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Happy Halloween

 It is Halloween and tonight is a full moon; seems like a good night for a werewolf movie.  As an added bonus, I managed to get the car back in the garage for the first time in months. And now I know what the garage is going to look like all winter long... it's not great. Not sure what kind of turnout we'll get from the Trick O' Treater's, what with the pandemic and all. But we're prepared for them. Our turn out has been getting bigger each year as the older folks move out of the neighborhood and the young families move in, but I don't think we've ever gotten more than 20 kids. Have a happy Halloween and watch out for the kiddies if'n you're out and about.

Repointed My Domain Here

I repointed my domain,, away from the site and now it lands here. Which is a pretty solid clue as to how I'm leaning on the whole "to renew or not to renew" decision. Basically, the initial discount price has gone up significantly and I'm not sure I want to be bothered with changing to a new host and rebuilding the site. So, I'm thinking I'll move things back to blogger until such time as I decide that I need more features than I can get for free. So for now, it's back to being a blogger site. Which is almost a guarantee that the next product Google will decide to get rid of is this one. That's how my luck has been of late. But maybe not. Maybe Blogger will be around forever and I have nothing to worry about. Who knows. Later.

Broken Links & Broken Pictures

I used a webtool to move my WordPress site to Blogger, but all the image links and internal links stayed the same. Which means they won't be pointing to anything that exists anymore. That's a bummer, but not as much of a bummer as changing all the links and uploading all the pictures would be. I guess what I'm saying is, from this post back... things are going to be a bit jenky.  Somedays I think I should just claim that it was all lost and start from scratch.

Decision Time

Well, I put on jeans today to work on the garage for the first time this season. I guess winter really is coming and summer is over. Bummer. installed back door to garage stripped hall doors removed window and installed wall HVAC unit painted laundry room I'm trying to make a decision about the future of this website. My hosting is up for renewal and if I don't renew things will go dark on November 13th. For the first time in a lot of years, I'm considering letting that happen. I haven't posted since my birthday in August (and that wasn't much of a post), prior to that it was just images on Saturdays until that queue went dry. I've made a conscious decision to step away over the last few months, just to see what it felt like to not post--to not have a website. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was just something I didn't do for a bit. painted living room I guess what I'm asking is, does it matter to anyone but me? I pretty-much already know the a