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You Can Be Better

baby steps are still steps in the right direction

Who Do You Want To Be

all it takes is sacrifice, effort, and luck

2018 Stats

Here's my much delayed 2019 graphic and here’s hoping that everyone had a great New Year celebration and is ready to get started on 2019. If not, too bad. It’s already begun. So, like everyone else, my email was full of year end summaries and reviews at the beginning of January. Let’s take a look at my info, or the bits that I find interesting anyway. The rest we’ll ignore. Nobody is interested in my health care summary, banking overview, or whatnot. Moving on. Google Maps tells me that I traveled 25,141 miles in 2018. That’s about a trip around the world. And it’s no surprise to me that both my furthest and longest trip for the year was the drive south to visit my mother in Florida. I was interested to see that I made 51 visits to The Home Depot, 33 visits to Lowe’s, and only 15 visits to Menards. All of those numbers seem very low to me, as it seems like I’m at one or more of those every day for work. It’s probable that those are numbers for individual stores, rather than for the

Still a Bit Off

stop your moping

GRCC Winter 2019

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year's eve, and that the new year is treating you well. I'm back from my vacation. We went down to Florida and visited my mother and sister for Christmas, celebrated the New Year in West Virginia, and made it back in time for work on the 2nd. It was a nice trip, and despite the length, it didn't feel long enough. But then it never does. So, back to real life. The new semester started for me on the 7th. Just two classes this semester and each is just a single night... it's like I'm not even in school. I'm so used to being in class four nights a week that this lighter schedule is a welcome break. The added bonus is that both classes start at 6:00 PM, which means I've got time between work and class to take a breath and maybe grab a sandwich. These are my last two HVAC courses and I'm really liking the way this is playing out. In other news, I watched Ready Player One last night. I thought it was entertaini

Receiving with Grace

nobody owes you anything