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Truckcast #120: Where Are We Going With This

The first Truckcast of the year started off with an actual topic, but then returns to form by wandering around a bit before wrapping up with an overview of the last few aborted posts. So, all-in-all, it's a pretty typical Truckcast. Plenty of rambling goodness to inform and entertain you. Sit back and have a listen.

Taxed and Tired

My how the weeks scoots by... four or five days fly by and no posts get made. Well, let's remedy that. I've put up the trim, blocked the hole above the electrical panel, and finished the ceiling in the closet for the craftroom project. That was yesterday's project. We've decided to go with mirrored closet doors to keep the room bright, but I'll pick those up next week, along with a sheet of plywood to redo that back shelf. [caption id="attachment_11109" align="aligncenter" width="225"] addition of 1/4-round on the floor[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11110" align="aligncenter" width="400"] in the closet as well[/caption] Today, I managed to get all my paperwork together and get the taxes done, with a little help from the H&R Block website. I had a minor issue getting logged into the website to get my 1095-A, but eventually it let me log in. So that was a thing. Anyway, I'm happy

What a Mess

Killian was dropped off at C-Snip this morning at 8:30 am, and after what I can only imagine will be the worst day of her life, I'll pick her up Wednesday at 7:30 am. Then she'll have a few hours of peace before Heidi comes home and smothers her with concern and worry. I didn't have school last night and I don't have school tomorrow as my teacher is off at the AHR Expo, in Chicago this week. While he's purusing the wares at what is billed as the World's Largest HVACR Marketplace, I'm at home doing all the work he assigned us to keep us busy. Last night I managed to get two of the five assignments done. Tomorrow, I'll see what I get done, because I don't want to be working on this stuff next weekend. I'm just approaching it with the attitude that the 4-hours each night I would be in class, instead I'm doing homework. Where is the Truckcast? Asked no one, yet. I've actually started a recording a couple different times, but it hasn't go

Post Something, Anything

I was looking for inspiration for a post today and I came up empty. Killian, our cat, is going in to get fixed tomorrow morning. Shouldn't that be broken? Whatever, you know what's going to happen and it's happening tomorrow. That makes for a terrible post. What else you got? I have this amusing animation from my Google Photos.... It's me with an octopus on my head. [caption id="attachment_11100" align="aligncenter" width="972"] not worth the price of admission[/caption] No?! Well, I got nothing then. Nothing. Come back tomorrow and maybe there will be something more. Later.

Craftroom: Slow Progress

My intention was to get my part of this room done, or nearly done this weekend. But every project has at least two projects hidden within it. This has been no exception to that rule. The electrical was more involved than I expected. The 2x2 LED lights don't fit in a CeilingMax grid. The ductwork needed to be rerun and supported. What else? Oh, I had to finagle the CeilingMax into a couple places it didn't want to go (I'll fix that later, bigger project than I want to get into right now). So what did I get done? I put sound deadening insulation in all of the joists to isolate the sound of the living room above. Then I supported my droopy gas lines (there's two... it makes little sense). Moved the heating run to the outside wall and supported both it and the run for the room above. Wired up two light fixtures, where there had been one. Put up the ceiling grid. Realized that the lights wouldn't fit in the grid. Created a work around for that. Cut and fitted all the til

Gator or Croc

[caption id="attachment_11088" align="aligncenter" width="735"] recreated something i found at[/caption]

Can't Be Any Other Way

our view on the world is our beliefs about the world

MLK Jr Holiday

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” -- Martin Luther King Jr., “Letter from Birmingham City Jail,” 1963 “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” - -Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963 "If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." --Martin Luther King Jr. I thought I'd give you something that wasn't, i have a dream, to remind you of the holiday today. The banks are closed and the postal carrier isn't delivering, and we're celebrating the life and accomplishments of Grammy Award winning artist and social activist, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Seriously. I didn't know that. Just found out about that today. In addition to being the one of the most famous social activists in the world (who else you got? Gandhi? Rosa Parks? Mother Teresa? Nelson Mande

There Is Danger In Letting Others Define You

opinions are like @$$holes...

Flooring, Part II

[caption id="attachment_11061" align="alignleft" width="225"] lets try this again[/caption] The new floor has arrived. I picked it up on Wednesday and it's had most of three days to acclimate itself to the temperature in the basement. Just from what I can tell from rolling a bit of it out, this was a good decision. I like the look of it and it has a stiffness and strength to it that I didn't expect... of course that could just be because it's cool in the basement. It is definitely a different style of flooring than the stuff I used in the laundry and bath rooms, which was good but had a very vinyl feel to it and to the way it bent. This stuff has a harder 'shell' and the bulk of the under-layer seems to be made up of distinct layers of different materials. These two features made it a little tricky to install. What I should have done: remove the baseboard trim, layout the flooring in the garage and cut to fit, then lay it in the baseme

Traverse City

I took a little work-related, overnight road trip to Traverse City. It took me three hours to get there, three hours to get home, and I'm still going to have to go back because I didn't get everything done. So, that's a thing. It was 48 degrees there on Thursday. Friday had a high of 20, which was just after midnight... it got cold fast. I went there to do a LED retrofit on some displays for one of my clients, but between driving, meetings, and lunch, it was 1:00 pm before I even walked into the store on Thursday. Then I had to figure out what they'd sent me to do and how to do it. I managed to get one display done and that took me 4-hours. Then I got a hotel room, grabbed a haircut, ate some Mexican food, read some of my electrical textbook, and proceeded to get a terrible nights sleep before going back to the mall to start again. Friday, I started late (by JLL standards), the store doesn't open until 10 am. But I did get my time down to 2-hrs for each display. Thi

The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

The essential elements for building a world? I hesitated in using a $12 credit to buy this one. It’s short. Really short. Audible says, 4 hours and 42 minutes, and I tend to not spend my audible credits on anything less than 10-hours long. But I fell for their marketing and took the creative leap towards creating dazzling worlds of my own. I shouldn’t have used my audible credit for this book. [caption id="attachment_11056" align="alignright" width="300"] maybe the PDF is a better choice[/caption] First, let’s talk positives. Everyone contributing to this book has serious RPG cred. There are essays by Keith Baker, Wolfgang Baur, David "Zeb" Cook, Monte Cook, Jeff Grubb, Scott Hungerford, Chris Pramas, Jonathan Roberts, Janna Silverstein, Michael A. Stackpole, and Steve Winter. The essays are good and offer solid, but rather vague advice. I think beginners will get more out of this than experienced world builders and game masters. Ray Greenley do

A Natural History of Dragons

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent By: Marie Brennan Narrated by: Kate Reading Series: Memoirs by Lady Trent, Book 1 Length: 10 hrs and 16 mins (Unabridged) Publisher: Macmillan Audio Audible Rating: 4.3 (879 ratings) I am convinced that I liked this book more than I think I did. It was good, but I kept telling myself that it really wasn’t my type of thing, and yet I finished it in two days. That kind of argues the point that maybe it was my kind of thing. And yet, I don’t feel any compulsion to rush out and get the next book in the Memoirs by Lady Trent series. Is that weird? It feels weird. This is a Victorian Age novel that is not set in the Victorian Age. By which I mean, this isn’t on earth. Dragons!?! But that is the feel of the whole thing. Very Victorian in dress, attitude, and mannerism. Lady Trent, herself. Interestingly, this is told from the point of view of a woman who has long since retired and is looking back on her adventures and discoveries with a ver


“The truth? What the Hell is the truth? We're born, we live and we die. Everything else is just shades of opinion.” Book three in the Jon Shannow series and the end of his part in the Sipstrassi, the Stones of Power.  After 20 years of peace and pacifism, Jon Caid is pushed too far and laid low.  Thus making room for, Jon Shannow, the legendary Jerusalem Man,  to return for a deadly showdown with the fiendish Deacon, the vicious Jerusalem Riders, and a monstrous god that feeds on souls. Let's see what we have here... We've got magic in the Sipstrassi. It's a post-apocalyptic world after the "turn". It's a western. There's time travel. A bunch of religion. There's dimension travel.  There's an exploration of pacifism vs the way of the gun. And it's all done so well. I really enjoyed this book, and the whole series. But then I expected to, David Gemmell being one of my favorite authors. Christian Rodska does a great job with the narration and

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Google Play offered me a $1.99 rental and this weekend the wife and I watched the latest spider-man movie. I was a little surprised, after all the talk about it being “the greatest superhero movie of all time, ever. So good. Great, really.” Or whatever it is that Trump had to say about it. I was a little let down by the whole thing. I enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty good, but I’m not convinced it should have gotten so much rah-rah hype. First, let’s establish where I’m at and where I’m coming from. The last spider-man film I saw was Spider-Man 2, back in 2004. I liked the first two Tobey Maguire quite a bit. I never saw the third movie in that series, and I never saw either of the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies. So I cannot compare this to those three films. I did see the 1967 cartoon reruns throughout my childhood and watched 1977 live action TV series as a kid when it came out. Also, I looked forward to seeing Spider-Man on the Electric Company. So, I think it’s fair to say th

2018 Begins

Happy New Year to everybody. Thanks for spending some part of the past year reading my stuff and looking at my pictures. Hopefully, you got something out of coming around here, even if it was just a laugh every now and then. With the new host and the new site, I'm hoping to come up with new and better content to keep you coming back. I didn't post any sort of 2017 wrap-up. It was that kind of year for me, lots of good intentions, not nearly enough time or action. Honestly, it all just kinda seems like a blur; it went by so fast. The new year has begun for all of us, and for me, it has some things in store. The youngest boy will be graduating high school. Lady Ronn will get her degree. I turn 50. The bathroom will get finished... probably... maybe... I hope. My sister-in-law is getting married. and I'll probably have to get a new roof on the house. So, there are things. Things will definitely happen this year. I guarantee it. I want to do more podcasts, get