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Broken Images

I'm trying to find time to maintain my websites, but with everything else going on they tend to suffer a bit from neglect. Anyway, Lady Ronn was telling me that she wanted to see an old picture on the site the other day, something she was going to show a co-worker, and the image wasn't there... Well, I started repairing images after that last website fiasco, but I never finished. I just ran a report on my sites broken links and it tells me that I actually have more broken images than working images right now. 1,100 broken links. Most all of which are images. So I've got to fix that and I need to start updating more regularly and putting up Truckcasts and arohenTV vids and Baenrahl posts and maybe, just maybe, I should do something with I can do all of these things, I just don't. Between DIY projects and family time and everything else, I guess I just need to schedule my time better. 1,100 broken images... Damn, that's a lot! I'll get to it. Ev

Easily Distracted

[caption id="attachment_7336" align="alignnone" width="840"] said every dog ever[/caption]

Bound to Happen

[caption id="attachment_7328" align="alignnone" width="840"] it's a scientific fact[/caption]

I Think It's a Birthday

We finally got around to looking at all the pictures we developed for Mother's Day. Fifty-five rolls of 35mm film, some of it 18-years old. That's a lot of pictures. Almost all of which were birthday parties. But there is still lots more film in the box, so there is that. Here's a flash from the past. [caption id="attachment_7331" align="alignnone" width="840"] Dude, you're drinking all my soda[/caption]

Baby Got Back

I picked my car up from the body shop tonight. They had to put on a new rear bumper, change a tail light, and do an assortment of other repairs after Captain America ran into it at the Motor City Comic Con a few weeks back. The car looks as good as new, or pretty close too it, but I still know that in the last 12-months it's gotten not one or two new bumpers, but three. Rear ended three times in a one year time span, that's enough for anyone. I'm ready to have that streak be over. Let's just ride out the next year and a half without any more incidents. Please.


[caption id="attachment_7325" align="alignnone" width="840"] art by Hermann Mejia[/caption] Yesterday, I went and saw a movie with Lady Ronn and the middle child. I’m going to say a lot of snarky things, but I’ll start by saying: I did not hate this movie, but I was disappointed in what they (Warner Brothers and DC) gave me. I’d give it 3.5 stars on the Netflix scale. I liked it. I did not really like it and I certainly didn’t love it. Warner Brothers and DC have no idea what they’re doing. Or, said more optimistically, Warner Brothers and DC are still finding their footing with this whole movie world-building business. Man of Steel was a mess. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is a mess. Both movies have great visuals. There is good stuff in there, but it’s not consistent and the whole thing is very mopey and disjointed. Though it does a good job of continuing where Man of Steel leaves off. I could give you a review, but you probably know me well enoug

Father's Day 2016

[caption id="attachment_7321" align="alignnone" width="840"] Happy Father's Day[/caption] The wife has big plans for me today, so the bathroom project will have to wait a bit. Despite going a large part of yesterday with the water shut off, I was able to get all of my piping done in the bathroom and the laundry room. New valves are in place for everything but the shower... that wall may need to move a little. And as soon as everything dries out I can finish the drywall in the bathroom. The shower stall fits far better than I was afraid it would, not perfect mind you, that would be too much to ask given that it's set in 4-inches of concrete. But I can make it work with just a small bit of shimming. So I guess, at this point, I need a few 2x4s, some plastic sheeting, and some sand. I'll use the 2x4s to finish that shower wall. Then I'll wrap the enclosure with plastic to keep the insulation from getting gross. I'll set the shower base an

Picking a Project

I have lots of options today. So very many things that I could work on. Projects galore. But I've made the decision to get back to work on bathroom in the basement. The floor in the upstairs bathroom is getting pretty weak and I can't really tear into that until we have a second full bath to shower in, so today I'll be working on the basement bathroom. I've already gotten a good start on it. The toilet is out, as is the sink and vanity, and I pulled out the fiberglass shower stall that was put in place to see how it would fit. I've torn out the old galvanized piping for the water and scraped up the couple bits of old flooring, made coffee, sent a text to the middle child asking if he wants to learn to solder, all that and it's just now 10 am. I feel so productive. :) Here's a look back at our progress to this point. [caption id="attachment_7312" align="aligncenter" width="300"] from the realtor ad[/caption] [caption id="at

Truckcast #112: Garbage Truck Ballet

I recorded this one over a few days that were not really close to each other. There was a lot of coughing and sickness going on, but I persevered. Then I let the files age for a bit in one of my vintage oak folders, to ensure just the right sound. Tonight I pulled them out and stitched them together into a short episode of the Truckcast. All in all, it'll be a pretty typical rambling Truckcast. Have a seat and take a listen. Truckcast #112: Garbage Truck Ballet Click on the link to download the podcast, then play it on your favorite device. type: audio audio file: Truckcast_20160614_112.mp3 duration: 00:17:40 filesize: 16.18 MB date recorded: 14-06-2016

Truckcast #112: Garbage Truck Ballet

I recorded this one over a few days that were not really close to each other. There was a lot of coughing and sickness going on, but I persevered. Then I let the files age for a bit in one of my vintage oak folders, to ensure just the right sound. Tonight I pulled them out and stitched them together into a short episode of the Truckcast. All in all, it'll be a pretty typical rambling Truckcast. Have a seat and take a listen.

Develop Your Passion

[caption id="attachment_7303" align="alignnone" width="840"] Passion grows from competence[/caption]

It's About Context

[caption id="attachment_7293" align="alignnone" width="840"] It's called inattentional blindness[/caption]

Moving Day

There were days when I couldn't ever imagine it happening and there were days when I couldn't wait for it to happen, but ready or not, it has finally happened. The oldest boy has left the nest and is off to find his own way in the world. He's off to a new city, a new job, and his first stab at true self sufficiency. I'm very proud and a little sad, but I recognize that this is exactly what I raised him to do, live his life as best he can. I wish him all the luck in the world and hope he finds success and happiness. And while I recognize that the time for him to get out of my house has come, and I don't want him back, I let him know, that I know, life is rough and full of unexpected twists and that we will be here for him if he needs us. I expect that he will be back once or twice before he truly finds his wings and soars, and that is okay. I didn't make it on my first try and I don't think most do. Those initial lessons are tough and unexpected. Sometimes to

Shelving Update

Today has been mostly a wash, but I did get the shelves along the front wall populated. The paint has cured and I feel safe filling it up.  I still have a large sailboat and eagle, neither of which do I have any idea where to put. Perhaps I will have to build something ;) [caption id="attachment_7286" align="alignnone" width="820"] front wall shelves[/caption] Yesterday, I went to Ball Park Floral and did some work for them, they want to clear their front wall and put up some pallet wood. I went and took down a section around one window and was able to get a better idea as to how much work it will be to finish. Afterwords, Lady Ronn and I ran some errands and then finally made it to Stella's Lounge , home of the best burger in America as voted by GQ  in 2012 and Best in Grand Rapids by the readers of  Grand Rapids Magazine  (January 2014 and 2015!) and  On the Town  (August 2014). It was good stuff. We were going to follow that up with a walk around G


[caption id="attachment_7282" align="alignnone" width="840"] Sometimes you just have to drive.[/caption]

Think About It

[caption id="attachment_7279" align="alignnone" width="840"] Attitude is Important[/caption]

Thank You and Goodbye

[caption id="attachment_7290" align="aligncenter" width="343"] Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016[/caption] Muhammad Ali, the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all time, has died at the age of 74. The world is a darker place because of his departure. I was never a boxer. I was never a big fan of boxing as a sport. But like so many others, I was captured by the magic of this man. As a kid, he was like a real-life superhero. Hell, he fought Superman in the comics. He was a great fighter, a man of powerful charisma, and an inspiration to so very many. Today, is a sad day.

Slightly Different Picture of the Exact Same Shelves

I trimmed out the back wall shelves tonight after work. Things went pretty well, no real issues. Though, I did run out of 1x2 pine and had to dig through my leftover stock to find some bits to rip down. It'll all be painted, so it doesn't matter and no one will be any the wiser. [caption id="attachment_7274" align="aligncenter" width="840"] All trimmed out[/caption] What do you think of those dividers on the top shelf? Should they be there? Should they be centered? Right now I've got them set to match the width of the center section, but I'm not sold on how to do this and what looks best. Leave me a comment and let me know your opinion. The next step will be to go over everything with the flush-bit on my router, fill the screw holes, nail holes, and "whoopsies" with wood filler, and then give it a good sanding with some 150 grit sandpaper. You might think that's not fine enough, maybe you're thinking I should go 220 grit

Cut Down to Size

Do you remember those two pedestals that I worked so hard on? I searched for the article, but the pictures haven't been fixed yet, so no link. Anyway, I built two pedestals so that my Batman and Superman busts would sit at the proper height. DC says that Batman is 6'2" tall and that Superman is 6' 3" tall, so the pedestals were pretty tall. I think both were over 48" high. Not so much anymore. [caption id="attachment_7269" align="alignnone" width="840"] Clark Kent, Rampant Lion, Bruce Wayne[/caption] With the new shelves that I put at the front of the office the pedestals no longer fit in that location, so I had to make some changes. The heights are still true to DC Comics lore. Also, those hex shelves are back up on the wall and I rearranged the stuff in them. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out as well. [caption id="attachment_7270" align="alignnone" width="840"] What's with all