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Back to the Classroom

Today is the start of the 2018 Fall semester at Grand Rapids Community College. I've got a full schedule this semester. I signed up for eight credits spread across three classes, which works out to 4-nights a week. The saving grace to this schedule is that the Metallic and Non-Metallic Joining class, which is two of those nights, doesn't start until the middle of October. Tonight, it all starts with PL 201 - Introduction to Philosophy. Lady Ronn took this class earlier, in the Spring part of the Spring/Summer semester, and she enjoyed it quite a bit. I have a different instructor than she did, but I'm looking forward to it and it meets my Humanities elective. According to the catalog, this course includes a consideration of some basic problems of philosophy, philosophic, rationalistic and scientific knowledge, the mind and body, the nature of humanity and self-identity, and values in human conduct from the point of view of historical and contemporary schools of philosophy.

Disconnected: A Facebook Story

If you're not seeing this, it's because you only look at my stuff on Facebook. Which is a place most of my posts will no longer be seen. Facebook recently changed their rules on who/what can post to personal pages and as a result my website has been disconnected. Facebook no longer supports Publicize connections to Facebook Profiles, but you can still connect Facebook Pages. Please select a Facebook Page to publish updates to. Basically, the posts here will no longer be picked up and posted to my Facebook profile page automatically. Which is a bummer, because I'm pretty certain that's how most of my audience finds my posts. My site is still reposting to Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr, but not the big one that we're all using, Facebook. I do have the option of creating a Facebook Page. What we all have isn't a Page, it's a Profile... it's a Facebook thing. But don't think I'll do that. I don't really want more Facebook stuff to deal with, beside

5th Anniversary

Five years back we tied the knot for the second time. Sure, we were a bit heavier, grayer, and more set in our patterns the second time around. But we are also wiser, more worldly, and have seen what it takes to make a relationship not just function, but blossom.  Life doesn't ever stop throwing things in your path, but one way or another we keep going. Together. Hand in hand.  I've got no regrets. It's been a great 5-years. Sure they've been full of changes, challenges, and creative negotiations, but nothing good is ever easy. The next five will be even better (now that the kids are out of the house). The five after those will be better still. And on and on into the future.

Birthday Milestone

the big five oh

Procrastination Destination

saying you'll do something and actually doing that thing... same. right?

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

I came home to a surprise on Thursday. For all the years I've lived in my house there has been a broken pipe for the water shutoff in my front yard. It was kind of a jagged thing that I was pretty sure the neighbor kids, or myself, would fall on it and become grievously injured. Seems the city has been out and put a nice little cap on it... oh, and they dug up my neighbors yard and moved his. So, probably, mine was just something they noticed while they were here. But it's a win. I'll take that. I had to crop that picture down to avoid you seeing the swath of yellow straw that is my lawn. I've been thinking about wrapping my van with one of those vinyl wraps. Yes, I know, I'm doing that thing again. I can't help myself. I don't have all my ducks in a row, and this is certainly premature. But it's a thing I spent some time on this morning. Too much time. I couldn't find any good templates online, so I had to build my own in Corel PaintShop Pro. It'