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Trick or Treat

40 degrees. Rain-snow mix. Windy. Probably not going to get a lot of kids tonight, but we're ready for them if they show. Happy Halloween. Have fun. Be safe. Update: Despite the weather we gave sugary goodies to 14 brave souls on this All Hallows Eve. Glad to see them, but sure do wish the crowds were bigger.

Amazon Payment Fiasco

I've had my first negative experience with an Amazon purchase experience. This is an actual Amazon issue, not a problem with one of their vendors. Which is impressive, given how often I shop on Amazon and how many years I've been using them. The issue was resolved, but it was still a thing. Here's what happened. I've been on Lady Ronn to upgrade her camera for a while now. The Canon Rebel she's been using is nice enough, but it's not professional quality and if she's really going to go for this photography thing she needs something else. Her instructors agree. So, after much brow-beating, badgering, and bullying, I finally got a decision out of her. Which is all I was really waiting for; an excuse to spend gobs of money. I loaded my Amazon cart up with camera equipment and made my purchases. Which went pretty much as I would expect. Flawless. Except that an hour later I received an email letting me know that there was a problem with my order, the purchase h

A Few Locations

The Five towns province as a populated region is 300 years old and occupies a 4,050 square mile area with an ample population density of 60 people per square mile. The area is roughly 33% arable land and has a population of 240,000. Details: 1,333 arable/settled sq. mi. (853,120 acres) 2667 wilderness sq. mi. (1,706,880 acres) Total Population: 240,000 Isolated Population: 4,800 Population living in villages (475): 213,600 Population living in towns (5): 21,600 Towns: (5) distance between each 28 miles Northup ( pop. 7,350 ) Easton ( pop. 5,880 ) Middlemost ( pop. 3,675 ) Ottercove ( pop. 3,175 ) South Downs ( pop.1,520 ) Villages: (475) average distance between each is 3 miles, average population of 450 Bettle (pop. 800) Brige (pop. 750) Cela (pop. 600) Del (pop. 525) Glorian (pop. 575) Lara (pop. 725) Mildre (pop. 550) Shirl (pop. 650) Thelmat (pop. 575) Tiller Fane (pop. 500) And 465 others (average pop. 450) Five Towns Province map Natural Features: North Cairn Wood This

Thoughts on Carnival Row

The concept of Amazon's new show, Carnival Row, is one that piqued my interest. But then, I felt the same way about Bright and it had some problems in the actual execution of it's ideas. But Carnival Row is a series, 8-episodes, so it has more time to build and explore it's ideas. That seems like a positive mark in its favor, and so I decided to give it a try. Carnival Row: Tangle in the Dark But first, I picked up this free Audible selection as one of my two this month. It's not a full length novel, only just over 3-hours, so more of a short prelude to the new Prime Video series. It was pretty good. And more importantly, I'd say that it increased my enjoyment and understanding of what was going on in the show. It's not required listening by any means, but if you liked the show or are thinking of watching the show, I would recommend it as a nice bit of background info. Carnival Row: Tangle in the Dark. Tourmaline Larou lives an idyllic life of learning by day a

Title, Cover, and Some Ideas

It's all handshakes and free drinks when you arrive. Everyone is all, "what's the news" and "tell us where you've been." Everything is great. You're a herald, a hero, a breath of fresh air. Then you screw the mayor's daughter or beat the shit out of some oversized farmboy maybe take too much advantage and suddenly you're the villain. See here. Let me tell you something that maybe seems like common sense, but apparently ain't. The trick is to leave before you lose the crowd. That's the real life of adventure, let me tell you! ...and don't come back Inspired by the first two books in the Witcher series, I'm imagining this as a collection of shorter pieces. How many, I'm not sure. Could be as few as four or as many as eight or ten. At one point I was thinking as many as 30, but that seemed to be both too many and stories that would be too short. So, how many? I'm still working that part out. I'm also still working on

Into the Fire

out of the frying pan...

Truckcast #128: NaNo Ideas 2019

I sat at lunch yesterday and worked out some ideas for this years NaNoWriMo. I came to the recording with a kernel of an idea and if you'd like, you can listen to me walk myself through the idea. The pauses are a bit longer than usual and some of the sentences just seem to drift off into the either, but I've listened to it twice now as I edited and I think there is some entertainment value here. But this is definitely me thinking out loud about a writing project. You've been warned. It's going to be a fantasy novel, low fantasy or possibly dark fantasy, though definitely not grim dark fantasy. It's not going to be that kind of story, or rather, that's not how I envision it. I'm going with a working title of ...And Don't Come Back The rest is revealed on the podcast.

NaNoWriMo Stuff

This is not stuff that I've done. Really. I still have no idea what I'll be writing. I found this years NaNoWriMo graphics on tumblr of all places. Since I couldn't find them on the NaNo website, I figured I'd share them here. Because, you know, this is Grand Central Station for all the novelists out there. Not. Take these and use them as you will. They are not mine. I'm just sharing them. I'm going to drop this first one on the front page somewhere. I'll add a word counter there as well. I put the pixel dimensions under each of these. In case that matters to you. 555 x 555 1280 x 474 851 x 315 In other website news... I changed my gravatar image, fixed a couple of pages, changed some graphics, and downloaded new backups that seem strangely incomplete. I love having a website. It's just so much fun all the time. Lady Ronn is at school giving the premiere of her short documentary film. I'm looking forward to seeing it when she gets home. Later.

I'm Working On It

something from pinterest I spent a good part of yesterday working with the lovely Lady Ronn on her video documentary. We did shot a bit of B-roll, bounced ideas around, and did more than a few takes of the interview. As I write this, I can hear her editing video in the kitchen. I'm very curious to see what she comes up with and anticipating the final product. Hopefully, she'll be happy enough with the final cut to let me share it with you. I've got to be honest with you, and I know this is a timing issue, we did not shoot all the shots I wanted to do. It's due next week and at some point you've just got to work with the footage you have. Maybe she'll let me have the raw video and audio footage, because I'd love to take a shot at editing it together and see what I come up with. Not that I think mine would be better, but it would probably be very different. We have dissimilar opinions on what this Ronn McCarrick: Creative Investigator documentary should be. Al

Add Title

I slapped together a NaNoWriMo 2019 cover based on my last book cover template. I took the liberty of replacing the viking helmet on the NaNo logo with an baseball cap, but I kept the iconic blue and brown color scheme. Let's all hope that this turns into something more inspiring in the next 10-days. because i still don't know what i'm writing I was looking for inspiration so I generated these 10 Opening Line Ideas from the online Plot Generator . I'm not sure if any of them are exactly what I was looking for, but they are a lot shorter than some of the plot summaries I was able to generate. I don't feel I was particularly evil as a child. My name is Effrosyni Deleuze no matter what my cousin tells you. There are only three things in life that truly matter: Randolph Reppo, Randolph Reppo and chocolate. 236,242 people died in 2657. If I'd become a painter, I'd still be able to see my kids. She hadn't been known as Shirani for months. I feel I w


but i'd be willing to give fame a shot

I Need This

I'm out of school and I'm stuck in a rut. I am doing nothing. I'm not working on my projects around the house. I'm not working on any of my craft projects. I'm not doing much for the website. I'm not writing. I really don't know what I do between 5 o'clock and 10:30. The time just seems to evaporate into YouTube videos, web surfing, and watching TV. This is not a place I want to be, especially not with winter coming on. I'll end up being 400 pounds by the time spring gets here. Time to shake off the blahs. NaNoWriMo Whatever could this be leading up to? National Novel Writing Month is almost here. That would be November for those of you not in the loop. I haven't had much luck with the writing, what with the being in school and what not, so I think this year I should have more success. Besides, I need to do this. To set a goal and accomplish a thing. My last win was 2014 and my last attempt was 2015. At this point my NaNoWriMo record is pretty m

Die Hard Dice are Awesome

Last time I bought dice I went to and ordered a bulk set of five sets of dice and dice bags. I'm pretty sure the colors/styles were random, because I would not have picked these colors. They're not the worst, but they're not great. And the little bags were really cheap. At that point, I had a metalic grey set and a translucent red set, but for whatever reason, I thought I needed more. I used to have a shit-ton of dice, 30-years worth of collecting, but I gave them to my son because I didn't think I'd be needing them. I miss the oversized dice, but other than those, I don't really remember what I had. But I watched a video for DIE HARD dice and I wanted them. I think this was the video I watched, Rybonator on YouTube . Die Hard dice make a bunch of different styles of dice. Metal dice. Polymer dice. Class dice. Dice bundles. Specialty dice. I think you get it. They're a dice company. They make dice. But the dice they make are really nice looking.

No Offense

maybe you should stop

Impeachment, That is the Question

Politics. That's was your heads-up. Consider yourself warned. Trump impeachment. Why? Full disclosure. I am not a fan. I'm not a flag wagging, chest thumping member of either party. I vote based on who I agree with, not which party they're in. Mostly, I'm a moderate, or possibly a centrist, I reserve my right to declare which based on your definition of either. I'd like to keep my gun, but I'm willing to let you run a check on me when I buy a new one, and I understand limiting what I can buy to things that aren't military grade weapons. I want to keep God out of my schools, courts, and politics, but I don't care what sort of house of religion you go to. I'm all about free speech, equal rights for everybody, increasing freedoms, and reducing qualifications for those freedoms. But that's just who I am. Whatever the case, there is no attention paid to the vast swath of Americans that just want things to be reasonable. Back to the impeachment thing.

Lost a Day in the Five Towns

I started a sketch of a map on Friday during the weekly conference call. Then I doodled on it a bit while I was having lunch. It's just an idea for a D&D campaign. A small bit of a larger map to get everyone started. I'm calling it Five Towns for obvious reasons. It's a somewhat rural bit of a larger kingdom or country, a bit of forest, some hills, and some points of interest. I tried to have a bit of everything in there, just for the utility of the thing. This is what I started with... Five Towns sketch Friday, however, is not the day in question that was lost. That would be today. It started off like most other Sunday mornings--coffee, laundry, internet browsing. But the browsing turned into research about population density during the medieval times, then demographics, and then I started formalizing the map. First, let me say that I am not playing D&D right now. I don't know anyone that I could play D&D with at this point. I haven't played in lots and


just stop already