think it went pretty well and using Google Hangouts wasn't really all that different from sitting around the table back in the day. I hope Kevin, Joel, and Denis all enjoyed themselves. I had fun, we got a lot done, and nobody died. I call that a good game.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Writers Conference Wrap-Up

I walked in 10-minutes late to the Fourth Annual KDL Writers Confrence this morning. The wife was working and had our car with her, leaving me to wrangle a ride to the event. So I missed any introduction/welcome that may have gone on. Tricia McDonald was at the podium doing a little thing she called, " Writers Block or, Why Am I Still Staring at a Blank Page? " Are you're doubts your own or those placed there by others? Overcome the doubts by identifying the origins of those doubts. Create a physical manifestation of your 'gremlins' so that you can 'handle' them (i.e. get a hold on your doubts and shove them in a drawer.). Come prepared to the page. Give yourself a warm-up period. Get control of your gremlins. Next up was author and humorist, Mike Ball, doing his " How to Rite More Gooder: Don't Forget to Learn the Craft " routine. Be curious Pay attention Love Language Make Stuff Up Read Read some more Read what you

Memories Made 2015

And We're Back

Family Vacation with a Teen

Taking a vacation with a teenager is a little bit like asking to be repeatedly punched in the balls. They are neither excited by, nor interested in, anything. They are resentful of everything they feel denied them, which is an exhaustive list of things, believe-you-me. They are argumentative about even the simplist of things, and yet their logic always seems to ignore some intrinsic point. It is maddening. On the plus side, we made it almost 5 days before our first significant teen-moment.

Truckcast #108: The Mike Isn't Plugged In

So the mike isn't plugged in during the recording of this. Funny how that happened. Or maybe it's just more incompatible microphone shenanigans. That would be cool. Not so much. But I do have other microphone now.... So, anyway, this is a noise filled Truckcast that will seriously annoy anyone that dislikes all that truck noise. To those folks, I offer my sincere and heartfelt apologies. To those of you who don't care... I have better news. Lookie here, there is a new Truckcast. Enjoy my sweet, sweet ramblings. [powerpress]

Becoming Bikers

I live in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is a bicycle friendly town. Lots of bike paths, bike lanes, and bike shops. I tried once before to be a bike rider in this town, but my bike was stolen two weeks after I bought it. It's time to try again. The wife and I need the exercise and want to become more active so we're going  to become bikers. To that end I ordered us a couple of maintenance free bikes from Priority Bicycle s. The reviews are good and I love the idea behind the bike, besides I don't see myself hitting the trails on a mountain bike just yet and I want something more practical than a road bike. This should be perfect. I'm very excited, can't wait for them to get here. Well, actually I'm on vacation in Florida, but it would be awesome if they would be there when I get home... For him For her We'll be cruising in style.  

Just Do It