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MDF Mess

Tried to build a pedestal tonight using different material and a different technique. I don't know if this mess is even salvageable. 1. Angles and cuts are important. 2. Sometimes you need another set of hands (you can't do everything yourself) 3. Sometimes you need to better assess your mood and perhaps delay a project. Ronn. Out.

DC Heroes Motivations

Character motivation according to DC Heroes RPG as presented by Mayfair Games in 1985 and wallpapered for your enjoyment by me. (1920x1080)

Work, Work, Work

Happy National Batman Day

It's Batman day and he's on the way. Woot Woot!


So the way I see this years NaNo story plotting out, there will be two distinct but connected stories going on. One story taking place in the here and now involving the finding of an old friends ever present pocket knife, despite that friend disappearing over twenty years ago. And a second story about the three friends youthful adventures before the disappearance. And peppered in between and throughout, there will be the effects of that disappearance on our heroes and on the community, how it was dealt with, and how we got to where we are in the here and now part of the story. I'm still working on it. Probably will be for the whole month of October. But I'll get it figured out.

NaNo Planning

NaNoWriMo 2015

National Novel Writing Month is creeping up on us. It'll be here before we know it. Have you been giving it any thought? Do you think you'll participate this year? I'm planning on participating and I'm planning on succeeding again this year. What I don't have a plan for is what I'm going to write. So that has been my focus for the last few days, finding a story. I think I have something that I can work with. I don't know my characters yet and the plot and story are mere skeletons of ideas, but I have a month to figure all that out. Right now, we need to worry about the cover art for my unfinished, unstarted, unscripted novel. Right! And if you could flip it over and read the back cover blurb it might read something like this: T wenty-three years ago former reality star and part-time ghost hunter, Ares Arthur, lost a friend. No body. No trail. Just gone. The last thing he wants to do is go to his high school reunion and rehash that mystery. But Cindy Bishop i

Book Cover Idea

I had been leaning towards revisiting one of my unfinished works for this years National Novel Writing Month, I mentioned trying my super hero story again to my friend, Doug. After giving it more thought and weighing that plan out against doing something original, I think I'd be better off starting something new. Last year I did something new and that worked out better than it has in years. It's not really finished, but I have a mostly complete story that I can work with. I'm just not going to work with it in November. So that means, I need a new story idea. I looked through my old story stuff, shuffled my idea notes, and perused my role playing stuff; all looking for a spark of inspiration. Nothing jumped out immediately, but I've been stirring the pot for a couple days. I've been running through ideas and I think I've settled on something supernatural, modern, and urban. Sort of a bridge between the worlds I created in A Difficult Dinner  (vampires) and Malach

NaNoWriMo 2015

With less than 40 days remaining before the start of this year's NaNoWriMo, it's time to start thinking about National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in 30 days. Who's in? I'm up to giving it a shot.

Marvel Movies

Friday we watched, Thor - The Dark World. Saturday we watched, Ironman 3. Last weekend we watched, Avengers - Age of Ultron At this point, with the exception being Agents of Shield (which is television anyway), I believe I am all caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thoughts. I like Captain America. They could stop making Thor movies and I'd be happy, Asgard is so dumb. Robert Downey jr is a good actor and makes Ironman enjoyable. I'd watch another Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Stop shoving so many damn characters into the avenger films. Why do I find Black Widow's look to get worse in each movie and why did she have glow-strips in her costume in the last avengers movie. Oh, and I forgot, just like everybody else, about Agent Carter... I haven't seen her show. So I guess when we finish Deadwood, we'll have to watch the Marvel TV shows.

Fireplace Refresh

Note: My camera is doing weird things with the color in these pictures. Those walls are a smokey lavender color and the final product is a much darker brown. This has been a long project, but I didn't want to put anything up until it was done. Lady Ronn and I ordered new furniture for the living room about 4 weeks back, with the expected delivery date 4-6 weeks out. Sounds like the truck is due to arrive Tuesday, so we should have new furniture next weekend. Of course, new furniture means new paint and a general refresh for the whole room. This is part one of that.... I don't like the fireplace. I don't like the color of the brick. I don't like the fireplace doors. I don't like the mantle. Time to do something about it. I started by tearing out the fireplace doors and dragging them to the curb. But the inside of the fireplace was a sooty, dirty mess. So I had to first clean it. I tried a couple things, but I found that a mixture of vinegar and water worked nicely. A

Expect the Unexpected

I'm A Jerkwad

Here We Go Again

Happy Labor Day

You Have to Take Chances

Arts n Crafts: What's Next?

I've taken down most of the travel themed stuff in the office and one of the things I'm putting up is a set of shelves that will double as decoration. I want something that will showcase all the collector edition D&D books I've got, showcase my gaming history/background, and act as a 'perch' for my office dragon. Here's a sneak peak at what I've got coming together. [caption id="attachment_5105" align="alignnone" width="262"] the plan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5104" align="alignnone" width="169"] the book box[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5106" align="alignnone" width="300"] Unfinished hexes[/caption]