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Trip, Trip, Done

The microwave died on Thanksgiving. This was a potential disaster. How could we properly irradiate all the food without a microwave. Things were a little hit or miss there for a bit. I blame the cream corn. Tripped the breaker twice and then started making an ugly noise. Worst part is, it's mounted above the stove and includes the stove vent. Ah well, to fix or to replace that is the question. The whole clan seemed very surprised, when I went down the stairs and came back from the basement 3-minutes later with a whole other microwave. This is one of the perks of not getting rid of things. Disaster averted and the corn was heated.

So Many Sales

My email has been full with pre-deals, sale previews, and early price drops for two weeks. I'm sure yours has too. So money was bound to get spent. i can only stand up to that kind of pressure for so long. My personal BLACK FRIDAY shopping spree started on Tuesday at Home Depot. All of my shopping has been at either the big box home centers or Amazon. And I did NOT leave the house on Friday. Saturday and Sunday, but not Friday. I let Lady Ronn do that particular brand of madness.  no black friday shopping for me On Tuesday I picked up a new 6-pc. set of Rigid battery powered tools and took advantage of the pick two freebies, I also grabbed a 3-1/2" framing nail gun by Porter Cable. The nail gun is something that I've been waiting for a price drop on, the Rigid stuff... yeah, that was an impulse buy. Then on Saturday, I went to Menards and took advantage of their R-15 insulation deal. They were offering a $9 rebate per roll, so that brings the price down to $2.99 for an 18-

Check Your Attitude

a little thing that makes a big difference