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Where Do You Think You're Going?

Maybe You Should

I'm an Artist

I was at my mom's / sister's place this Sunday, helping them pack / get rid of stuff. I came home with many treasures, but there are two pieces of my art that I wanted to share with you. This piece was very early in my career, I'm thinking kindergarten. This piece was actually a blue ribbon winner and was displayed at the Pontiac Mall's local art fair on my school's booth. Look at that use of color. Just amazing. I feel like I've wasted my talents. I didn't title it then, but now I'm calling it, Happy Dinosaur. This next piece is from high school, probably 10th grade, maybe 11th, whenever it was that I was in the commercial / graphic art class. I enjoyed that class and might have done more with art, but that teacher became the schools sports director and there was a bit of friction between me and the teacher that I had next. We had very different ideas about what constituted 'art'. Let's just say, I was never big on doing still-life drawings.

Three Simple Rules

Like a Thief in the Night

I spent too much time today picking through the internet and my far-too-vast collection of saved images putting together bits of art for the Baenrahl  site. There is a ton of fantastic art out there done by some amazingly talented individuals. I am not one of them. For this reason, I am grateful to the internet, the artists, and the users who collect and display all this great stuff. I grab stuff and mash it together with other stuff and color change it all to match whatever vision I have for what I’m putting together. I would love to say that what I end up with is something new and original, but it’s not. It makes me happy. I’m not trying to sell it. I don’t want to challenge anyone’s copyright or trademark or ownership of their work. I just want to have cool stuff on my website for my players (and visitors) to look at. I love the search for just the right image almost as much as the putting it together, it sooths the failed graphic artist part of my soul and makes me feel creative. I

Pure Gold

Bring the Heat

The air conditioning is done. Set, wired, plumbed, and properly charged. Ran it. Tested it. It's got 12-degrees of subcooling, just like it's supposed to have. I ran into an issue rerouting the condensate drain line. I wanted to take it to the laundry room, but ended up taking to the outside. Which is where it was originally, so that was work for work's sake. Oh well. It's done. It looks good. I'm happy with the results. Now, I am ready for summer.


Spent yesterday and today moving my air conditioning condenser unit off my patio and over to the corner of the house. This will free up room on the lower patio for the table and chairs and allow us to screen in the upper patio and put some outdoor furniture there to be our outdoor sitting area.... So far, I've only gotten as far as moving, brazing, and wiring the unit into it's new home. All the rest will come later. Hopefully, not too much later. I'm pretty sure I can screen in the patio more cheaply than what it cost to move the condenser. Anyway, I've got the vacuum pump hooked up and I'm going to let it run through the night, because the system sat open for a few days in some rather damp weather. I'll fire it up tomorrow and see how close the charge is now that I've added 20-feet of lineset.