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Make a Life Roll

the times they are a-changin'

A Little Something

If you have seen the boxed set of 8 D&D mini notebooks... well, I want you to know just how small they are. They are mini. So small in fact as to basically be useless. They're front shirt pocket small. I'd give you the dimensions, but that won't really tell you anything. Let me show you a picture. You can see how it compares to a small notebook and my mouse. just slightly bigger than my mouse's footprint This officially licensed 8-notebook boxed set with red foil stamping and spot gloss on the slipcase features some of the most iconic beasts and creatures of Dungeons & Dragons. It's perfect for notetaking and world-building, a must-have gift for D&D players as well as RPG, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror lovers. amazon page You get 8 notebooks--2 graph paper, 2 dotted paper, 2 lined paper, and 2 blank paper--they seem like they're decent quality, but damn are they small. I should have paid more attention to the description. I'm going to guess that, g

Weekend Update

this will probably take all day

What the Dill

or maybe they just don't like the variety of pickle you are


The pandemic finally hit home for me and my family. In her last semester of college, face-to-face classes at GRCC have been canceled into April, the campus labs have been closed, and as a result, Lady Ronn, no longer has a job. Which I'm sure will in a small way impact our financial situation, the amount of spending that we do, and as a result a small prick into the area economy. You can almost see the ripple effect going from local to state to federal to the world. Will this be the event that tips the balance and topples everything into a global depression? Let's hope not. The wife went shopping yesterday and got pulled into the hoarding panic that seems to be gripping so many of you. She had intended to just pick up the usual things, but seeing the empty shelves and the carts piled high tipped her into the, "I better get it now or it won't be available" mentality. And she ended up coming home with far more stuff than the two of us have any need for. I'm not

Truckcast #129: Too Much To Write Down

Here is the first Truckcast of 2020. Hell, the first Truckcast in 5-months. I'm way out of practice in both recording/speaking and editing these things... I pray you think it not absolute rubbish. Anywho, I took to the microphone to try and get you up to speed on a whole variety of things going on around these parts. The index of the podcast might read something like this: web updates, antipathy, DIY & Projects, crafting, pre-diabetes & weight, health & fitness, electric guitar, writing, adobe CC, and wrapping up the episode with a little bit on Dungeons & Dragons. I'm backdating this by a few days in order to keep my personal timeline in order and to avoid the impression that I am ignoring certain world events. I encourage you to give it a listen. Hopefully, you will find something of interest or entertainment within. And I beg of you to be gentle with your criticisms. Later.

Harder than it Looks

this may take some practice

Upper Limit

I mentioned this a while back to Lady Ronn and it seems to be an increasingly popular topic for the news to talk about, but how old is too old to be the president? I'm not an ageist. But, I'm also not a spring chicken just shouting about how the old folks running the country are out of touch. You've got to be 35 to run for president, and that seems pretty sound. I know a lot of people under 35 and most of them are still figuring things out, being president should require a certain amount of maturity. But what about the upper age limit? Right now, there isn't one and I'm genuinely thinking that there should be a point at which you can't be president. I'm feeling the rigors of my job and I've still got 15-years to go... I can only assume being the president is more demanding in nearly every capacity. Before I share my proposal, let's look at the age of our next president at inauguration--Trump would be 74, Biden would be 78, Sanders would be 79. Just f

Offline Privacy

I took half a day off yesterday to take advantage of the weather. Monday, my neighbor helped me get most of the remaining planks on the front and back of this shadow-box style privacy fence. Thanks, Ted. But we ran out of boards before the fence was finished. I grabbed another half-dozen boards at Home Depot and headed home to finish up this part of the project. Once the boards were finished I added a LED post cap on each of the posts. I still need to trim the board length on the end. And I have an idea for a possible end cap. I don't think I'm going to stain or paint this, but I may not have the final say in that decision. As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, I'm looking forward to finishing up the landscaping on the ground and using that new pressure washer I picked up last year on the siding. Probably going to use it on the patio as well. Really, I just need to clean everything up here in anticipation of getting a new patio furniture set. I've got a plan to add a