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Seeing Double

Painting is no fun. I have lots of painting to do. In an attempt to make painting easier, if not more fun, I ordered a paint sprayer from Amazon on black Friday. Price to value comparison on the various review sites pointed me to the Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer .   My previous sprayer had the pump built into the pistol grip and it just didn't cut the mustard. I'm hoping that the separate and more powerful pump will work better. The online reviews are positive. It arrived today, twice. I received my usual "your package has been delivered" text and email from Amazon while I was at work. And when I finally made it home there were two identical packages on the counter. Both of them being Wagner paint sprayers. I double checked my order and the mistake is completely theirs. The temptation would be to keep them both, return one of them for a full refund, or maybe sell the extra on eBay.  But that's not how we roll around these parts. I didn't order


I think the world has gone crazy. The world has gone so crazy that, I think, in the event of a zombie apocalypse there will be zombie rights activists. Which would be crazy, but it would happen.

Happy Thanksgiving

Count your blessings. Be grateful. Share love. Enjoy your meal. Happy Thanksgiving.

One Room Done

  Some pictures of the finished room. I'm pretty happy with it, but I need to either build, buy, or find a console table to put under the mirror. The kitchen/dinette is mostly refreshed as well. I just need to paint the rest of the trim. Pictures of that to come, shortly.

No Rest for the Winded

I've been going all day again, with more of the same from yesterday. Paint. Polyurethane. Home project stuff. Trying to get done, but it's not happening. Had to leave for a work thing at 5:30 and need to be back there at 6 am. Came home and did another coat of Poly on the last piece. Rehung a light fixture. Then did laundry. And now a blog post. Afterwards, maybe I'll rehang my TV. The fun just never stops around these parts.

No Writing Today

Today was full of paint, stain, and polyurethane.  Started by painting the entire living room ceiling to make it one nice, consistent color. Then I moved on to sanding my wood project for the fireplace, becoming unhappy with the sanding, and then restaining the sanded section. It turns out that sanding it is fine, but sanding it with my electric sander... way too much power, even with 220 sandpaper. After getting it back to where I wanted it I moved on to the multiple coats of polyurethane. I'm going with three, unless I decide to do four. In between and around all that I helped the wife paint the kitchen and even had time to make a trip to the Home Depot. It's been a long day and my knee is killing me. Too bad the living room is in a shambles, otherwise I might crash on the couch and see what's on Netflix.

Bath Fan Done

Yet another night of writing sacrificed on the alter of shit-that-had-to-get-done. Bath fan has been torn apart, rebuilt, and reinstalled. Works great now. But, hot damn, it was filthy. I'm about certain that it strangled itself to death on 40+ years of whatever it is that gets caught up in a bath fan. So gross.  

More Chaos

I'm pretty sure the refrigerator died Monday night, but it was Tuesday before we noticed. Today, I replaced the evaporator fan and it seems to be cooling once again, but it's just something else to worry about and deal with. Oh, and also, not free. Stupid little fan cost $120. And on that note, the bath fan seems to have died... so I'll have to fix that or end up with humidity damage in the bathroom. I'm sure that'll be another $100 bucks to fix that. So much for a nice quiet, productive November of writing bliss.

You Should Be Following tAoM

The Art of Manliness is an awesome website full of great advice on what it is to be a man and how to go about being the best man you can be.  I find their stuff to be informative, useful, and  very well done. I don't share or repost a lot of stuff, but being as I have three boys, all of dating age, I thought that this was a fantastic video that is both clever and full of advice that is SO true it hurts! They won't listen to me, but they all love the YouTube, so maybe they'll take something away from it that will help them in life. The video is based on an article from the website, 14 Red Flags to Look Out for in a Relationship .

Modern World of the Fantistic

I should be writing. That seems to be the theme lately. But I had this old image in my 'broken Corel files' folder. It's from a series of images I put together to side into the covers of my 3-ring binders for a roleplaying campaign some time back. Seems that if you go far enough back, probably CorelDraw3 or 4, the files are no longer compatible with the more recent versions of the software. But never fear, I have writing to do, so I recreated it. But in recreating it, I got inspired to a trilogy of stories that would go along with the image and fit nicely into the same world of Thane, Shadow's Play, and Malach. So I made some notes and then got to work making covers for these stories that I may never get around to writing. But... I will have these images in a file and they will be able to inspire me to return to the ideas that generated them. So they may prove to be useful in the future. The Immortals Trilogy There are things in this world that do not die. Rather, there

Dressing Room Fixture

As you all know, I have yet to finish the half-bath in the bedroom. And even if I did finish it, which I will, I'm not convinced the wife would use it out of fear of waking me in the morning. She get's up at 5:30, I get up at 7. I know, it's a ridiculous idea, I'm oblivious to everything but my alarm in the morning. And it's a trait that I am very happy to have. Anyway, since she has to share the bathroom mirror with first the high schooler and then with me, I thought it would be nice if she didn't have perform that act every morning. So I took the mirror on the dresser in the guestroom and turned it into a light fixture. I scratched out my inserts onto some sheet metal, then drilled out the holes for the lights. I then cut out those pieces with metal shears, bent them with my sheet metal tools, and installed them into the dresser. Then using another piece of metal, I built the fixture itself, attatched the sockets, wired it, and installed it on the back of the

Success is Slipping Away

It's early yet. We're just halfway through the month. I've made good progress and written more than I have since last year this time. I have my novel pretty well figured out. But it just ain't going to happen. I'm only at 13k and I should be at 25k tomorrow. Last night, when I should have been writing, I watched Arrow with the wife. This morning when I should have been writing I was doing artsy-fartsy stuff. This afternoon, when I should have been writing, I was building a light fixture above the dresser, stained my planter cover, and then I went and did Autumn yard clean-up stuff. Right now, when I should be writing, I'm putting up a blog post  while I wait for the wife to come home so that we can have some dinner. Okay, I know, if you want to be a writer you've got to write. If you want to win NaNoWriMo, you've got to write 1,667 words a day. But right now, I can't find the time for that many words. It usually takes me about 3-hours to reach the 2,

Living Room Update

This is just an excuse to show off my handiwork. I've been working on a new mantle for the fireplace and a top for the matching planter on the other side of the room. I think the fireplace mantle is looking really nice. It still needs a couple coats of polyurathane, but I'm still trying to get the top to match this color. Once I get that right I'll poly-coat both of them at the same time. My family has been waiting for a look at the new furniture, and while the room isn't done yet, here's a peak at what we've got so far. Have a look. But please ignore the crazy wires and the dust, these pictures were done 'impromptu-style' and I didn't think about staging the room.      

Nine Days Noveling

I didn't get as much done on the novel as I had hoped over the weekend, but when you include this mornings results I'm up over 7,000 words. Still nearly 8,000 words behind schedule, but the day is not over and I don't have to go to work Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully, I will do less life stuff and more writing with those two days. I'm still on track to hit my mark if I write 2,000 words a day. The problem with that, is I'm only averaging 779 words a day over the first nine days. Which is far short of the 1,667 words I'm scheduled to write and even further from a mark of 2,000. I'm continuing to push forward, but at this point in the process my optimism is beginning to wane. Also, I have updated my word meters in the sidebar.

Crawling, But Still Moving Forward

I'm way behind schedule with my novel. I feel like I'm still working on my research and ideas, which should have been done last month. I mean shit, I've had this idea since late September, shouldn't I have done more work on it? Why am I still stuck for plot points and scenes. I've managed to get all the scenes figured out for the 'PAST' section of the story, but the order they go in is still up in the air. Fortunately, I don't feel like I need to know where they go to write them. Which is different than my usual way of writing. The 'PRESENT' part of the story is still very sketchy, I'm definitely pantsing those parts. This morning I wrote 1,100 words and I'll write more later today. I also whipped up a few more wallpapers while I was cooking ideas up in my head. [caption id="attachment_5294" align="alignnone" width="625"] I don't know who this kid is, I'm calling him Paul.[/caption] [caption id="

Attitude is Everything

Struggling With My Pantsing

I did not do enough planning last month. The story is very vague in my head. This is not a good place to be. The word count is low. Very low. It's less than the 1,667 words I should be writing each day. But I haven't written yet today and this week has been full up of distractions (kids, projects, work, the usual), I hoping for a decent count tonight and to make up lost ground with my upcoming PTO. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off, which means that when I walk out on Friday I won't have to think about work until Thursday morning. Thank you Veterans Day. Here's what I've wasted my time doing. Yep. You've already seen my fake cover. Here are the inspirational wallpapers that slideshow on my screens as I sit here. [caption id="attachment_5289" align="alignnone" width="625"] Here we have muscian Doug Paisley standing in for our hero Ares Arthur[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5290" align="alignnone" width=&qu

Slow Start on NaNoWriMo

I'm having a bit of a slow start on National Novel Writing Month, things are not jelling and I'm not getting in the groove. But I haven't quit. I will go on. Current word count before tonight's writing session, 1,547. That's less than I should have for any given day of this challenge.


On your mark. Get set. Go. Halloween is over and it's time for the real scary stuff. National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in 30 days. Today is the start of the madness. Let's get writing and get a jump on those word counts. Good luck to everyone out there taking up the challenge. Write On!