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Refreshing the Mark

Lots of stuff going on over at the Baenrahl section of the website; adding stuff, putting the SRD into it, and just generally changing up the look and functionality of the pages.

Mad Marvin

You Stand in the Rain, You Get Wet

That's All Folks

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Much Too Young...

You Know It

Get It Together

May the 4th be with You

It Wasn't My Imagination

So that earthquake was a real thing. It made 4.2 on the scale, which makes it the second biggestate recorded here in Michigan. Also, it was centered on Kalamazoo, which is just an hour south of here. Could this be the endtimes?

Collecting My Influences

Found a nice collection of the Dray Prescot books on ebay. These were one of the biggest influences on me back in Middle School. I know they're deriviative of the John Carter of Mars books and all the planetary romance that came before, but for me this was the one. I tried the Mars books, the Gor books, and the others, but it was the Dray Prescot series that swept me off to another world and fueled my dreams. When I saw this collection of the first 34 books all together (except #31) I knew this was the collection for me. These are available in an omnibus collection, and I have them all as ebooks, but these are just like the ones I read as a kid. The cover art. The feel of them. The look of them all together on the shelf. Everyone of these takes me away to another world. And as an added bonus, 32 of the 33 books are first printings. I'm as giddy as a school girl. The Dray Prescot series by Alan Burt Akers / Dray Prescot (Ken Bulmer) [caption id="attachment_4705" align=

No Matter How Many Words It Takes

Home Improvement Update

My goal for yesterday in the basement was to get the storage room door put back up. And I did, it's up. But to get it up I thought I had to get the door frame drywalled in order to use the door hangers I picked up at Home Depot. I ended up not using them and just hanging the door old school style with shims. But as an added bonus, the wall is drywalled now. Most of it anyway. I ran out of 2x4 lumber to finish framing in that last bit. And I'm very happy with the way my removable shelf came out. Today, I'm going to secure that flooring down. And here's a shot of the garage/workroom with the new saw. In the background you can see the new bikes I mentioned a while back. I think a bike ride is another item in the plan for today. As long as I'm pointing stuff out, there's that other box there. I picked up the table that matches the chairs and umbrella I got from my neighbors moving sale. So now I have a whole set for the patio. And it's big enough for the whole f

Are You Looking For Nails

More DIY Stuff

Had a little shower going in my laundry room earlier, which is not how it's supposed to happen. Turns out that there is a crack at the back of my bathtub. Which, coincidentally, sits above the laundry room. I guess I'll be getting some sort of fiberglass repair kit tomorrow. This should be fun. Nobody take a bath!

Panic Purchase

Today, at Home Depot I had a bit of a panic. Why, you ask? There is a Ridgid table saw that I've been thinking of buying. It was $500 when I first saw it, but it dropped in price late last year to $400, and I almost bought it then. Today, I'd talked myself into buying it. I was going to pull the trigger... The damn thing is back up to $500. WTF. So I left the store, kicking myself in the ass the whole way. I just looked at it a week, maybe two, ago and it was $400. Well, I remember seeing it online at the lower price, so I hopped online and there it was for $400. A hundred dollars less than in store. So I sat in the parking lot and bought it online and then went into the store and picked it up. "Now, there are two ways to look at this," I said, to the wife. "One way, would be to say that I spent $400 on a saw. The other way, the way I'm going to say it, I saved us $100 on a saw." Anyway, I have a new table saw. Which makes me happy and will make several