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Art and Ideas

exercise your creativity and you will never be bored

Frederic the Idleman

FREDERIC as played by Zach "Idleman" Male Muirhaut Rogue, 1st-level / Herald, 1st-level Reputation 1 Social Rank 13 Strength 12  (+1) Fort. Save +2 Dexterity 17  (+3) Ref. Save +8 Constitution 15  (+2) Will Save +1 Intelligence 15  (+2) Alignment Regulus Wisdom 9  (-1) Speed 20 ft. Charisma 9  (-1) Size M ( 3' ) Armor Class 20 Base Attack +1 Life Points 15 Melee Attack +3 Action Points 20 Ranged Attack +5 Experience Points 1,000 SPECIAL:   Sneak Attack SKILLS:  Appraise +2, Aura Defense +2, Aura Grip +2, Aura Stealth -1, Balance +3, Bluff -1, Climb +1, Concentration +2, Craft +2, Diplomacy -1, Disguise -1, Escape Artist +3, Forgery +2, Gather Information -1, Heal -1, Heal Another -1, Heal Self +2, Hide +3, Intimidate -1, Jump +1,  Knowledge (Arcana) +2 , Listen +1, Move Object +2, Move Silently +3, Perform -1, Pilot +3, Ride +3, Scry +2, Search +2, See Aura -1, Sense Motive -1, Spot -1, Swim +1, Use Rope +3, Wilderness Lore -1.  FEATS:  Aura Sensitive, Control, Enduran

Happy Dance

making it all work is a lifetime endeavor

That Inner Voice

running away from your dreams is running towards regret

Roland L'Pallance

32,427 C. Y. -- portrait by unknown Roland was born out of wedlock, his birth making him the third son of Duke Erik L'Pallance, himself a third son.  The Duke's mistress, Lady Kathrnye Alvarny, his mother, died during the complicated birth and the Duke took his son into the warmth of his home.  During his childhood and youth the family suffered many tragedies, his eldest brother, Vlad, was mauled by an owlbear in the forest, his step mother lost a girl child hours after its birth, two brothers Marcus and Blain were lost during the humanoid squirmishes, and his closest sister, Karia, was slain by a jealous lover.  Leaving only Gies, Roland, and Tormis to carry on the L'Pallance name.  Out of these tragedies came a bonding and a closeness few families could lay claim to. Erik was a paladin of reasonable renown and trained his remaining children in the holy ways of the warrior, hoping they would to strive for the perfection he strove for.  Erik was a good teacher, treating his

Call of Cthulhu

I have frequently wondered if the majority of mankind ever pause to reflect upon the occasionally titanic significance of dreams, and of the obscure world to which they belong. H.P. Lovecraft, Beyond the Wall of Sleep Is it just me and the RPG loop that I've found myself in, or has Call of Cthulhu had a resurgence? Whatever the case, I've been tempted to pick up the most recent iteration of the game. I guess you could say I'm hearing the call. I blame Seth Skorkowsky and his YouTube channel.


giving respect, it's about you more than them

We All Know Somebody

are you a good person? am i?