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And by here now I don't mean that it's a thing that you've been waiting for and has finally arrived, rather, I mean that I've put a redirect in place and that going to will now deposit you here at Why? Because running one website is enough for me right now and I frankly don't have enough content to fill two websites. Not that there was much over there anyway. I've deleted the link at the top of the page and moved the enormous amount of content from the page here. No, not to, but to here, this post. Yeah. This is all that was there. It was a thing at one time, then it wasn't, then I wanted it to be a thing, then I didn't know what it would be, and now it's been downsized to a single post and a redirected domain. That's the short of it, minus the long. This is just part of the website refresh/overhaul that's going on here behind the scenes. Later. This is supposed to be a page about my writing, the writi

Find the Joy

reach for the stars, but watch your footing



The Day After

The birthday celebration went off without a hitch. Dinner was had at P.F. Chang's, which it may surprise you to know, I had never experienced previously. But I wanted Chinese for dinner and the rule is that we must try something new each time we go out. I had Chang's Spicy Chicken and Lady Ronn had Long Life Noodles & Prawns. I thought mine tasted very much like the Sweet Fire Chicken from Panda Express, only without the feature of sitting under the warming light for an unspecified period of time and of a decidedly better quality. It was good, really quite good. I'm just not convinced it was a good value for what it was. Neither of us had experienced prawns before and we both decided that there was essentially no difference between prawn and shrimp. We also had a couple of margaritas, an order of Mongolian Potstickers, and finished off with an absolutely enormous piece of cake that is appropriately called, The Great Wall of Chocolate. The cake was very good, the potstic

Another Orbit Completed

6:30 AM Another trip around the sun. Another candle. Another year down. Why am I up at 6:30 AM? Happy birthday to me. Thanks for being here, I'm glad to have you around. I'm a little more than halfway there, so stick around for more of the same nonsense you've come to expect. This is also the first day of a stretch of time off from work for me. I figured between my birthday, our anniversary, and a family vacation next weekend... what the heck. Why not. I'll go back to work on the 27th, whether they want me to or not. Here 'em singin' happy birthday Better think about the about the wish I make This year gone by ain't been a piece of cake Everyday's a revolution Pull it together and it comes undone Just one more candle and a trip around the sun I'm just hangin' on while this old world keeps spinning And it's good to know it's out of my control If there's one thing that I've learned from all this livin' Is that it wouldn't ch

Consider Me Avenged

Now that Endgame is available to rent, I've seen it. I know. I know. I've heard it all already. But you can pry my card from my cold, dead hand. I can't be bothered to pay movie ticket prices to drive to the theater, sit with a crowd, and watch an overly loud movie. Damn. That makes me sound old. But whatever, my TV is plenty big, I have complete control over the volume, and I can't remember the last movie that I just absolutely had to see the day it came out. The Marvel movies are no exception. But I hear a lot of people have seen these movies, so I figured I'd check them out. Lady Ronn and I had a bit of a movie marathon on Saturday. We watched both parts of the latest Avengers assemblage. That's more than five and a half hours of sitting in front of the TV, but I did it. Pizza was involved. part one or part three? I was going to recap what I said before about this movie, but I couldn't find a post about it. Did I not give my review of this movie? That see

Vanity or Advertisement

The last of my birthday presents arrived today from the State of Michigan. A vanity plate for my van. vanity plate Vanity. Get it? Not funny? No? Okay. Well, you're no fun. arohen license plate I considered getting this for a while, but I finally pulled the trigger on it. I did not imagine that it would be on a van, but that's what I drive. So, there you have it. It'll be on a van.

Living with Life

life is change, adaption, and momentum

Sitting Pretty in My New Chair

Look it's me talking about another thing I bought. Yeah, it is. But in my defence, most of the things I buy are pretty lame. And anyway, birthday. So, another birthday present arrived from Amazon. This time it's a new office chair . Because the last two have been terrible. I really miss my Aeron chair. office chair It doesn't look much different than my old chair, but it's much more comfortable. It actually has padding on the seat that pads. The adjustable arms don't swivel around like they're lost. It's wider and sturdier. It weighs quite a bit more, surprisingly heavy. The only complaint I have, the backrest doesn't lean back in a comfortable way. It just feels awkward. But I don't lean back when I'm working anyway, so it shouldn't be a thing. I'm pretty happy with it so far. I also picked up a set of better wheels for this one. They're supposed to be easier on the floor and that should let me get rid of the mat under my desk. Whic

Clear Cut

I came home and found that the tree work has been completed, the fence is back up and I have a new corner garden space. You can see in the picture below that all the trees are gone. It really exposes how much damage has been done to the fences over the years, and repairing them will be a project unto itself. In addition to the trees, my neighbor lost a grape vine that was growing on the fence between us. That grape vine used to hide all those red landscape blocks that I tore out and didn't know what to do with. The arborist's crew took those blocks and made a little garden area in the back corner of the yard, which is as good a use for them as I could come up with. Although, that is the corner I plan on putting my deck in, so not sure how long they'll stay there. Lady Ronn say's that the vine will be back next year, but I think I'd be just as happy if that didn't happen. In addition to the bricks in the corner, the tree crew did some fill and seed in my yard, th

Impulse Purchase - A Sword

I have a corner in my book closet that I want to decorate with a sword. I used to have a really nice rapier and main gauche that would have almost worked. But the problem with a rapier is the guard is very deep and pushes the whole thing quite far out from the wall. Besides, I gave that sword to the oldest boy and don't have it anymore. So, I've been looking for something, off and on, for a while now. I've considered cheap, wall-hanger swords with no real functionality. I looked at the Lord of the Rings swords, which are very nice, but too iconic and recognizable. Heck, I even considered making a sword. Still might. That would be very cool, but would involve new tools and probably a considerable amount of time. I've looked at some really nice swords that cost $700 or more, so much more, but that seems crazy given my budget and the use I'll be putting this sword to. It'll hang on the wall. A wall-hanger will be fine and you can get one for $50, but they look so c


*** Backdating this because I forgot to post it last night *** My neighbor brought down three of their very large pine trees a little while back and now they're going whole hog and taking the rest of them down. Which is great, because they've been shedding branches every time the storms roll in or the wind picks up. Which has beat the hell out of the fences around them, crushed the roof of their garage, and made me nervous about building a shed. But they've only got three trees to go and I expect they'll be gone when I get home tomorrow. Then they'll have nothing left but the clean-up. The tree guys came and asked to do this, so it's all with my blessing. To drop the trees they took down my fence and dropped these big ass pines into my back yard. When they come down the house shakes. Trees apparently have some heft. The only issue for us is that with no fence, the dog has to go out on a leash during the day. They've been good about putting the fence back up

Posting Notice

I pulled the snopes card on a friend today and I kinda feel bad about it. While this is a direct result of that, it is not a reflection of that person or that event. So, this is not about you… you know who you are. Look, I get it, the internet is a wonderful, horrifying place full of news and pictures and people trying to steal your soul. But here’s the thing. Putting a paragraph of nonsense on your Facebook page or in a tweet or, oh hell I don’t know, on whatever other site you’re using, has in no way protected you from the pages long user agreement that you clicked past so that you could reconnect with your 6 th grade sweetheart, post picture galleries of your cat, or whatever else you’re doing inside of your web browser. You wanted the cool new website, tool, app, AI overlord, whatever it was and now you have that thing. So great. These are private companies out to make a buck and grow their influence. They want the same thing you want. If you leave your lawnmower in my garage ther

It's Just What I Do

I took my work van in for service on Friday and it turned into an all day thing. Turns out that the reason my AC wasn't particularly cool is because the compressor clutch has gone bad and needs to be replaced. So, that weird farting noise I heard every so often was simply the pressure relief releasing. That needs to be repaired. The stabilitrak warning light is due to a bad sensor. Also a thing that needs to be replaced. The problems with the radio... you guessed it, bad radio. That one didn't get approved. I guess if I want a radio that'll be on me. Then there was the oil change and tire rotation. Easy enough. And lastly, a thing I didn't even realize was happening, one of the rear brake calipers is seized. That'll need to be fixed as well. I was at the dealership until about 2-2:30 before they finally got the approval to do the work from the fleet company. Needless to say, it didn't get finished. They're thinking Monday around 2. I'm thinking that taki


"You'll always be fine. You'll always be interesting, with your quirky cafe and your dead best friend. You just make me feel like I've failed." - Claire, Fleabag Lady Ronn talked me into giving Fleabag a try. It’s a BBC series that’s available on Prime Video, you know, if you’re looking for it. I probably wouldn’t have watched it, simply based on the title. But then, after we watched the first two episodes, I started hearing good things about it from a few different sources. So, maybe I would have come around to it despite the title. I’ve got to say, I’m glad the lady turned me on to it. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. "I'm not obsessed with sex, I just can't stop thinking about it. The performance of it. The awkwardness of it. The drama of it. The moment you realise someone wants your body. Not so much the feeling of it." - Fleabag It was both smart and clever, which is always a great combination. All the summaries say that it’s dry-wit

Prevention vs Treatment

all those individual decisions add up to create a life

Idle Hands

The last two days at work have been excruciatingly boring. I have a client that requires me to be an observer for their HVAC preventive maintenances. This means that I show up and I watch someone else work, make a few notes, take a few pictures, and try to explain why I'm there. That last one is the worst, because I have no idea why I'm there. I assume there is a story behind this procedure. The story, as I tell it to myself, is that this client had a previous vendor doing their HVAC preventative maintenance work. That vendor didn't actually do anything, probably did nothing while claiming to have done the work for years. And then things started to break. A completely different vendor came in to make repairs and said to this client. "You really need to maintain this equipment. And then the client realized how badly it was being screwed. Now they have an independent second vendor witness the work being done. Sure, it's expensive but it's worth the piece of mind.

What 'cha Been Watchin?

The Boys - Amazon Prime Last night we finished The Boys and while it was a bit gory and gratuitous in spots, I liked it. Lady Ronn liked it as well. It's based on a comic book, but I think everything is anymore. The characters were all interesting, if not necessarily likeable. There were points at which I laughed and points where I was grossed out, but there was no point at which I cried. It's not really that kind of show. Anyway, I'm looking forward to where it goes when it comes around for season two and I'll be watching it whenever that comes out. I'm sure I've got a long wait ahead of me. Jessica Jones - Netflix In other superhero news, Jessica Jones season 3 has been watched on the ol' Netflix. And while I am sad to see Marvel/Disney moving it's content off of their competitor's network, I don't know that I'll be sad to see Jessica Jones go away. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the final season, just as I enjoyed the seasons prior. But

Driftin' Along

It's August already. It felt like it took forever for Memorial Day weekend to get here and then in the blink of an eye we've blasted past June and through July. I'm sure that part of that is because I was still in class throughout June, but still, where did the summer go. I've got an anniversary, a birthday, a family vacation, and I'm planning on using up a little more than a week of PTO this month. August has just started, but I feel like all it's days are already in the ledger--paid and accounted for. Labor Day weekend will be here in no time and then we'll all be getting ready for the coming winter. I had planned on doing a series of videos reflecting on being 50 years old and looking back over those years. That never happened. Due to a lack of scripting what I want to say mostly. When I had the time I didn't know what I wanted to put on video and when I knew what I wanted to say I didn't have time. This is a recurring theme in my life. Probably,

Looking Ahead

you rarely see the future coming until it's already the past

Getting Back on the Horse

I used to have a red coffee cup that I liked quite a bit. It was a gift. I don't know what ever happened to that cup, but I got a bug in my bonnet the other day and bought a new one. I also bought a cup with my shield logo on it, but the cat knocked it off the counter about 20-minutes after I took it out of the box. It did not survive the impact with the floor. So, that was a thing. Last night I started writing again. I have too much time without school and I feel like I need to work on something that works the mental muscles. So I've decided to get back on the horse and see if I can't write a thousand words a night, five nights a week, and see what comes of it. I'm just pantsing right now to get back into the habit, but I started something fantasy-ish based on another story that I worked on a while back that was decidedly not fantasy. It's just an exercise to see what parts of the story can survive change the genre so dramatically. still working out the particulars