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Switching to Creative Cloud

I am about to embark on a big change and one that seems to have an enormous learning curve. I am switching from Corel Draw to Adobe Creative Cloud. I have been using Corel Draw for my graphic creating and editing since I found CorelDraw 3 among some office supplies that were being thrown out back in the middle of the 1990s. I found CorelDraw 5 in the same way, then I bought CorelDraw 8, or maybe it was 10, and from there I was invested in the software. Now, I have the X7 suite and Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 on the machine in my office, but I’m not going to be moving on to CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019. Nope. I’m changing horses and trying my hand at the big dog in the graphic design game. Why? Because I was emailed a 40% off offer. Well, that and the fact that Lady Ronn is already paying monthly to use a couple of their products for her photography editing. In addition to that, there are a lot of tools in Creative Cloud and I should be able to stop using a few other programs that use for

10,000 Pieces of Glass

Do you remember this table? what it used to look like Well, it's broken. Really quite broken. Shattered actually. I was moving everything to the uncovered patio and getting everything set up for the Memorial Day cookout. I was trying to set the umbrella in its place at the center of the table and missed the tube in the weighted base. I bent over to see how everything lined up, the umbrella slipped sideways, and the whole glass top transformed into small pieces of tempered glass with a pop. Now I have six chairs and a topless table, which is not particularly useful. I would argue that the top of the table is it's most functional part.

Normal is Relative

life has a way of eroding away the normal bits of a personality

Live Action D&D Cartoon

In September of 1983 I was very excited about the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It took all of one episode for me to recognize that it was not realizing my vision for a saturday morning cartoon based on my favorite game. I was disappointed and didn't much care for the cartoon. But through the lense of nostalgia, I've become more forgiving and the cartoon has a fond place in my memory. Mostly, because it was a thing. A thing I would have never thought would be. The D&D movie... yeah, that's still garbage. But this commercial is very cool and I'd be up for seeing more of this. I cannot believe how mainstream D&D is right now. It's crazy. It's cool. It's crazy-cool. so this is a thing that's pretty cool Also, those statues in the feature image, they're real. I may be getting at least one of them. We'll see.

Apparently, I'm Done

I sent an email to my advisor earlier this week asking about why I was unable to register for a math class in the Fall 2019 semester. She could have responded simply and told me that the math assessment is only good for a year and then you need to retake it. But she didn't. Instead, and I'll shorten this up for y'all, she said I don't need it, I don't need the other fall class I signed up for, and that with this biology class (assuming I pass), I'm done with my degree path and need to register for graduation. And as an addendum, she mentioned that now that I've completed my program, I will not be able to get any more financial aid until such time as I enroll in a bachelor's program at university. Apparently, student aid does not pay for me to just take whatever classes I want. Go figure. In other GRCC news, I had no doubt that I had failed my first Biology test, but it turns out that I scored an 84. I do not know how that happened, but I'll take it.

Reaching for the Stars

corvette tastes with chevette budget

Dropping Public Speaking

Enough is enough. This class, or rather this instructor, is too disorganized for me to do this in the short summer semester. I received an email this morning, that was sent out last night at 9:38 PM, with a list of things to do, have done, and bring to class tonight. I'll spare you the details, but this is an email that should have gone out on Friday so that we had the weekend to do this stuff. Not on Sunday night when everyone has shut off their computers for an hour of TV before bed, work the next morning, and then a quick rush off to school after that. Or at least, that's my schedule. Anyway, this email put me over the top. Sure, dropping the class leaves me 2-credits shy of the 6 required for my student loan. And yes, Friday was the last day to drop classes and get full reimbursement, so I'll be paying for the books and half the class. But I cannot do it. I cannot manage this class along with Biology, work, and life. So in a bit of a snit, I dropped public speaking this

Pressure Relief, making life easier for you on a daily basis

Too Much?

This may be rough going. I've done two classes each for Public Speaking and Biology lab. I haven't even started on the Online Biology lecture; that'll be this weekend. And it feels like a lot to do in this condensed Summer semester. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Again. I went and spoke with a college advisor, and that seemed like a waste of time. I am on track for my degree, so I was right about that. He printed me out a page showing me the non-HVAC requirements for the Ferris Bachelors. From this, I did learn that I can take enough transferable math classes at GRCC to keep me here another four semesters. So that's a thing. After that meeting I tried to sign up for next Fall's Algebra class that the math assessment placed me in, only to have the computer reject that request. So now I need to talk to the math department in order to get approval to take the class they told me to take.

May the Fourth

a farm boy crosses the galaxy to rescue a princess from the man who killed his father

Canvas Prints, Part II

Both of my canvas prints arrived this week from . Inner Sareth arrived on Thursday. It looks good. Colors are nice. Text is sharp. But... due to the way it's stretched, the border is wavy and not even around the perimeter of the canvas. If I was going to give you advice about doing something like this yourself, I'd tell you to remove the border and avoid the disappointment. I've already gone in and created a borderless copy of the map in WonderDraft. It's distracting and that would be my biggest complaint. I have one other complaint, and that is the corner folds. These are sloppy and stick out all around the print. I can pull the staples and refold them, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do that. Inner Sareth This was not where I had intended to put it, but I think it looks better here. Mainly, because the unfinished statue projects distract from the sloppy border. Besides, I think the other two look pretty good together. The Skorr & Baen

Grades - 2019 Winter

I already showed you how I did on my final exams, but now the final grades for the 2019 Winter semester have been posted. I think I did pretty well. I passed. The grade point didn't suffer. I have no complaints on that score. I have complaints, but my grades would not be amongst them. Here's the report card. Class Grades - 2019 Winter   Class  Description  Units  Grading  Grade  Grade Points HVA 250  Basic Boiler Operation  3.00  Graded  A 12.000 HVA 276  Adv Air Cond Refrig & Heating  3.00  Graded  A  12.000 And with that, I am finished with the HVAC portion of the degree program. I could get a certificate at this point, but I already have the one I received from Northwestern Technological Institute and I don't think having two certificates in the same field  is particularly impressive. In fact, it might be taken as an indication that a particular individual might be either a bit slow or rather forgetful. No thank you. I'll take this last science class and walk awa