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Sick=No Posts

[caption id="attachment_7151" align="aligncenter" width="840"] two weeks of this is too much[/caption]

Projects a Go-Go

I finished the shelving on the closet conversion and installed the drawer. I still need to make a face for the drawer. I'm very happy with the way that it turned out. So much so, that I almost wish I was staining it. Alas, that is not to be, so it's time to prime it and then give it a light sanding. Speaking of sanding and priming, I took down the hex shelves and added a backer board to them and primed them up. But now I'm undecided about colors. My leg is looking mostly normal now, the second bunch of antibiotics seems to have done the trick. A couple more days to go on the prescription and at this point, things look right. But this year, the allergies I never had as a young man, are absolutely kicking my ass. Headache and cough, mostly cough. The headache might be from the hornet poison I was just spraying. Seems some overly friendly stinging insects have decided to nest inside my patio furniture. I served eviction papers tonight. One last thing, the publicize function of


[caption id="attachment_7144" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Secondhand Lions (2003)[/caption]

You Still Have to Do It

[caption id="attachment_7139" align="aligncenter" width="840"] clever ideas alone are just ideas and everyone has ideas[/caption]

Immortal Cannibal

He Never Died; I watched this movie tonight. Not really sure how I feel about it. There is part of me that thinks I should watch it again to see what I missed, but I don't really want to watch it again. It was both interesting and entertaining in a what-the-hell kind of way. I don't know that I could recommend it, but I didn't dislike it. I laughed, I cringed, I was never sure what the hell was going on or what the point was, and then it ended. I think that sums it up.


I was never a big fan, but Prince was a part of my formative high school years. Purple Rain hit the movie theaters and the air waves in 1984 and I think every girl in school had a thing for the man. I wasn't a fan, as I said, but I did enjoy the movie, and that soundtrack was the only prince album I ever bought. In fact, I think I bought it twice, once on cassette and once on CD. He was a musical dynamo. A one man powerhouse. And its sad to hear that he passed away today at the age of 57. That's too damn young.

New Tool in the Garage

Work continues on the closet conversion, but at a slower and less noisy pace. I advise against using a laminate router to trim large chunks of ¾-inch plywood. They just don’t have the power to do a good job. I’m not going to tell you why I know this, but trust me, use a full-size router for this job. As a side note, wood filler is really amazing stuff. I didn’t get as much done tonight as I would have liked, but it’s finals week for Lady Ronn and she needs less power tool noise in the house. I did get my spacers jammed in next to the bookshelf and I trimmed the overhang on the bottom shelf/base. No sanding tonight. Though I did go pick up a new belt sander. I went with the Porter Cable 352VS over the comparable Ridgid model. The Ridgid has a lifetime warranty, which is always a nice draw for me, but it only had an 18” belt. I’ve heard good things about this Porter Cable sander, it has a 21-inch belt (which I expect will last longer than an 18”), and for the most part when you get into

Closet Boxes are In

In this set of pictures you can see the boxes coming together for the closet conversion in the office. The next step of the process will be to block the whole thing in securely and then sand all the edges down flat and smooth. Then I can get to putting the facing trim on the whole shebang. Just need to do a little drywall repair, make a drawer, and add a couple short pieces of trim to the inside of the archway. Then I can get the sprayer out and prime the whole thing for paint. I'm very happy with the way it's coming together. Facebook share is still not working, but I haven't the time to figure out what is causing the problem. I suspect that it has something to do with JetPack. I'll look into it, soonish.

Look At That Gam

I may have multiple issues going on here. In addition to the leg, I think I may be getting sick. I've had a cough and low grade fever all day, 101.4 according to the doctor. I tried to get to the doctor this morning, but he couldn't see me today or tomorrow and he's out of the office the rest of the week. So I went back to the Urgent Care. I now have three new medicine bottles sitting on my shelf. Things are still looking a bit red and irritated. [caption id="attachment_7110" align="aligncenter" width="233"] angry red ouchie[/caption] I know, nobody wants to see that. Sorry. I just don't want to be accused of being a whiner. It's a real thing. Honest. The scariest part of it all, was as I was coming back from Muskegon, driving down I-96, I had such a nasty coughing attack that I saw stars. Okay, maybe not stars, but it was bad. Really bad, really scary. I started coughing and couldn't stop, everything went dark, I left my lane and

Recognize Faulty Thinking

[caption id="attachment_7104" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Don't believe everything you read, we've all been told this. But let's expand on that. This pearl of wisdom also applies to everything you see, everything you hear, everything you feel, and of course everything you think.[/caption]

Cancel This, Cancel That

Today I cancelled my subscription to HGTV Magazine, about three years late, but its done. I never found much in there worth looking at, mostly, it's not my style. I liked the HGTV channel, back when I had cable, but the magazine doesn't really make the cut. Also, I cancelled my Champions Online account, again. I intended for it to be a one month subscription to get in there and check it out, see if anything new was going on. There is nothing new. There are fewer people playing. And even the character builder wasn't doing it for me this time around. I missed the date to cancel it after a month, but it will not be going past two months. I think I'm finally done with this game. I worked on the closet conversion until about 8 pm; took out the upper shelf, put down the plywood for the base, patched some screw holes, and I cut down all my shelving boards to the proper width. In the picture, the carpet has rolled up against the base and pretty much hides it, that'll be gon

5th Annual KDL Writers Conference

Woke up bright and early this morning, just like always, I can't seem to stay asleep past 7:30 am anymore, but I have no problem being in bed at 10 pm, and headed off to he Fifth Annual KDL Writers Conference. It started at 9 am and ran through 1 pm with just a few breaks between speakers. That might seem like a long time, but there were a few presenters that ran long and were chased off stage by the library staff. It was another good crowd. There seem to be a lot of writers or people interested in writing in West Michigan. I sat in front of a gentleman and his wife in their sixties, he hasn't written anything since he was 14, but wants to get back at it now that he's retired. I sat next to a young lady who is 11 and wants to be a writer. And the rest of the crowd of over a hundred ran the gamut of ages, so I'd say the crowd is very diverse. This would be a good town to start a writers group in, or find one to join, if one were so inclined. Today's agenda: How to Wr

Head Pictures

[caption id="attachment_7107" align="aligncenter" width="840"] It's all in how you look at it[/caption]

Nothing Here But Tiggers

I managed to do something for the Baenrahl page, two weeks late. That's not entirely true, last weekend I put up the glossary page, but I don't know that I should count that, being it's a page and not a post. Whatever, keeping up with all this stuff is harder than it looks. But you can check that out over there. I can't seem to come up with anything for this page tonight that wouldn't be a work related rant, or maybe two work related rants. But I'm not going to go there. That's the kind of stuff that gets you fired or disciplined or brought to the attention of the higher ups. So, no work rant. So I'm going to cheap out and just give you a picture for throwback Thursday on Facebook. You may notice that my brother has a broken leg in this picture. That's why you have to be careful with little brothers, they're very fragile. Tiggers bounce and tiggers kick and if you don't watch your mouth, tiggers will break your leg in two. You've been wa

Just Stuff n Things

Work continues on the office closet conversion. Tonight I ripped down three 2x6 pine boards to 4 1/4-inch and built the base that the whole thing will sit on. But I stopped work before tackling the puzzle that will be 3/4 plywood on top of it. The same issue of not cutting out the front walls, is going to make putting the plywood down a treat and mean that I will have to do a split setup and build twice as many boxes. But even as I say that I'm starting to have thoughts... I'll get back to you on that. I picked up Corel PaintShop Pro X8 on sale for $15 direct from Corel. It doesn't do as much as the CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 I have, but I was getting a surprising amount of use from PaintShop Pro X5 and the price was just too good to pass up. Here's me playing around with it. Today I started listening to a new audiobook, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  Published in 1906, Sinclair was apparently trying to tell a story about the harsh conditions and exploitation faced by

Closet Conversion

Today I decided to, just do it. I've been thinking and drawing sketches of a closet conversion I want to do. The closet in the office is pretty much good for nothing but hiding stuff that I don't want out in the room, generally things that shouldn't be in the office. Things like a camera tripod, a rock band guitar, jars of screws and cups of hardware from past projects, I think you're getting the idea, things that shouldn't even be in the office. So, I'm going to take the door off the closet, gut it out, and turn it into a built in bookshelf. It'll be six 12-inch shelves and a couple of drawers. It's going to be awesome. I picked up the plywood for the boxes tonight and started by gutting the closet. I took up the carpet, pulled out the old shelf, and removed the door. The closet is a fantastic shade of mint green that will really accentuate the before and after pictures. [caption id="attachment_7081" align="aligncenter" width="5


  Not too long ago I listened to the first two Tarzan novels on audiobook. In particular, I picked up The Tarzan Duology from audible,  narrated by Finn J.D. John. The books are pretty different from the old TV shows. In a 'way better' sort of way. With the 20% off coupon Barnes & Noble sent me this week, I picked up the leather bound collection of the first three Tarzan stories. Over the weekend I took advantage of the Audible 2-for-1 sale and picked up The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. And now this...  I like Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, or rather I liked him in True Blood, not so much in Battleship. This movie isn't starting at the beginning; Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment. So I shouldn't have to cringe every time they get the book wrong... But they already did that in the trailer... damn, Hollywood. The CG looks good. It's not a superhero movie. It's T

Sibling Sunday

Had to go to urgent care today to have my leg looked at. The cat scratched me on Tuesday, and by Friday it was bright red, swollen, and giving me headache and fever. I called it a half day at work on Friday, and I probably should have gone in then, but I'm stubborn and I didn't. Instead I slept from 3 pm straight through til 8 am. Saturday things seemed better, that's a relative term, no fever no headaches but I was still getting some bad-ass night sweats and neither the swelling or redness had gone away. You might even say that this morning the redness was more red. Plus, there was a weird dent in my leg; that's what kinda got me. So I went in and had the doctor look at it. Of course, the dent was mostly gone by then; hours later. She seemed to think I had probably gotten over the worst of it, but put me on some meds anyway. I should see some normalization in the leg in a day or two. It's all good. Also, apparently it's Siblings Day. A real thing, you wouldn

Did You See That?

[caption id="attachment_7072" align="aligncenter" width="840"] The vast majority of the world around us is out of our control[/caption]

Where Are We?

[caption id="attachment_7069" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Yes, that's my ass I'm flashing you[/caption]

Old School

[caption id="attachment_7088" align="aligncenter" width="840"] from the inside covers of my lyric notebooks, circa 1988-89[/caption]


Gangstagrass - Justified Theme Song I'm not big into rap, but there is something about mixing in the bluegrass with it that just works. Justified introduced me to this song, but as you'll see there is more to it than what you get on the telly. I like it. I like the sound. And I've gone and gotten a couple three of their albums now. Give 'em a try and check out some of their other videos over at and as long as you're checking things out, go watch Justified. It's fantastic.

Let's Take A Video Break

Anders Osborne - Me and Lola I first heard this on his CD, Ash Wednesday Blues (2001). It's a great album and I'm reminded that I want to get more of his stuff.

Underused Product Advice

I’m putting my trust in the internet, which is something that I’m not completely comfortable with. Today, I cancelled my subscription to . There was a time when I was buying a lot of appliances and cars and tools and whatnot and it was very helpful, but I’m not buying a lot of stuff anymore. I have everything I could ever want. Ha. But seriously, it’s $30 bucks a year and I haven’t looked at it, but maybe three times, in the last two years. That’s not much value. Besides, there are lots of places on the internet offering reviews and comparisons of various products. Really, every product. There is probably a good chance that a few of them are offering informed, reasonable reviews that have not been paid for, but probably not many of those. So I will take my chances with my next big purchase and go to the internet for what to buy. I picked up, The Art Of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay, the other day when I was at the bookstore and I haven't had a chance to tel

More Faux Books

This one, Children of an Empty Guf, is inspired by a story my buddy, Joel, talked about writing years ago. His idea went through multiple iterations, or should I say metamorphoses, as most of his ideas are in a constant state of change at the fundamental level. But at the basic level it was about Lucifer, the wanderlust that caused him to lose gods favor, and the last soul leaving the Guf. I don't remember the particulars, and I've asked him about it, he doesn't either, but it was a great idea that has lingered in the back of my mind for more than 10-years. Two covers for the next one. I like them both, but I like them differently and for different reasons. I imagine I know which one would be more likely to make it onto a store shelf, the nudity makes that obvious. Do Shadows Drink Beer was a story that my buddy Doug and I started writing over a case of beer. We passed the keyboard back and forth and came up with something that was vaguely reminiscent of Douglas Adams writi

Pencil Sketch of the Baenrahls

I stumbled across this interesting drawing the other night. It's a pencil drawing on a loose sheet, looks like it was done with the aid of a compass and ruler. It was tucked in one of the journals, but does not seem to pertain to the section where I found it. There are no other notes on it or any reference that I've found so far in the journals and papers, but it is most certainly a diagram of the regents and I am going to assume that the symbols are the actual Baenrahls. The outer ring is the names of the urathear and the line below must be a more common title used by the people. I don't know the significance of the alphabet, though there are a couple extra characters shown there in the Seerindi entry. Very interesting stuff. I tried to enhance it after scanning it, but the results were mixed.


[caption id="attachment_7045" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Too Little or Too Much is a Waste[/caption]

Make It A Habit

April Fools and Star Wars

Happy April 1st. I hope your day went well and that you didn't get fooled to badly. I don't have a prank for you today. But I do have a thing that might make you think I'm a little foolish in my thinking. I don't know what makes Audible books different from Amazon movies, but for some reason I'm okay with one and uneasy with the other. For some reason not having a physical copy of my movie bothers me a bit. Not so much with a book. It's strange and probably a little foolish, I know. I may be a fool, but having still not seen the latest Star Wars movie and given that the digital HD copy from Amazon was less than 20-bucks... I bought the thing. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Plus Bonus Features) Link: And given that I've already jumped the shark at this point, I decided to go whole hog and get the rest of the movies as well. Because, if you're going to pay real money for something you can't hold in your hand you might as well