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The Sunathear Betrayal

On this eighth day of the Diamond Syad, in the passing of Epsilon, during the two-thousandth and sixty-eighth cycle of our common history as reckoned by the Saric calendar, we congress in secret. We twelve Sunathear, the High Templars of the Urethear, have come together on the eve of what could well be our destruction, to put down in words the knowledge with which we have been trusted. With the help of the Darastrix, those great servants of the One-mother, we have been able to mask our baenrahls, so that our actions may be hidden from our Masters. To know what we know, and to understand, you must first hear the tale of how it all came to be. The beginning, as it began: Once and forever, the nothing trembled with fear. Knowing its aloneness, with a mighty heave the light appeared. From the light came the One-mother, creator of all things, she who is simply called Life. From out of the nothing rose the All-father, who saw her and immediately gave chase. As they danced their dance, in the

Home Is

Addressing Issues

ObsidianPortal Downgrade

Today, I downgraded my Obsidian Portal account from Ascendant to Free. The Warlock’s Cauldron campaign stuff is still there and continuing to collect dust. My hopes for what it might become were never realized. Whether that be because I didn’t organize it in the way I used to do these things, the disconnect of playing a tabletop RPG campaign online, or disinterest on the part of all involved parties, I can’t really say. It’s probably a combination of all of the above. We had one good session and a few creative conversations in and about that world, but that was nearly a year ago. I will not say that the idea of the campaign is not gone nor forgotten, but it has certainly been relegated to the realm of could have been. Perhaps I am too distant from that part of my life to revive it, or perhaps I am simply too distant from all those that I shared that part of my life with. Whatever the case, Obsidian Portal is a nice tool, the price is reasonable, and I enjoyed using it, but I’m not s


It's early, maybe the earliest I've ever gotten this done, but I filed our state and federal taxes tonight. Done. Finished. Give me my refund.... Sorry, Ken, I meant to say, give me my change. I overpay my taxes all year so that I can get money back and use it to pay bills or do projects that I haven't saved for or couldn't afford throughout the rest of the year. It's not a great plan, but I don't think I'm the only one counting on getting money back. Certainly the retailers are hoping that we'll all go on a spending spree. No spending spree for me. I'll be paying down credit cards. Sorry to disappoint.

Making Progress

I'm making progress on the half-bath. The painting is done, with the exception of the door and the trim that will go around it. The extra half inch of subfloor has been added in preparation for the flooring, which has been ordered. Home Depot puts the arrival of that sometime between 2/4 and 2/15, which will seriously slow this project down. Yesterday, I picked up the new vanity, sink, mirror, and over the toilet cabinet. Today, I picked up a toilet. I'm getting quite a pile of stuff in the garage, all waiting for the floor to get done. Tonight, I finished up the electrical. I put a GFCI 'near the sink', really, where the sink will be going. Added the electrical plates, put on a new register for the heat, and then cleaned up my work space. Now I just sit and wait for my flooring. I guess it's a little silly to get worked up over the wait, given how long this project has gone on, but I've got momentum and I don't want to loose it.

Changing the Theme

I've changed the WordPress theme on the site. I'm going to give Twenty Sixteen a try. It's got some new stuff and looks pretty good. First thing I noticed is that my picture doesn't show up on the 'Status' formatted posts anymore. Which is probably a good thing, but that and a lack of a title were the only things that differentiated the 'Status' posts from the 'Standard' posts. I also see that the 'Image' posts now have a title. Looks like I have some new post formats to choose from/experiment with; Aside, Video, Audio, Chat, and Gallery. I'll give those a test run here in the next couple days. So far I like it, we'll see if it lasts.

Primed and Painted

This weekend I decided that I needed to get back on the project horse. With the holidays behind us and a long cold stretch of winter left before we get to spring, the temptation is to just let it slide. To coast along until the weather warms and working in the garage becomes a less frigid proposition, when the days will be longer and working without the sun isn’t an issue. That is the temptation of this time of year, at least it is for me. But I’ve got a half-bath that has been in progress for something like three years. There’s a basement remodel that was set aside for other more appreciated projects. And never forget all the routine maintenance stuff that never seems to end. I decided to tackle the bathroom; see how much I could get done before football started on Sunday. Turns out, quite a bit. Sure it cut into my football time, I didn’t actually watch much of either game, but I made some real progress. I finished sanding the drywall. Then I cleaned up the room and wiped down the wa

Time and Translation on Kirrac

For the vast majority of cases in this work I have taken the liberty of converting Jovan Dorr’s writings to English, particularly, where the tracking of time is concerned. In an attempt to limit the amount of confusion I have converted the text to our own earthy metrics of hours, days, months, and years. However, in some instances this can, in itself, cause some confusion. So as a basic reference I have documented my conversions and present them here in order to clear up any confusion that may have, or might in the future, occur. So in the matter of tracking time I have made the following conversions. Second: The quarter and the bit are both fractions of a minute. A quarter being 25 bits and there being a hundred bits to the minute. Such a division of time is only found in the finest of time pieces and can only be considered an oddity outside the laboratory. Minute: Sejmate is the Sarish word for our English minute. On Kirrac the minute is mostly the property of the wealthy and the p


Life and Living

Social Sharing Fixed?

I seem to have fixed the broken app that was supposed to be sharing stuff to Facebook and Twitter... or at least it seems to be sharing with Facebook now, twice per post, which is one too many. So I guess that means it's still broken.

Hex Shelves

I made these hex shelves for the office. They're unfinished. I think I want to paint the outside area white to match the room's trim and the outer face of the shelves dark to simulate the look of the hex paper used for mapping, but I don't know what to do with the inside of the shelves. One idea I had was to use the colors of the terrain from the old Greyhawk map, another was to just leave it natural or use a light stain, and the last was to just remain completely undecided. The second part of finishing this shelf is deciding if I want to put a backing on it. One idea would be mirror and another would be to put the actual Greyhawk map as the backing. I could also match the shelving in the rest of the office, but being as they hang just above and beside the dark stained DnD shelf, that seems unnecessary. Decisions, decisions. I had wanted to do them differently than they turned out. The original plan was for them to be made with a single thickness throughout, no double sides

Buck Rogers, Pt. 2

As mentioned earlier, I broke my new toy almost immediately after taking it out of the box. The barrel of the gun was not straight and I thought, let's just apply a little pressure and straighten it out. As you can see, that didn't work. So it's time to get out some stuff and make a repair. I tried some Gorilla Superglue and it didn't hold at all. Then after some research I discovered somethings I didn't know. CA glue (superglue) can lose effectiveness over time and definitely after being exposed to air. I did not know that. Apparently, a year is about the life span of superglue, even when unopened. So I went to the hobby store and picked up some, figuring they'll go through the stuff faster than the home center or drug store. Worked like a charm. It was a pretty clean break and I debated between make it like it was versus make it like I want. In the end I ended up with a little bit of neither; it's not straight, it's not as off as it was. It's bette

Thrift Store Treasure

I was watching a YouTube video the other day, by a man who found an Electric Tiki Lone Ranger statue at the thrift store. I was thinking, that's a $200-$300 statue. Why don't I get that lucky. Because, one, I want that statue; I loved the Lone Ranger as a kid. And, two, none of the thrift stores near me ever get anything that cool. Well, today I had a little good fortune blow my way. At the indoor flea market I found a mini-bust that I have looked at, but wasn't planning on buying due to the price. Bowen Designs Zorro mini-bust. Which is selling for $40-$80 on the internet. I picked it up for $15 and I didn't even have to pay for shipping. Sweet. Zorro is cool. He has the sword, a cape, wears a mask, rides a horse, and wears a cool hat. I don't know if he's the Lone Ranger with a sword, Robin Hood without a bow, or an early California Batman; he may be all three. I remember slashing my 'Z' in the air as a kid with aplomb. I wasn't a super fan, but I

Odd Thomas

Among a few other things, I spent my MLK Day listening to the audio book, Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. It was not a bad listen and not a bad story, but I had watched the movie based on the book a while back, and while I didn't think I paid that much attention to the movie, I did. Or at least enough that I knew what was going on and the twist at the end was ruined. I'd give the movie three stars out of five and probably the same for the book. But I think the book would have done better without seeing the movie first. I liked it, but I'm not sure I liked the Odd Thomas character all that much. I'll start the next book and make a decision as to whether I want to continue with the series based on that. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day to everyone out there.

Peoples of Kirrac

It seems that never has there existed a world with a greater diversity of sentient life than that found on Kirrac. Whether the result of supernatural evolution, brought here from another world by the Regents to serve their purposes, created by those same being’s horrific experiments, or transported through some whim of the cosmos and one of the countless dimensional portals scattered across the planet, the sheer diversity of humanoid, semi human, and beastly life is staggering. It will take a document far larger than this to catalog them all, but here I present a brief primer on the species of man most influential on the world of Kirrac. The denwar are a race of short, broad hairy men fond of living in the earth. It is obvious to anyone familiar with the fantasy and mythic writings of earth that these people are the inspiration for our own dwarves. Denwar are known for their skill in warfare, their ability to withstand physical and magical punishment, their knowledge of the earth's

Dragon Perch Book Shelf

I built a shelf for my Dungeons & Dragons books. The original idea was to make it just big enough for the collectors editions of each version. So that would be just the core rules; Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual. But then I decided it could double as a 'perch' for Fergusson, the office mascot, and it grew bigger. It's finished, but it's not done. Sanded, stained, hung on the wall; yes. But I've got some ideas with regard to the top. I may paint Fergusson, or just give him a wash of color, haven't decided yet. But I know that I want to build a 'horde' of bright shiny pennies and translucent dice for him to be laying in to complete the whole dragon theme. And I think I'm going to add some d6 as 'shelf supports' just as a roleplaying touch to add interest. You may notice that the 5th edition books are missing. This is because my son has them. He's running a game for a small group on the weekends....

Buck Rogers, pt. oh, $#!+

Second part of my Buck Rogers purchase showed up today and the first thing I did was snap the barrel off the gun. I'm an idiot, thinking that hard resin will bend like plastic. Stupid. Anyway, no pics until I get this thing fixed.

Buck Rogers, Pt. 1

Just received my classic Buck Rogers "Battle Cruiser" from Amazon. It looks awesome in all it's 1930s, old school, science fiction glory. It's a limited edition from Cool Rockets, turns out the one I received is #8 out of the 1000 piece run. I like it. It will only be made extra, double awesome when pt.2 arrives.

Twelve Regents

According to the secret histories the current twelve regents are not the same as the original twelve. I say, secret histories, because such information is forbidden in an environment where each of the Regents would have the members of its house believe that they are both omnipotent and immortal. Both ideas are put into question with the very existence of this information. The earliest text on the matter, such as The Sunathear Betrayal , list the original twelve as follows. He Who Was First from the Mother, Arian , Foremost Warrior of Riaz, The Great Agrarian Ram The Horned Queen, Chelestina , Bringer of Truth, The One Twins, Casoar , Their Most Mutable Lords, Kings of the Sky Eternal The Shelled Goddess, Trelgillis , Her Opalescent Majesty, Lady of the Languid Depths The Dragonne, Marxislus , All Omnipotent Guardian of the Sacred Flame The Trickster, Tophol R’Kahn , Ever Dark Lord of Chaos, Most Brilliant Radiance of Absin Blind Sorcerer of Autumn, Walehsas , The Judgement of Zygos, Lo

A Gift

Merry Christmas, boys. This one is not mine, but it's too good to not repost.

Baenrahl an Introduction

The world of Kirrac is one dominated by twelve immortal warlords. Twelve beings who are worshipped as gods and have the power of life and death over those who bear the mark of their Baenrahl. Each of them born from the primeval magic of the original creation event. They are beings of energy trapped in a universe of matter; they are not native to this world. They are outsiders, and they and their lesser kin are legion. These twelve Regents struggle continuously against each other for control and influence over their brethren and all the world. In this struggle nearly all the people of the world are their bearers, serving in their armies, and feeding their ravenous hunger for dominance. They have yoked the peoples of the world like cattle with their magical glyphs, the Baenrahls; creating a channel between the bearer and the Regent that can never be severed. Through these channels, these magical bonds, the people of Kirrac are controlled and influenced by the direct will of their gods an

2015: A Year in Review

First, all the stuff I’m going to be skipping over in this 2015 review. So everybody had birthdays, all the usual holidays came and went, and there were the usual bunch of anniversaries. That was stuff that happened and it’ll all happen again this year. We celebrated all of that stuff. We’ll celebrate it all again this year. That stuff happened. I started the year off with a hankerin’ for some Champions Online. Actually, I was looking for some kind of outlet, but it turned out that video games didn’t cut it. I was done with my Champions membership by April and had probably not played much of it for 3-months prior. In February, I dipped my toes into the 5 th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Truth be told, I kind of fell in the D&D water. I started working up a campaign, Warlock’s Cauldron, and devoted too much time too it, given that we played one session and never went back to it. March saw my sister-in-law and her boyfriend buy a house. We went and helped them move in and get o

So it has been suggested (in the past), so it has been done (just the other day). I was curious about the new Google Domains. What they had to offer. What the dilly was. You know, that sort of thing. Turns out that it's pretty much just a domain registrar service. Lame. Anyway, in checking it out I picked up the domain. So that's mine now. This is different than the Baenrahl link in the Games/Roleplaying section above, and decidedly less so. I didn't know exactly what to do with it, so I haven't done much beyond putting up a blogger page for it. But that could change. I'm envisioning it more as a world setting website and less of a role-playing site. Stick around and we'll see what happens.